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All posts created by PFOFIREFIGHTER

Mr. Non-Factor popped in with his 2 cents again! Who woulda thunk it.
PS: If you`re gonna play forum cop you might want to know that it's actually a quote from Moby Dick. But I guess a basement dweller would only be familiar with it from a Star Trek movie. ROFL
To the griefers:

To the last, I will grapple with thee… from Hell's heart, I stab at thee! For hate's sake, I spit my last breath at thee!
Tink says Stab
He is. Good chance that PFOFIREFIGHTER is owned by Calidor. Also a good chance that THEPROPHET was as well.
I can promise you one thing. I would never stoop to associate myself with the Goons. The thought that someone like Bludd would join them and give them real money for the privilege is laughable.

They are a cancer on everything they touch.

For a clue, think about this post and who would have had access to the info well before the announcement:
ROFL trolled by his own crew:

Bluddwolf posted:
Oh he must be a registered viewer because he reposted my posts from this thread onto the Goblin Works forums.

You are a cancer he gladly paid $10.00 to continue to infect the gaming world.

30.5 Days posted:
Congratulations, you are now the second dumbest person in this thread.
Sorry I tried to let it go but Mr. Grief just had to pull me back in.
Hey Bludd, I'm glad you are proud of being a Goon. I would rather smash my PC with a hammer than pay the Goons $10 to post on their forum. At least it's nice and open that you are in fact a Goon, paid money to join them, and are proud of being part of the most toxic community in gaming. It fits you well.

Now I suggest you crawl back to them, link this post and continue having your Goon chuckles, but get out of THIS thread so we can talk about the OP.

Please remember to watch your language and avoid overly personal attacks on the forums and in chat. We love the passion and enthusiasm, but let's keep the conversation civil.
Good point.

Let's get back to the MMORPG.COM hatchet job.
Bludd: I went to the Goons and MMORPG again to post how great Lisa was to try and save face

PFO Community: You're still a schitzo POS who spent the last 10 months bad mouthing the game at every opportunity.
Tyv Blodvaerd of Aragon
And now under Lisa's leadership I'm hopeful and committed to do whatever I can to support her in moving this game forward. I've made no bones about it, I have always believed the game would be in a better place without Ryan Dancey at the helm. I've been saying that for over two years. I predicted he would never last until OE.
Yeah and you had to badmouth the game over, and over again. On any site you could find. Including the Goons. That's why nobody ever stuck with your stupid settlement. Who would want to play with a psycho that recruits you into a game and then spends all his time bad mouthing it. Then blame the game when they leave.

You're like the guy who pays to see a movie. Doesn't like it. And somehow feels entitled to stand outside the movie theater yelling how bad it is, while sneaking in every few days to watch it again. Then stepping it up by recruiting people to watch it with you, spending an hour telling them how bad the movie they are watching is, and then blaming the movie when they stand up and leave.

You and your fellow Goons are like a cancer on whatever you touch.
To the Goons.

Where you have previously posted shit like:
"I have been playing PFO for some time now, and I can tell you, there is much Goonfear in that community.
Yes, the Goon Scare comes every few months. It happens for a number of reasons I believe.

1. The fear of Goons or a similar group is real in the care bear minds. Ryan Dancey cultivated that by talking about how his game would be almost free of random player killing like Hulkageddon through the reputation system causing characters that do that to suck. But, he kept on feeding the TT crowd that he expected groups like Goonswarm to come to his game.

2. Most of the PFO population are Care Bears, with little or no MMO experience. Add to that that they have been fed an anti PvP, anti PK and anti Zerg mentality, and Goons becomes the bogey man.
Some of them welcome Goons or their like, out of bravado. Others dread the day you come. Still, others welcome you for the chaos you would bring.

Ryan Dancey would absolutely hate it, because it would prove him and all of his plans impotent.

The other downfall is that Ryan Dancey seems to be under the delusion that PFO is trying to do something that is do unique,, that it has no real competition.

I've pretty much given up on this game being something I'll play once my pre paid time is up. I'm looking more to Albion and later Crowfall to spend most of my gaming time in.

MMORPG rated this game a 4.5
It had a chance, but the early decisions made set this PATH FINDER on the path of finding failure. Ryan Dancey virtually dared MMORPG to review it. They gave him every opportunity to back away from his stance that it was not in an alpha or even beta stage. He is even adamant against the idea that the test server should be used to TEST patches fully, before they are released to the live server. He claimed that it was feature complete for its basic systems, but none of them work really well.

Hopefully other developers have taken note on playing word games, trying to pull the wool over the gaming community's eyes, and charging a full subscription price for an alpha, can only lead to failure. With both Albion Online and Crowfall on the near horizon, PFO is doomed unless it goes F2P. Goblin Works better start churning out ideas for Micro Transaction items (that are cheap, non durable, and not game changers)."

Yeah. You mesh well with them.