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I'm in
If everyone drops their graphic card settings down to minimum all the lights change color and flash on the holdings…it could be like a disco during the fights smile

+1. Who's up for the Two Handed Sword Tango? How bout Pin The Tail on The Memory or Sugerfoot… Depending on your tastes.

1. I would like to have everything other than monsters and red PvP targets removed from the tab target list.
I can click target everything else.

To me, this seems like the easiest fix. It preserves most of the difficulty in targeting hostiles. You either click target them, or tab through the list without targeting nodes or other static objects

2. I would like the ability, (via a second keystroke), to target the closest hostile target.

This would allow you to reset the tab list to the closest, most dangerous target when threatened.

In full disclosure, I play a ranged Archer/Cleric so this post is totaly self
Why should destroying a settlement be a coin faucet?

Is it a coin faucet if the coin was already created?, or is it redistribution?

If it is settlement tax coin, it could go to the winning companies settlement tax vault, not the company. With the winning companies getting a small cut of it.

Do the Devs plan on making settlement sacking a company level event, or a settlement vs settlement event? ( I haven't been here long enough to understand this mechanic.)

I support the idea of a settlement raiding mechanic that doesn't destroy the losers ability to rebuild if the winners withdraw back to their Viking strongholds.
What if the total strength of the trap was proportional to your trap skill and you had a sliding scale from full strength/short duration to weak strength/longer duration. That way you could have full up traps if you are going to lurk nearby, but if you just wanted to annoy someone or slow up reinforcements, you could set up weaker, longer lasting traps along a supply line.
As I recall, in Star Wars: The Old Republic, as soon as you aided a person with a PvP flag, you were also flagged for PvP. This was always a challenge for healers, for example, when doing a PUG Flash Point with a random PvPer. But shouldn't it work the same here? If you've chosen to throw in with a particular group and provide support to their cause, that player should be flagged for PvP too. If they are not a member of the feuded companies, their PvP flag could expire after a period of time of non-PvP activity. Again, in SWTOR, I could remove my PvP flag by spending 5 minutes in a cantina.


Maybe as you turn red a caution pops up, and states "you are sticking your nose into a feud. Leave now or you will be considered part of the feud. " If you stay, you are now in the feud for X amount of time. The longer you stay on the field, the longer you stay a feud target.

Along those same lines … If I get turned red, I would like to see the other side turn red too, so i can alt tab them.

This could be a mechanism for individuals to join a feud without having to company hop as an engagement goes down. With the player density of the game so low I rarely get the chance to PvP without showing up white to the fight. I understand now how this would effect the other side and agree it needs fixed.

This might cause some gaming issues with influence costs. I'm not that familiar with how that works but maybe you could debit a certain amount of influence from my company for my actions and if my company doesn't like it they will ask me to refrain from that behavior.
Thanks… I'll be on tomorrow night and over the weekend. The chaotic player stopping bridge is located in the hex northwest of Blackwood Glade. Between Blackwood Glade and the monster hex that is northwest of it. The pit is under the bridge, in the riverbed, on the northwest side of the bridge, against the north bank of the river.
Oh … My character name is the same as my forum name… Malykaii
Dying and resurrecting at the local shrine would be preferable to My current situation. I think I would make a fine Troll dinner.