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All posts created by Lucius

Took ya a week to win 2 days and ya want them to fight ya for 2 days of which you only need to win 1 and then take 5 off? Confused about how any of this seems comparable to ya.

So are you actually winning straight up or ya just tiring them out while ya hide your stuff away most of the week?
You don't like us. That's clear to anyone reading.

But your bias is willfully blinding you to the fact that as long as they are losing in their own timezone, even if we had picked our PvP window to accommodate them, the only difference would be WHERE they lost tons of gear.

Then get yer leaders to swap your window and shut all the naysayers up prove em all full of sh*t with their bellyaching. They aint exactly keepin your EU folk busy from the sounds of it aint serving no purpose despite yer claims.

Anyways we both know it wont happen so instead the platitudes and propaganda will continue til one of ya sides quits for whatever reason. Even if ya did the first night they win you'd probably run right back and make up some excuse about why ya lost that day and its unfair now and start this all over again.

All very meaningful game play where victory's through mechanics attrition.
Ya that seems meaningful when ya throw numbers around, don't mean its a real cost if you don't need the resources. Seems like its not really a choice for ya and you dont have to make a hard decision about it so it's not meaningful in the least.

For it to be meaningful or a sacrifice it needs to actually be a burden ya have to put something ya want or need on the line. Pretty sure that ain't happening. Context is important, just cause you made a choice doesn't make it important.

As to the other bit of commentary just cause a system allows something don't mean its balanced or good for that matter especially if it hides an imbalance in the greater context of practical application up to GW where they want to aim for that practical balance or not. Basketball is pretty balanced with rules but someone 3ft tall gonna have an awfully hard time against an almost 7 footer. Games are supposed to lower that bar to something a bit more reasonable and be an embracing medium, not a dividing one.
It's never what the person arguing with ya think that matters, it's the folks watching the spectacle.
So your telling me your fielding the majority of your players over what looks like almost two weeks in your 'enemies' timezone? But your PvP window is for your EU folks to participate in defensive PvP that isn't happening 5/7 days of the week?

Looks pretty clear to me, especially with all that bellyaching a few pages back about them doing something to ya during the tower fighting. I came in after all that but it sounds like the rules pvp rules were different then.

Any who I might not be that smart, but I sure as sh*t ain't that dumb to believe anything yer saying when the ramifications in game look pretty dam clear.
Ya expect anyone to believe that you don't purposefully place your window just out of reach of yer only enemies so all you need to do is defend a maximum of one day a week? The major complaint seems to be that any ability to abuse the window creates an imbalanced and riskless PvP situation.

Your guys deny it up and down shouting about all the risk that is clearly not occurring as it all stands now. While most of the talked about changes would have some impact on ya it would impact yer enemies just the same and given the apparent scope of yer nightly activity that would put ya on equal footing in the 'risk' department.

Since your so scared to put yourself in that position it means you probably think you would lose and your doing everything in yer power to avoid the cost of your social activities. They would be at the same risk they've always been at and you would just be at the same, sounds like even footing to me. So anytime anything comes up that might threaten yer little safety net your folk come out of the woodwork to shout and harass. I'll give ya some credit yer better at it than your enemies.

Course you did get baited into publicly stating everything ya do that could be against the game's goals, so at least now the devs can make an informed decision if they didnt already.

So at this juncture there is a decision to be made by the devs, do they want to put folks on even footing and have to deal with their problems or do they want the mechanics themselves to be a way to avoid dealing with their problems. I think that's the key decision the devs need to make and it's gonna lose them folks one way or another.

What's gonna make the better or more interesting game?
Yall are priceless, most of the server would knock ya about if they could but your too busy hiding behind mechanics. Very upstanding bullies you are or typical cowards I suppose.

Social choices pft yall leading in poor social choices, exhibit A majority of your comments in this thread. Ya fools are shooting yourselves in your own foot more than the southerners could ever damage your image. Pretty bad when you make them look reasonable and sane while they rant.
I changed our pvp window to when it is now when my late night defenders stopped showing up to play. I moved it to a time when our EU players can play. If you don't have EU players that isn't my problem.

Ya moved it so your EU players can do something against their non existent EU time players? Which ya admit in your next sentence? Damn your either delusional or trollin better than Zycor could ever dream. Good luck southern players yall gonna need it.
@bringslight I would agree with you if the attackers exited in a vacuum but since they have holdings that can also be attacked your argument is invalid. Tonight defenders can be tomorrows attackers. That is the balance. If they chose not to attack that is their choice.

Except they can't take off of work 5 days a week to balance the scales and attack you. Are your advocating they should move their PvP window around to discourage attacks and reduce PvP to a weekend only event? Much like how your window is chosen to minimize defensive time to the weekend? Kinda silly for yours to be so mad about the possible weekend only PvP when yall only want to defend on weekends with the absolute minimal chance for two days required to cap anything.

Never found your line of talk particularly convincing, at least be honest about what yer up to. This quipy bs and exaggerated straw men ain't fooling anyone who's half payin attention. I barely lasted two weeks with you before I realized I'd been had by your greeter's vagaries.
To address this weird phenomena of people complaining that attackers take no risk. I can't tell if you are being willfully ignorant to try to score points or if you just don't get it. We have a bunch of holdings you can attack. You claim influence is meaningless, so why don't you spend it to attack us? You cant have it both ways. Would you feel better if I put up a random useless holding with night crawlers and MIA?

Cause they're at work during your PvP window?