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All posts created by Quijenoth

Account 1 Sold
Yeah its certainly been fun.

Like you I had hopes of returning once funding was assured but seeing my hard work disappearing on pfomaps made me realise I couldn't simply take the bench and maintain a valid settlement others would be interested in if I returned. Even if I was playing still, with no support for defence, there was little I could do alone to prevent it.
Unfortunately I have decided to call time on PFO.

My two accounts are up for sale both have been inactive since September and each with approximately 3 months worth of unspent XP.

Account 1
Day 1 DT account
Fighter 18 (Archer)
Mage 16/Engineer 14 (I think) Settlement leader.

Account 2
2nd Month Non-DT Account
Cleric 16

email with offers.
Assuming time zone is compatible with me I'd like to enter Vidarok (rookie T2)
Why not simply make all mechanics outside of the thornleep area require more than what a 1k alt can achieve, I dunno, by setting a total xp spent gate at say 3000 xp on all level 2 feats
Some might not like the idea of this but what about rep hits in controlled hexes. Harvest once you get the first hit warning, if you harvest again within a specified cooldown you take the rep hit. during PVP windows no rep is taken for controlled hexes which means you know have a timeframe to police your hexes (a warning that someone not of your settlement is gathering in a hex may also be worth adding).

Obviously doesn't affect T3 but would certainly change the makeup of peoples gathering patterns in general.

My view on T3 is leave as is. until we have the population for it we only have speculation vs personal experience. T3 is early days still and those that hit it first had the luxury of harvesting what they want when they want. as more people start reaching T3 you will likely find more hexes depleted, its generally a knee-jerk reaction to cry foul.
More work tomorrow or Tuesday to relist all the T1 recipes.

I'd have to agree that its getting very time consuming posting multiple items on the AH. the 4 weeks thing will help but I cant wait for a more intuitive AH window. I'd even be happy if the AH was split in two, one for selling and one for buying, if space is a premium.
The other areas that you suggested to think about settling are in the middle of the Forever War. They are one side's settlements (EoX) except Aragon and Emerald Lodge. None of them will be quiet places. If you want a place with lots of PVP right out the gate, they will be great. If you want time to get established, extreme SE, SW, West, NW, or North are the calmest areas on the map. They have been since Day 1 and they will be likely to stay so. (Some crazy Northern guys notwithstanding) AND they NEED some players out there. The edges are great. Anything closer to the middle is going to get dragged in. If some of the EoX players are indications, it looks to pick up right where it left off. If it is for the same reasons as before, it is going to involve most of your suggested settlements, PLUS more.

would have to disagree with you on this point bringslite - When Marchmont stopped being the hub for new players PVP disappeared along with it - with the exception of the occasional directed feud all Forever War PVP took place around KB (far east) and Brighthaven through to Phaeros (far south/south east).

Not That PVP should be the focus of this discussion though - I get the impression this new group are more focused on PVE which means being in the middle opens far more options and allows them to engage all sides with minimal effort.
Thank you Azure_Zero for trying to keep on topic I do feel the thread has run its course quite some time ago (at least until we get some more info). The issue is likely more to do with Decius and Caldeathe's tug of war which really said its piece in 1 post and didn't require dominating the past 2 pages.

Diverting of topics have become a regular occurrence on these forums, mostly because its not really just one topic or feature that is causing us to question this games direction. we are all in the dark right now.

I know Lisa and the team will shine a light when they have something worthwhile (or allowed) to say and like many I cant wait to hear it. Speculation and suggestions are all we have so feel free to start your own threads on the topics or ramble in the current thread but please lets respect each others views.
I'd like an invulnerable suit of armor that provides all matching keywords, has the INV tag, and cannot be looted…

<sarcasm off>

The small holding is a massive boon on so many levels and I do envy those who purchased one so I kinda understand where your approach is coming from. Adding more cash shop boons however will only hamper the player economy.

I'd also rather see most cosmetic ideas added as recipes in game instead of cash shop purchases but I know if its going to bring more cash into the game then its inevitable and not worth fighting over.

Going back to the idea though, would it be possible to add a new mule recipe to the game that has the following mechanics.

Redeemable at holdings only.
has a load of 500 (half mule)
has a load time of 5 minutes
has an unload time of 1 hour

Purpose - to haul goods from one holding. Useful for transferring upkeep from one holding to another out in the field without having to start and return to the settlement or to return to a settlement from 1 holding.