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As to prices, this is my preliminary suggestion:

Most T1s I value at 25c, so these being rarer, I suggest 35c - 40c.

Most T2 I value at 50c, I suggest 75c.

Most T3 I value at 2s, I suggest 3s.

This is about a 50% increase over normal components, realizing that some will be worth more because of rarity or the demand for them.

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You may know that I try to keep 10,000 Iron-Infused Bodkin arrows in CN at all times (sometimes difficult when people drop by and buy 8,000 - takes me a couple days to recover).

However, I am adding two Auction Houses to the list that will have 10,000 of these arrows.

Keeper's Pass should get the last of their 10,000 in a few minutes.

Emerald Lodge will start getting theirs in a couple days.

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PS: I maintain a stock of 10,000 Steel Bodkin arrows in Thornkeep.
Your post got me to looking - it seems I can make Sanctified Steel Spears - I hadn't noticed when they were added to my list.

I am currently making a +2, as I didn't have a +0 Greater Divine Charm. It should be done tomorrow. I'll be making +0 and +1 shortly. However, if you want the +0, you may want to look for Schedim in TK as it will be late Monday before I complete mine.

Fortunately, this is being added to the list of things I always keep stocked in CN, so you shouldn't have any problems in future.

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One small error - Greater is actually for T2s - I realized I don't have a T3 recipe - guessing they're Superior or something.
I did find a recipe, Lesser Seneschal. It gives a +7 bonus to your Seneschal ability.

This led me to the Artificer / Iconographer workshop. There are Lesser, Moderate and Greater versions of a lot of spells. Most work with one or two types of items (rings, Packs, etc). Lesser (T1) need a +1 item to enchant. Moderate (T2) need a +2 item to enchant. Greater (T3) need a +3 item to enchant. At least that's the way I read it at first glance.

Several of the spells (Lesser) give a +7 bonus to a crafting skill. Others give a smaller bonus to one of your saves.

Those recipies led me to the refiners workshops where there are dozens of new things to refine in each workshop.

I'll try to post what I've found in a few days, after I've got my head around it.

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Well, Enchanting has been turned loose, but we know very little.

So, I am starting this thread to share information.

I haven't found any recipes yet.

I have found the following components:

T1 Banded Flint Nodule - Raw Gem
T1 Goblinbramble Berries - Raw Chemical: Weak Enthrawling
T1 Myrrh Gum - Raw Chemical: Weak Restorative
T2 Owlbear Feather - Raw Cloth
T2 Realgar Crystal - Raw Chemical
T1 Wereboar Blood - Raw Chemical: Weak Lycanthropic
T1 Woodbristle Mushroom - Raw Chemical: Weak Restorative

I'm hoping by sharing, we can get a handle on Enchanting.

I'm also interested in what you think these things are worth, though I doubt that will happen until we see a few recipes.

See you all soon,

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The final 1 3/4 packages have been delivered to Thornkeep (I lost 1/4 of a package getting to Brighthaven).

Unfortunately, Brighthaven joins the list of places that have shut their doors.

I will, it is just something that I can't seem to keep in stock.
Not a Saint. Just good business.

I also found that Staalgard has an Auction House, which was just stocked.

Unfortunately, in my travels, I have found far too many towns shut down. These include:
Canis Castrum, Concordia, Forgeholm, Hope's End, Sunholm and Veggr Tor

We really need to address this before we go live.

Current plan is to visit those Auction Houses that are close (Thornkeep, Emerald Lodge, Keeper's Pass) about once a week. The rest about once a month.

Future packages will probably be smaller and may be more random, details are still being worked out.

And remember, if you absolutely need something, it should be in Carpe Noctem.

Or you can commission me to make it - send to

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