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Understood - I just found a +1 recipe - all taken care of - memory bad confirmed.

And I've been using the Goblinary database to tell me what is common and uncommon.

Its going to be a bit of a problem with all the new recipies.

Maker smile
I check the Vault.

Currently I have 88 Codexes, 2 Codex Collections and 1 Reference Collection.

Wondering if you would be willing to trade Victory markers and/or any of the following Recipes:
Fishing Outpost
Hunting Outpost
Ranching Outpost
Warden Outpost
Glen Holding
Lumbermill Holding
Ranch Holding

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I am currently having a lot of my crafters learn a second craft to build up their key Attribute.

I have one that is currently Smelter 3 and Sawyer 3 (trying to bump Con).

To get level 4, you have to have the skill Smelter (or Sawyer) T1, Common +1.

As a Refiner at level 3, I do not know any +1 recipes.

As I remember, you just have to make enough +0 products, until one gets made at the +1 level to get the +1 skill.

I did this for both Smelter and Sawyer. I even did it without using Azoth. But I don't get the skill bumped.

So, am I remembering wrong or is there a problem.

Thanks for your advice,

smile Maker
Every so often, it is good to remind people that we buy as well as sell. Updated February 4, 2019

If you drop these items by Thornkeep, I should purchase them in a couple days. If you drop them by Carpe Noctem, I'll usually purchase them in the next 24 hours. Put them in any other Auction House and I'll still buy them, but it will probably be 2-4 weeks.

These are the prices I'm willing to pay (as long as I don't run out of money). If there is no price, it just means I don't have any information on the item and haven't figured out what to offer for it yet - I still want it. If its not in the list, I still want it - I just don't know I want it yet.

