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Rich, I hope your recovery continues. Be well!

Welcome. As mentioned above, we’re a small but helpful community. Most players are US based across the time zones. There are a handful of Australia, New Zealand, and European players as well. If you can’t raise anyone in General chat, check Discord (Login information available on the game launcher.)

Also, is a good, player developed resource. It doesn’t have the latest updates, but will give you a good base knowledge of how feats, achievements, keywords, etc interconnect.
Might be a dumb question, but Why does there need to be a constant risk of open PvP in this game?
Because Player versus AI games are INCREDIBLY expensive and intensive to maintain. WoW taught gaming companies pretty quickly that NO MATTER how 'difficult' or intense new content was on release it would be devoured by players in less time then it took to develop that content in the first place. Thus the rise and fall of the themepark MMO. If PFO ever went straight PVE it wouldn't have a chance of competing or coming back in this game market.

Players versus Player however is an endless provision of 'free' content from a development perspective. The design and programming balance then moves to endlessly tweaking and refining of the set of rules the players interact in, a much easier and achievable set of goals for a development team. A long term model is then possible within the world the players of the game create without the content being 100% development driven.

PFO doesn't have the budget or scope to be a game sustained solely on the amazingness of its PvE, it DOES have good fundamental bones for a PvP sandbox. Open PvP is utterly critical to its survival imo.

I'm in complete agreement with Rynnik. I've played a number of theme park MMOs and once the content is done, I get bored. I didn't pledge the Kickstarter because of what was originally promised (mass combat, factions, feuds, etc.) My Pathfinder tabletop group and I pledged because this was supposed to be a complete sandbox. Having other PCs running around the map with the chance for random encounters and PvP was supposed to make Golarion about as real as you could in a virtual environment. There was no GM to oversee the action. Just a bunch of PCs running around trying to make their way in the world. We were also just starting the Kingmaker adventure path at the time and thought it would be a neat way to experience the pen and paper concept of building and running a 'kingdom' in a virtual setting.

Fast forward to today. I am the only one of my group left playing the game. I still want the random player versus player action that should make this world feel alive. Along with that, I want a thriving economy so my gathers, refiners, and crafters can actually feel like they are contributing to a living world instead of just stockpiling stuff. I understand there are players who are PvP adverse. My answer to that is that in the 'real world', you need to hire protection. Need to mule a bunch of goods or gather in an unfriendly territory? Now there are jobs for mercenaries. You don't need PvP flags as long as there are solid rules in place (like hits to Reputation) for doing what many people would see as "evil" or at least on the wrong side of justice.

The main problem with the game right now is population and quality of game experience issues like documentation and tutorials. Until Paizo gets the game to a point where they feel they can spend the money to market the game and get players to stick, that will continue to be the main problem.
I'll just kick the elephant in the room. I like the idea. The Day One players (of which I am one too) are concerned about losing what they've built. That's a natural reaction. But the bottom line is that this game will not grow unless new players can make a meaningful contribution to the game. Right now, that can't happen. Aside from the tutorial, what is there to do? New players get courted by settlements, but they are so outclassed by what veterans are doing that they quickly lose interest.

What hooked me when I started playing? Exploring a brand new world and working towards the goal of building a company, joining a settlement, and making a meaningful contribution. This is first and foremost a game of conquest. Currently, there is no chance for conquest. You have a handful of players who control the entire map. New players have no hope of staking their own claim.

This has already been said. Running a settlement by yourself is not fun. It's a chore. Not having a sufficient population to support the game is untenable. If Paizo believes one of the necessary steps to attracting players is to level the playing field by freeing up hexes and settlements, I’m all for it.
Caer Coedwig is now home to a +5 Auction House. (Perhaps Maker would like to stock some of his nicer items there on his travels around the River Kingdom.)
Fair warning. I will rename all my guards “Bob”.
I was in the Swamp the other day. I saw Xyzzy numerous times. Didn’t get any rare salvage…
Kenton Stone
Well now that we are going to have to customize our defenses with enchantments how about finally getting a Combat Log so we can see what is going on and what defenses need improvements.

It does not even have to be on screen just a key press to begin logging and it writes a txt file I can review later.

Agreed. We need this info.