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FYI - Caer Coedwig is open again, just a minor error caused it to be shut down.
So do you think it will go live on Friday at downtime?
I am looking forward to it………..
I like the idea of a hybrid XP system, current model + achievement/play time variable XP. But if this was done, I would suggest that all things that XP is used for go up in XP cost on a sharp, almost exponential curve at higher levels. Same for gates,crafting, expendables, etc.

Right now a wizard can learn a level 7 spell for about 20K XP, level 8 for 29.5K XP and level 9 wizard spell for 49K XP fro 41.3K. If you you go with a steeper curve, level 7 might cost 50K, level 8 120K, and level 9 280K.

Game Costs

There are too many games out there today that are free to play, but have options of purchasing things in game.
Personally I think the game should be free for 1 toon, limited to tier 1. Going to T2/T3 costs $5/month, adding a 2nd and 3rd toon costs an additional $5/toon.

Then sell something like life insurance for $2/month/toon. If you die, all the current rules apply to your toon such as item durability dropping, but maybe you spawn closer, without life insurance you have to wait 5 or 10 minutes before respawning and maybe your are farther away. With life insurance you spawn instantly and closer to the point where you died. You could also increase the durability of items if you have life insurance.

I would advocate selling basic items for real money at a goblinworks store, but things people may need in a pinch including weapons, mules, harvesting kits, implements, potions, but these items have limitations, maybe a durability of 5 or a recipe that you can only use 1 time, and none of the purchased items can be enchantable. Player crafted items must be of a higher quality.

You could also offer things for crafters, like an extra crafting queue for your current refining/crafting skill for an additional $5/month or maybe the $5 doubles the rate of crafting for an item which effectively does the same thing. You could also offer crafting insurance that increases the odd of getting crits on crafted items.

I am sure if we all thought about it, there are plenty of ways to generate revenue in game without making it seem like it is pay to win.

Player Crafted Content

If there is any way to add player crafted content, do it, you will gain a group of people who would love to craft quests, dungeons, etc and then play them. You could have a group of people who get on the test server and evaluate the player made content and then when they are good with it, pass it off to Bob and Cole to test.

Why do you think it took so long for anyone to see this type of build. You guys have no idea how much XP it takes to get Star Slinger. It took forever to get my Rogue Level 16, Dex to 30 and Wisdom to 24 to get Star Slinger 6. The list of requirements is a mile long, like you need Travel domain 8, etc.

I can understand nerfing something that is easy to get, but when it takes years to get all the XP to build this type of Rogue, it shouldn't be nerfed because it has some advantages over other builds.

I believe there are only 2 Rogues with Star Slinger level 6, if it was easy there would be many more.

Other Rogues have been able to use bleed and slow for a long time and been able to take down mobs and do well in PVP. Those builds should be nerfed because they are OP in PVP.
I can do it for you
I am willing to trade for some raw mats. What are the recipes worth to you?

email me at pfonails at gmail.
I have a couple of Masters Harvesting kits that I am willing to trade for Coal, Iron, and Loadstone. If you are interested, contact me at pfonails at gmail.
Bob, thank you for taking so much time over the holidays to run this escalation project. It was a lot of fun but I need a rest now…………
What settlement are you part of? What is your main character name that you play under?

I have some if not all of the recipes.