Adamantium Ore 250 c
Advanced Armor Scraps 50 c
Alder Bark 150 c
Alkanet Root
Ambergrim Film 400 c
Ambiguous Essence 30 c
Anagogic Essence 40 c
Anhydrite 200 c
Animal Pelt 40 c
Anise Seeds 150 c
Antimony 40 c
Antithesis Essence 40 c
Aqua Fortis 150 c
Aqua Mortis 150 c
Arcane Liquid
Arnica Root 40 c
Ash Sapling 300 c
Ashes of Aeruin 400 c
Astral Essence 200 c
Azurite 400 c
Bag of Bitter Stuff 20 c
Bag of Dangerous Stuff 20 c
Bag of Dreamy Stuff 20 c
Bag of Fiery Stuff 20 c
Bag of Healthy Stuff 20 c
Bag of Itchy Stuff 50 c
Bag of Shiny Stuff 30 c
Bag of Smelly Stuff 20 c
Bag of Sticky Stuff 25 c
Banded Flint Nodule 30 c
Basic Armor Scraps 50 c
Beast Pelt 50 c
Belladonna Beries 20 c
Beryl 200 c
Black Amaranth Flower 200 c
Black Lotus Petals 150 c
Black Opal 150 c
Black Pearl 150 c
Blood Crystals 25 c
Blood Nettle 20 c
Bloodflower Gum 25 c
Bloodroot 200 c
Bloodstone 20 c
Bloody Mandrake Root 200 c
Blue Dragonfly Pulp 400 c
Blue Saphire 150 c
Bone Reed 60 c
Bridge Burning Kit 40 c
Brimstone 20 c
Broken Advanced Weapon 100 c
Broken Basic Weapon 50 c
Broken Goblin Weapon 50 c
Broken Hobgoblin Weapon 100 c
Broken Master Weapon 200 c
Buckhorn Berries 50 c
Cabble-Weed 20 c
Cacaphonous Essence 400 c
Centaury Leaves 40 c
Champion Essence
Chervil Flowers 40 c
Chickweed 20 c
Childstealer Ivy 150 c
Chimeric Chili Pepper 200 c
Chrysolite 400 c
Chrysoprase 25 c
Cinnabar 20 c
Coal 80 c
Coltsfoot Leaves 20 c
Comfrey Leaves 20 c
Compass Shard
Conditional Essence 200 c
Copper Ore 75 c
Coriander Fruit 40 c
Cotton 40 c
Cowbane 40 c
Cracked Noble Furniture
Crawling Crystals 50 c
Creature Pelt 50 c
Crimson Amber 1500 c
Crude Knockout Gas 20 c
Crude Longsleep 40 c
Crusader Cloth
Cryptic Essence 150 c
Crystalized Beast Pelt
Curio of Defiance 50 c
Curio of Peace 40 c
Curio of Vengeance 50 c
Cypress Oil 40 c
Dancing Animal Bones 400 c
Dawnflower Oil 40 c
Dead Predator 50 c
Dead Prey 50 c
Death's Head Moth
Deep Blue Spinel 40 c
Degenerate Xulgath Blood 200 c
Delusory Essence 400 c
Destroyed Pesant Furniture 70 c
Dire Boar Tusk
Dire Rat Fur
Disconnected Essence 400 c
Discordant Essence
Diversion Kit 40 c
Doppelganger Ichor 400 c
Dragon Skin 150 c
Dragoon Leaves 20 c
Drake Eggshell
Dreamglow Mushrooms 20 c
Driftwood Log 200 c
Dweomer Essence 250 c
Ebonroot 400 c
Elemental Essence 400 c
Emerald 150 c
Emerald Owl Feather
Energized Flora 25 c
Enigmatic Essence 200 c
Enthralling Leather
Entropic Resin
Epsom Salts 200 c
Eraser Poppy Seeds 150 c
Eraser Poppy Seeds
Esoteric Essence 20 c
Etheral Essence
Extraplanar Essence 400 c
Fennel Seeds 20 c
Field Medical Kit 40 c
Fire Opal 150 c
Flayleaf 150 c
Forest Drake Eggshell 400 c
Forsterite 400 c
Foxfire 20 c
Foxglove 40 c
Fragment of Battle 25 c
Fragment of Learning 25 c
Fragment of Secrets 35 c
Fragment of Zog 30 c
Freshwater Pearl 20 c
Fumbleroot 40 c
Galtroot 150 c
Galtroot Liquor 40 c
Gargoyle Skin 1500 c
Gentain 20 c
Ghost Bat Wing
Ghostwood Log 300 c
Giant Ant Stinger 200 c
Giant Chameleon Scale
Giant Tarantula Hairs 200 c
Gladiator's Ore
Glow Fibers
Goblin Armor Scraps 50 c
Goblinbramble Berries 200 c
Goblinvine Leaves 200 c
Gold Ore 120 c
Golden Yellow Topaz 40 c
Green Dragon Bone Fragment 1500 c
Greenweed 50 c
Ground Ivy 40 c
Gum Arabic
Hellish Ore
Hematite 200 c
Hemlock 40 c
Hemp 50 c
Henbane 20 c
Hobgoblin Armor Scraps 50 c
Horehound 40 c
Hot Siccatite Ore 1500 c
Hymbrian Ale
Hyssop Oil 20 c
Ice Elemental Spirit
Improperly Made Sunrod 40 c
Indigo Leaves 150 c
Interdimensional Essence 400 c
Invigorating Balm 40 c
Iron Ore 75 c
Jade 40 c
Jet 40 c
Juniper Berries 20 c
Junkblade Part 200 c
Kermes Beetles
Laken Wool
Lamp Oil 20 c
Large Diamond 150 c
Laurel Leaves 20 c
Leechwort Bark 200 c
Lesser Token of Curing 2 c
Loadstone 120 c
Madder Root
Magnetized Ore
Malachite 400 c
Mandragora Sap 400 c
Mandrake 150 c
Maneuvers 25 c
Maple Sapling 40 c
Master Armor Scraps
Material Essence 200 c
Meteoric Iron Ore 80 c
Moderate Spices
Moderate Voidstain
Moloch Ash
Moloch Sacrifcial Ashes 200 c
Monster Pelt 40 c
Moon Silk
Moon Spider Webbing 200 c
Moonstone 25 c
Mottled Tar Ball 200 c
Mugwort Root 150 c
Murder Moss 150 c
Myrrh Gum 200 c
Nettle 40 c
Neversleep Sap 25 c
Nonstandard Gold Bits 70 c
Nonstandard Platinum Bits 80 c
Nonstandard Silver Bits 50 c
Novoboro Crow Feather
Oak Log 100 c
Oil of Vitriol 150 c
Onyx 25 c
Orchil Lichen
Ordered Essence 25 c
Owlbeast Feather 400 c
Painful Staunching Fluid 20 c
Paraffin Wax 40 c
Paueliel Sapling 1500 c
Pesant Rags 50 c
Petrified Bone 400 c
Pine Log 70 c
Pitcher Plant Sap 40 c
Platinum Ore 200 c
Purgative Kit 40 c
Quicklime 150 c
Quicksilver 40 c
Realgar Crystal 400 c
Recipies 100 c
Red Agate 400 c
Red Garnet 40 c
Red Heartwood
Relaxation Kit 40 c
Relic of Arcana
Relic of Divinity
Relic of Inspiration
Remnant of Zog
Resonant Essence 40 c
Rock Alum 200 c
Rock Salt 200 c
Rowan Log
Ruby 150 c
Sablecap Mushroom 400 c
Sal Ammoniac 20 c
Saltpeter 40 c
Sand Elemental Spirit
Sand Elemental Spirit 50 c
Scarred Mimameith Bark
Scouring Ash
Scrap Paper 1 c
Secret Giant Moss 40 c
Secret Giant Mushrooms 20 c
Secret Giant Peppers
Secret Giant Tree
Seeing Slime
Seething Essence 50 c
Serrated Ore
Shadow Essence
Shadow Essence 60 c
Shadow Ore
Shadow Skin 300
Shattered Merchant Furniture 100 c
Silk 200 c
Silver Ore 50 c
Silver Pearl 40 c
Sleep Stones 20 c
Sleepmelt Leaves 40 c
Small Diamond 40 c
Smoke Peppers 20 c
Smooth Driftwood Stick 30 c
Snowflake Obsidian
Soothing Blue Mud 100 c
Spectral Essence 200 c
Spire Blight 400 c
Sticky Pine Resin 40 c
Succubus Blood
Swamp Demon Fluids 200 c
Synthesis Essence 300 c
Tansey Leaves 20 c
Target Marking Paint (Goblin) 25 c
Thileu Bark
Tigereye 20 c
Tocsin Geode 400 c
Tormentil 40 c
Torn Master Robes 80 c
Torn Merchant Clothes 40 c
Torn Noble Clothes 80 c
Torn Pesant Clothes 50 c
Toxic Kit 40 c
Truesilver Ore 250 c
Tunnel Making Kit 40 c
Unhallowed Grave Dirt
Unusual Spices 40 c
Valerian Root 20 c
Vervain Leaves 40 c
Victory Marker
Voonith Fang Earrings 30 c
Weak Spices
Weak Voidstain
Weird Cultist Drugs 40 c
Weld Leaves 50 c
Weltwood Bark 150 c
Wereboar Blood 200 c
Wererat Blood 400 c
Willow Bark 150 c
Winterbite Leaves 400 c
Woad Leaves 150 c
Wolfsbane 150 c
Woodbristle Mushroom 200 c
Wool 20 c
Wormwood 150
Wrathful Essence
Yarrow Flowers 40 c
Yellowcap Mushrooms 40 c
Yew Sapling 40 c
Yliaster Clod 50 c

