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All posts created by Mistwalker

One weird thing happened in all of this.

I went into Alderwag this afternoon, when the buildings were gone, powered up at the tavern, logged out at the bank - didn't deposit anything just in case.

When I logged back in after you restarted the servers, I appeared just outside of Alderwag, with most of my power gone (the power from my armor?).

I also had coins back in my inventory - but no idea if it was the amount deposited when I opened my bank vault - nor if that amount had been removed from the account (it wasn't much, just a few hundred copper).

Other characters who had logged out in the affected settlements before server down are all appearing in the spots that I logged them out in.
Shakes his head.

A little fact that I missed (and I have all three versions of Rise of the Runelords).
I did verify the bestiary entry before I posted.

Learn something new everyday.
@ Mistwalker

Pretty easy to abuse for 1000 Influence. It might be fine to change old company and reserve the name, I suppose. The old leader would still be bereft of his old holdings and who would join a company that had no leader?

How is it easy to abuse?
One company per settlement would be the maximum, and that only for unsubbed settlement controlling companies.

It isn't about getting people to join the re-created company, but to ensure that if they decided to resub, they have their company (preferred name, some influence, still leaders of said company). But this would also remove the possibility of sabotage or other such issues.

If we have to feud and do warfare to take the settlements, then they will have no holdings either.
I have noticed that a fair number of holdings have collapsed due to the changes a while back, and with no one subbing, no adjustments were made.
And, with some influence, they can feud to take holdings.

But, the security issue that you have would be addressed.
you guys are still missing the point –

but they are thinking they have a company and influence .. with which they can do things in game, feud raid, siege etc.

And my idea of making a company for them, with their original company name, along with some influence (suggesting 1000, just as a number to start discussion)? Wouldn't this address the points that you are raising?

Not trying to be sarcastic, just trying to understand where I am missing things/not understanding.
Hey Bob,

I was wondering why the goblins have wolves?
In Golarion lore, goblins hate dogs and horses. Their main sword-like weapon is called a dogslicer.
I know that in other games, goblins often ride wolves, but not in Golarion. In Golarion they have goblin dogs, which most think of as large hairless rats.

So, could we get wolves dropped from the Goblin spawn tables?
How about this:

Non settlement controlling companies do not get touched.

Settlement controlling companies get a name change, a new company with the old name is created and all of the unsubbed characters are moved to it, at their present rank, with say a 1000 influence.

Would this address everyone's concerns/issues?
I had another issue with a gusher.

Had a T3 gusher, just started when a mob got stuck in the side of cliff where the gusher was. It could not be attacked: tried melee, ranged and spells - could not get line of sight.
With that mob there, no activity on the gusher, nor was the gusher taking damage.
Waited over an hour, hoping that the mob would despawn. It did not.
Left the hex, went to the middle of the next hex and back. It was still there.
Went to the centre of the next hex, waited 10 min, went back and not only was it gone, but so was the gusher camp.
A wee bit frustrated with the whole thing.
If a mob shows up on a gusher spawn, goes into zombie mode, it should despawn after a certain amount of time - say 15 minutes - if that is possible.
Merry Christmas everyone
Thanks for the insights, comments and taking the time to answer our comments/questions/concerns.