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All posts created by Kenton Stone

Kenton Stone
Bob, is there a way to get the flag and box off the tab list when the mobs spawn? Always having to tab through them to select a target is annoying.
Kenton Stone

smileThings about mules that need to be fixed
    A mule Icon need to show on the full map.
    Mules need a marker when lost until reclaimed or claimed by another
    The De-spawn time needs to be extended
    Husk life need to be extended depending on capacity of mule

Tonight I got distracted talking to a team member and the [Heavily Edited] mule got stuck on some [Edited] blade of grass or something.
Shortly after noticing the missing mule we began a frantic search for it.
The search took about 10 minutes when we found where the mule got stuck it had already De-spawned to a husk. This was a Medium +1 mule with thousands of resources from 3 weeks worth of gushers and around 5000 bulk resources. We were only a fraction of the way through recovery when the husk De-spawned destroying everything remaining.
Three people working frantically could not recover the items fast enough.

The new mules can carry too much for the old timing, it needs adjusted to compensate for the time necessary to recover all the material on the mule or the "Owner" [The one that spawned it] needs to be able to do a take all on the husk. Preferably a marker appear so the mule can be recovered quickly before it De-spawns.

Hope this gets some attention before someone else has a horrific event like this.
Kenton Stone
Quick Math question - how does rounding work
13*2.5 = 32.5

which way do we round?
Kenton Stone
I was unable to heal or place any buffs that targeted myself. I pressed F1 and every self affecting feat greyed out. It just kept saying no line of sight to target.
Kenton Stone
The problem occurs whether I killed the mob or the holding guards killed them.
Corpse remains and no credit for kills.
Kenton Stone
Was this a raid where enemy creatures attacked the holding, as opposed to a PvP raid? Assuming so, did you win or did the creatures win?
It was an NPC raid. The guards were killed and building was being overrun before I got there. This happened in two hexes of ours
(-13,0) and (-17,19)
when the final NPC was killed the counter was going down, after a while it stoped we then went about killing some NPC mobs in the area while the PVP window was open and noticed none of the mobs were being removed. I left the hex for about 3 minutes but the problem persisted. I checked hex (-17,19) this morning 8/12/17 and the problem still persists.
Kenton Stone
It would appear the raid is causing issues with killing in the hex it occurs. When over the count stops and all foes killed in the hex do not "Decay away" and remain on the mini map and give no kill credits.
Kenton Stone

      T1	 T2	 T3
+0   1018	5498	20218
+1   1178	6778	22778
+2   1498	8218	25498
+3   1978	9818	28378
+4   2618	11578	31418
+5   3418	13498	34618
Kenton Stone
T1: 80(n+1)^2(-80(n+1))+1018
Looks like it should be:

T1: 80(n+1)^2 - 80(n+1) + 1018

Other than that, those formulas line up well with the empirical research I did on Zog.

Thanks, Kenton.
And that boys and girls is why fighters should not transcribe mage spellssmile
it was T1: 80(n+1)^2+(-80(n+1))+1018 I dropped the + [Nihimon is quite correct}
For the math impaired (myself included) it is as follows
[80] times [[the plus of the saddlebag plus +1] [squared]] + [-80] times [the plus of the saddlebag plus +1] + [1018]
It is a quadratic sequence.
Math Lesson

Hope this helped Giorgio
Kenton Stone
A request was made for release of classified Aragon Intelligence regarding
the carrying capacity of our Mules. After much discussion regarding whether
this information should be sold or freely disseminated. It has been decided
we will offer the information with no strings attached although any free will
donation of Tansy Leaves will be accepted.

T1: 80(n+1)^2(-80(n+1))+1018
T2: 80(n+1)^2+(1040(n+1))+4378
T3: 80(n+1)^2+(2320(n+1))+17818
n= the plus of the saddlebags (0-5)

This is the maximum of the lower bar.

Note: as of yet the T3 has not been verified, but our math wizard is quite
Kenton Stone
Yes, that is a cost of doing business. Enjoy.