We also buy Refined products, based on the components that went into them.
Happy selling,

smile Maker
OK - I'll see what I have and drop them by TG when I hit the AHs next time.
What are you paying?

smile Maker
I have some codexes that are sitting around gathering dust.

What are they used for and which do you need?

I have some codexes that are sitting around gathering dust.

What are they used for and which do you need?

I tend to agree - as we find uses for these things, we will realize which ones are more important.

Just like I buy Iron at 4 times what I buy most T1 materials at.

Starting to look at the recipes that use these - always seem to be short the second material. But eventually I'll get enough.

smile Maker

Now, about Enchanting materials.

I have bought several so far and found more. I've probably spent to much for some, so here is what I'm thinking.

I currently buy everything 20c (t1), 40c (T2) and 150c (T3), with adjustments for highly prized materials (like Iron Ore).

What I plan to do is offer 10 times that base amount for Enchanting materials.

That's 2s (T1), 4s (T2) and 15s (T3) Enchanting materials.

This will be adjusted when we find out which materials are the most useful.

This is also subject to me having enough cash on hand.

Anyway - that's the offer - you are free to participate or not.

smile Maker
That was disappointing, put in a long post and had a server error.

Well, here is the summary.

People have been buying T2 (and T3) arrows hand over fist (this is a good thing and a bad thing).

Stocks in KP are gone with orders on file in KP.

I assume the same in EL.

My supplies in CN have been wiped out a couple times in the last 2 weeks.

CN is almost back up to 20,000 which is the stock level I plan to (try to) keep.

As soon as I have a decent excess, I'll take some to KP again.

All AHs have T1 arrowns in reasonable amounts and they may get more.