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Is that right. Tell me, how often does this ACTUALLY happen? If not, is this even a likely thing to happen in the near future?

I couldn't say. I just see leaders of opposing groups showing up to fights in T1 gear or sometimes even naked. That suggests to me that acquiring more T2 gear was difficult, and/or they did not want to risk losing the gear they had, especially if they were just going to be a healbot, or focus bait.

Course it could also mean they just don't care to bother 'wasting' gear on something that don't matter either. Two plausible answers to fit either common narrative. Would be interesting to know which is truer.

I would say the cycle is larger then just a day. we tend to grow in number the longer we PvP. Then when we stop (for whatever reason, deplo, mechanics, changes) we tend to lose people. We lost over half our people in just the month of no pvp, So at the start or holdings, we were the underdogs. Now that our people are slowly comming back after noticing the pvp again, we are no longer underdogs.

This also works in reverse for you guys it seems. The longer the PVP happens, the less and less your people continue to come…

Feels like there should be a compromise somewhere in the middle there.
Ya all do realize if you get your way your great enemy will quit and then what? Ya gonna quit out of boredom and claim victory or just go after someone else?

I think in another thread Decius talked about setting up some role play feuds where people could pretend to fight each other over stuff nobody is really worried about losing. I'd imagine it would be somewhat like the Gladiatorial games that Tigari set up, with fake companies and such.

In truth, that kind of thing might actually be what the majority of players in PFO actually want, seeing as how many came over from PFSociety roleplaying and stuff. Clearly the tolerance for loss or capacity for consistent effort is not super high for the average PFO player, so pretend roleplay feuds might be ideal. Doesn't sound "meaningful" at all, compared to feuds which are generated organically, but meh. If it works, it works. Whatever pays GW's bills probably is what matters the most.

Eh, it's not about them. It's about your folks, if your great enemy actually called for peace or said screw it we're done, what would you actually do? Your saying you'd find something else to do but according to several mentions in this thread when you had nothing to do for a month or so instead of doing something else yall seem to have a lot of quitting instead, seems a bit contrary to your statements.

From my point of view the rhetoric coming outta your corner sounds like a lot of conflicting bs (sorry to say but truth) which can make others a bit leery of your intentions it's part of the reason I left your mountain in the first place. Don't get me wrong sometimes your enemies aren't in a much better light but at least they seem consistent in their actions at least in what few run ins i've had with em and on the current topic I agree nuttin happening seems to really matter.
Aren't some of your compatriots saying they'll quit if they can't PvP every night in this very thread? Doesn't that kinda make the idea of a peace between everyone kinda a false proposition?
How's that risk going 5 days of the week when no one is is on in the afternoons to combat ya going for ya? Clearly your mitigating your risk (understandable given the limited rule-set) but since your claiming it is a risk when it pretty clearly is not, I feel like we're being misled with all the yapping about it.

Maybe it's your peek time after all tho I find it awfully suspicious how you can field most of yours during the evening of your enemies window every night. But what do I know I live in the quiet North.

Ya all do realize if you get your way your great enemy will quit and then what? Ya gonna quit out of boredom and claim victory or just go after someone else?

I'm starting to be of the mind that as long as a war ( pardon me 'feud' ) is active it mind as well be a free for all on each other's settlements/holdings. At least then we can put an end to the bs about how 'meaningful' it all is when no one has anything standing and still doesn't give two sh*ts. At least then we can stop pretending all this hot air and feeble slapping each other around in game is more than self congratulatory stimulation.
Tink says Stab
The Forever War exists for one reason, and one reason alone; the developers have completely failed to provide players with any competitively interesting content outside of Holding warfare. Of course players are logging in every single night to engage in PvP; what else are we going to do? The PvE content is mind-numbingly boring. The gathering/crafting game has stagnated due to flat player growth.

If the developers approach to fixing the lack of things to do is to heavily restrict the only actually interesting thing to do even more, then I have serious doubts about their ability to compete in a market that will very quickly be broader than it has been for a long while.

“Hey players, we noticed that you have this thing that you are willing to do every night. Not anymore, fuckers!”

Give us actual things to do. Stop dedicating all of your development time to bullshit like player settlement that don't add any additional content for the vast majority of players. Outside of the fact that we are now attacking holdings instead of towers, the game is almost exactly the same as it was 8 months ago. Actually, it is worse, because now we don't even have a reason to PvE because you listened to all the people whining that PvE was too hard.

You want to know why I only PvP? Because everything else fucking sucks.

"Oh, but the development team is really small!" Tough shit. It doesn't make the game suck less.

Ya see this here appears to be a case of confirmation bias. Seems more like a see-saw from looking at the different views being expressed than an actual upward trend.

As to development reality is reality they sure as sh*t can't do everything if they could we'd have a done game by now. Anything can suck until it doesn't, side effect of being in the kitchen while the sausage is being made and all that.
I'd reckon the mistake boat has officially sailed awhile ago now, but as they say, sh*t happens, it's more about fixing what we got and that sure as hell may take some time. How much they willing to risk in the meantime? They need to be upfront about the goals so folk know whether to come or go, that's all that matters.

This early access/early enrollment/alpha/beta/etc… thing ain't exactly for the impatient sort.
Anyone else laughing at the irony of threatening to quit cause not enough PvP versus threatening to quit case of too much PvP?

Ever occur to you guys that you might just be on the extreme ends and that extremes are really not that great a thing? This game wants to be different it needs to try and meet in the middle, not much else out there has tried that. Every player you lose on either extreme is another possible player you might get in the middle, don't matter much what yall want, matters what the devs want and if there's enough out there to keep it alive. Always gonna be other games to play, why ask them to keep remaking stuff that already exists?

Either way hope they make it a bit more apparent in some patches soon tho, seems to be a tipping point coming.