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Longale Shortpint
Necroing this thread…

I've heard of several existing players using trial accounts for various things recently including helping with company influence management in various ways - not directly just to raise their cap per se but similar reasons and with the side effect of raising it.

For clarity I thought I'd ask a simple question to remove some of the doubt around this:

Is it ever within the policy guidelines for an active subscriber to create a trial account they do not intend to sub?
Longale Shortpint
Dagedai, that place that was always in the South West and often forgotten about… it's got a new name… Sigil

A few Berks and a load of Clueless (previously from Emerald Lodge) got together and we've turned it into a Mining town of sorts. It's a gathering and refining outpost and all are welcome.

We don't care who your first allegiance is to, it is a place for those lonely gatherers to call home. Maybe you'll even find some fresh recruits to take back wherever you fist came from.

Feel free to apply to The Clueless, or if you want to move a whole company there let me know.

There's refining facilities and an Auction House down in Sigil. There's no plan at this stage to grow beyond this small outpost.

Longale Shortpint.
Longale Shortpint
*A few days later an envelope addressed to Theodum and a small package are left on the bar*
Longale Shortpint
Greetings and well met,

Ale is you will…

I've heard some rumours of this place and a specific drink that was supposed to be the most interesting liqueur around… yet every sample someone has brought me seems weaker than donkey's… well you know.

Anyhow, despite the poor quality of all the samples that have made it to me I still keep hearing about this green liquid and how potent it's supposed to be. After a little research I've come to understand it's made somewhere around here?

I'd like to try and settle this once and for all. I'm sure it's just a prank some other clueless is playing on me, but I couldn't bare the thought there might be a good liquor I've never drunk to excess!

Could you point me in the right direction?

Oh, and any other taverns that might be between here and there…