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Paul Gilmore
It's not "turn off the nodes"; you can still see the node. If you try to harvest a node, and everything that is available is too high-rank for you, you'll get a message: "You do not have the skill to harvest anything here."
… Although, the limiting factor is feat-rank… so maybe that message needs re-wording.
Paul Gilmore
Any thought about allowing us to submit our own for approval after paying a humble fee in the cash shop? smile I think it was on one of the PFU keepside chats it was brought up as an interesting option…

That's not my call, but it's an interesting idea. But as ScorchBark says, there's LOTS of things that we need to do first. smile
Paul Gilmore
There's 3 movement speeds for walking forward: WALK, HUSTLE, RUN.
The default is HUSTLE. RUN has at times (we've gone back and forth on this) cost stamina as you move, which is why HUSTLE is the default.
Paul Gilmore
There are 448 emotes in the game. I gave the designers a spreadsheet with 5 (/cheer, /wave, /dance, etc), and said "Hey, go make some more". They went…. crazy.
Paul Gilmore
Higher gathering-feat ranks will unlock more TYPES of items you can harvest.
Higher gathering-skill will increase the chance of getting MORE items, and allow you to harvest the node faster.
Gathering-feat ranks directly improves the corresponding gathering-skill. There are a few items that also improve some skills, as well as racial bonuses. Min-skill is always 10, regardless of any bonuses (so, 0 => 10, 3+5 => 10, but 10+5 => 15).

We currently don't require rank 1 for the lowest items, so you can harvest them without feat rank 1. That may or may not change.
So currently, training rank 1 of a gathering feat only really helps if you have a racial or equipment skill bonus (it'll push your actual skill over 10, which is the minimum). Rank 2 is always an improvement.
If we change some/all items to require rank 1, then you may not be able to harvest at nodes if you don't have skill.
This last decision is up to the designers. But rank 1 of a feat is so cheap it hardly matters.
Paul Gilmore
I am not aware of a rep loss bug in game right now. Please explain.
Paul Gilmore
1) The recipe-items DO have different weights towards the final. It is NOT weighted by the number required.
2) Yes, there is a final bonus based on crafting skill.

Paul Gilmore
Also, 200 times is not nearly a large enough sample for the % values we are talking about.
If the loot drop for an item is 2%, then there is a 13% chance that you will not get the item after 100 kills.
Same sentence, 1% -> 36%.
Statistics is really weird, and nonsensical.
Comparing 2% vs 2.1% drop rates would require… 100+ thousand kills to get an accurate comparison.
Paul Gilmore
We just checked this yesterday.
When grouped, you must be within 80 meters of the person who made the kill (not the target).
This is your max visibility range. As long as you can see the minimap icon for your party member, they should get a share of your kills.

This may be affected by Hex-borders. I will be re-checking that when I have time.
Paul Gilmore
Caldeathe Baequiannia
It seems worse, and more noticeable at settlement boundaries, but I think it's equally true of all border nodes. One possible problem being that the server your character in only knows there's a node there, but not what in it. Or, that the hex you are in doesn't have any of that item. Since the settlement hex has zero resources, it always doesn't have any of that item.

This is the closest to the truth.