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All posts created by Kitsune

Goblinary release 2.0.6 has been updated with "latest" spreadsheet data from 10/12/15. Only feature added this release was some changes to the footer.
Even if you could of destroyed every building in the EoX, and have destroyed all of my gear, You would not have stopped me from attacking you guys. I would rebuild, I would regroup, and I would attack.

If I'm not mistaken, isn't their primary complaint (at least currently) exactly about this?

Or in other words: in the current system, it doesn't matter what "Settlement A" does to their enemy "Settlement B", A can never hurt B badly enough to have a meaningful impact on B's ability to come right back and attack A at nearly* full-force. Therefore, it just becomes a slugfest back-and-forth.

(*if A broke enough gear, it might cause some delays while B crafts or buys some new gear - not a big deal, though.)

I'm saying that currently, even if hypothetically the entire server ganged-up on a specific settlement, destroyed all their holdings/outposts and broke all their gear… nothing has really changed for them. They're still just as powerful as they were before. There's no debuff. There's no limitations. There's not even a removal of any significant bonuses.

And that's bullshit. That's not what I signed up for.
All the "Righteous/Just" stuff aside (probably poor choice of words, considering the audience here will simply attack you or mock you for using such words - even though really any group except Zycor's is going to feel that they are being the righteous/just ones… ),

If the only thing we're ever going to be able to do to try to counter a relentless PvP group is "PvP them back, but harder", then I'm out. And if I'd known that from the beginning (back when Ryan was talking about negative feedback loops and sociopaths), I never would have cared about this game in the first place.

That's about exactly how I feel about PFO right now. Bugs and lack of features aside, if this game ultimately just boils down to, "If they PvP'd you, just PvP them back!" … then yeah, I'm out also. At that point, I might as well pick up any PvP game off-the-shelf and just go PvP to my heart's content. Woo. *rolls eyes*
Yeah, I think the whole re-selling old accounts thing deserves its own topic. It sounds like most of the argument has been made on both sides of that coin, but if it were to continue anymore, I would absolutely suggest that someone make a separate topic for it.

The quasi-respec idea has somewhat been argued before, but I can't recall if it's ever been suggested as a cash-shop item…

Otherwise the other ideas should warrant some Goblinworks Think-Time.

And yes, being in limbo does suck.
some folks asking why KB and Golgotha were not reconstructed.

Must of missed that (for some of the threads here, I tend to skim… ). Thanks!
Is it possible to get a "Log Out" button on the menu dropdown that takes us back to the character select screen so that we can switch between characters on one account without quitting the game entirely and going back through the launcher?

We used to have one. It was taken out because it was believed to cause the horrible, horrible desync issues that plagued this game in its early days. It seems removing the option didn't help one bit*, though, so I've always wondered why it never came back. Mentioned this a few times, and always got ignored.

* - (at least not noticeably from the players' perspective… it's possible it did solve a few of the desync issues, but it wasn't the final cure, that's for sure)
Some good ideas in there. Plenty of MMOs are making good profit from stupid* things like character titles and "fluff" like that.

While it's not a reliable source of income, a cash shop could theoretically help bleed things along for more months. More money is basically always a good thing.

* - I've paid real money for "stupid" things like this - I'm not bashing it.
Caldeathe Baequiannia
Well, 3125 player kills to get 50 social points is even more absurd.
At most we should get unsocial points for that.
I think the community confounded Ryan. He really wanted us to see killing each other (and being killed) as just one more step in the adventure, but the campaign attracted a group of players who see dying as a failure. I think there are lots of games where a few thousand player kills would be unremarkable, and people would not be bothered by having died hundreds, or thousands of times themselves.

On the flipside, dying thousands of times in some games would be … depressingly horrible. Having a hard time thinking of good examples, though.
Bumped ..

Seems like a weird thread to bump. Did I miss something here?
Caldeathe Baequiannia
Quijenoth Starkiller
And Cal, Irony is completely lost by you I can tell
Well bless your heart. You're right. Somehwere in the middle of 15 pages of plain text I missed you attempting to use an ironic tone. I must be pretty stupid.

Not even reading what this was all about, I just figured I'd comment that I thought this was hilarious. smile