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Ah! Good news! Thanks for keeping this up to date. And I didn't know I could find the base quality in other tabs too - that helps me a lot!

Just a well meant FYI:

Re: PFO Wiki - Official Data

Unless I'm mistaken:

1) The "Recipes (Crafting)" tab has The Robes of the Magi +0 quality at 170. But in game crafting window implies 160. (The +1 shows a quality of 188, not 196)
2) Greater Sleet Storm (and others?) is missing from the "Expendables Advancement" tab. (It does exist in the "Spellbook" tab.)

Spreadsheet data: how much time does it take to do a dump? If it's not long, please update the spreadsheet w/ the 10.2 data soon.

We are getting some Improved and Greater spells - but not knowing the keywords keeps me from investing the significant xp required to learn them.
Grats to everyone who worked at clearing the new "Them Ogres Ain't Right" escalation! I don't know if it's a server first - but it's gotta be pretty close. Man - the range on those ogres! Let's do another one tomorrow! smile
Thanks for the footwork Caldeathe. If I am listening on mute for the whole show, how can I prevent myself from being marked AFK?
The Andes? You know, because… nevermind.
Yeah - holy crap! I, for one, put 50cp in the tip jar. We need a PFO paypal… smile
I've been binge watching some tv shows that I missed when they were popular. That helps to make mule trips more palatable too.
The AOE changes are huge in terms of DPS reduction. Here are the greatest affected catrips in terms of Damage Factor per Cooldown Seconds:

Reduction Cantrip
93.76% Wyrmling Breath
92.56% Storm's End
91.80% Shard Storm
90.21% Arctic Winds
90.18% Deafening Roar
89.74% Instant Inferno
88.89% Haunting Mists
87.19% Quick Frost
85.58% Corrosive Rain
83.33% Electric Brand

For example, I use Shard Storm a lot while solo'ing. It's cooldown went from 2 seconds to 24 seconds and it's DF dropped from 1.25 to 1.23. That's a 92% drop in damage per second.

This is *way* more than 20%. Please roll back these changes.
@Cal I see what you are saying - and I think you're right. Maybe it would be correct and more clear this way: "If all the Outposts in a controlled hex are overrun…" I may just be a little dense here but I stumbled on the "Outposts in a Holding" construction. smile