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Well, I wanted to thank all our shoppers. We have sold over 10,000 arrows in the last week.

It will take a while to replace those arrows. Primarily because our Boyer is busy making T2 arrows for the first time in her life.

Currently there are only 700 +0 Dwarven Steel Bodkin Arrows on hand, but we will be creating more constantly until we run out of materials and should have about 30,000 available or sold in the next 3 weeks.

We are moving into T2 equipment in many areas and I expect many of our shops will feature T2 items by February.

I'll try to inventory all the shops shortly and update our list of offerings.

I see what you mean.

Recently got the recipe for Fine Thread, same as the recipe for Coarse Thread, but its the T2 version.

Still, not certain how I will adjust my prices.

Of course I have plenty of time. I'm just now starting to sell T2 items.

Carpe Noctem doesn't have an AH.

However, it now has 11 Crafting Studios and we are currently trying to get them stocked.
This is an old post, but I thought I'd put my 2 coppers worth in.

I think crafting enhances the base materials (reconfigures and expands them), so I mark my finished products up 50% - 100% over the cost of the base materials.

Let me see if I can answer the questions first.

Only selling things in TK that I don't have an outlet for, so almost nothing in TK.

All 11 Craft Studios are part of the same company (Maker's General Store).

Currently up: Tailor, Leatherworker, Weapon Smith, Iconographer, Jeweler, Boyer, Alchemist, Apothecary.

Up next week: Armor Smith, Artificer, Engineer

Unfortunately, there is little for sale in the Apothecary as he makes component parts for other shops.

Prices may change a bit as things come on line. I am actually looking at the cost of the individual components that go into the final products then marking the final price up 50-100%. I make a reasonable profit and you get good prices.

The sole exception to this is Simple Charges. which have a lower markup, my +0 charges go for the same as the Salvaged Charges do in TK.

Right now (Saturday) I have about 30,000 arrows and I will have some charges on hand when the Artificer shop reopens.

There is a lot of miscellaneous stuff in the shops right now. Things I made to gain ranks and things I didn't end up using. I'm happy to take orders.

I am also trying to stock some of the things that I think you need all the time. The following is my current list of what and how much I have. Expect this list to grow.

Price Make & Sell Have

2c Arrows Cold Iron Bodkin +0
3c Arrows Cold Iron Bodkin +1 1,500
4c Arrows Cold Iron Bodkin +2 400
7c Arrows Cold Iron Bodkin +3

3c Arrows Cold Iron Broadhead +0 500
4c Arrows Cold Iron Broadhead +1 1,200
6c Arrows Cold Iron Broadhead +2 2,700
10c Arrows Cold Iron Broadhead +3

2c Arrows Silver Bodkin +0 2, 100
3c Arrows Silver Bodkin +1 1,300
4c Arrows Silver Bodkin +2 100
6c Arrows Silver Bodkin +3

2c Arrows Silver Broadhead +0
3c Arrows Silver Broadhead +1 720
5c Arrows Silver Broadhead +2
8c Arrows Silver Broadhead +3 1,100
15c Arrows Silver Broadhead +4 100

2c Arrows Steel Bodkin +0 10,100
3c Arrows Steel Bodkin +1
5c Arrows Steel Bodkin +2
8c Arrows Steel Bodkin +3 3,600
15c Arrows Steel Bodkin +4 400

3c Arrows Steel Broadhead +0 3,700
4c Arrows Steel Broadhead +1 200
7c Arrows Steel Broadhead +2
12c Arrows Steel Broadhead +3
Total Arrows 29,720

300c Expert's Harvesting Kits +0
500c Expert's Harvesting Kits +1
600c Expert's Harvesting Kits +2
1000c Expert's Harvesting Kits +3

200c Saddlebags +0
400c Saddlebags +1
900c Saddlebags +2
2000c Saddlebags +3
Price Make & Sell Have

8c Adept's Anarchic Charge +0
10c Adept's Anarchic Charge +1
15c Adept's Anarchic Charge +2
25c Adept's Anarchic Charge +3
8c Adept's Axiomatic Charge +0 250
10c Adept's Axiomatic Charge +1
15c Adept's Axiomatic Charge +2
25c Adept's Axiomatic Charge +3
6c Adept's Enchanted Charge +0
8c Adept's Enchanted Charge +1
12c Adept's Enchanted Charge +2
20c Adept's Enchanted Charge +3 250
8c Adept's Holy Charge +0
10c Adept's Holy Charge +1
15c Adept's Holy Charge +2
25c Adept's Holy Charge +3 250
8c Adept's Unholy Charge +0
12c Adept's Unholy Charge +1
20c Adept's Unholy Charge +2
30c Adept's Unholy Charge +3

2c Disciple's Anarchic Charge +0
3c Disciple's Anarchic Charge +1
4c Disciple's Anarchic Charge +2
7c Disciple's Anarchic Charge +3
2c Disciple's Axiomatic Charge +0
3c Disciple's Axiomatic Charge +1
4c Disciple's Axiomatic Charge +2
7c Disciple's Axiomatic Charge +3
2c Disciple's Holy Charge +0
3c Disciple's Holy Charge +1
4c Disciple's Holy Charge +2
7c Disciple's Holy Charge +3
1c Disciple's Simple Charge +0 1,000
2c Disciple's Simple Charge +1 100
3c Disciple's Simple Charge +2
4c Disciple's Simple Charge +3
2c Disciple's Unholy Charge +0
3c Disciple's Unholy Charge +1
4c Disciple's Unholy Charge +2
7c Disciple's Unholy Charge +3
Total Charges 1,850

Yes, we would love to have other more members in the company. Just search "store".

Our biggest need is Gatherers.

And we have started to produce T2 equipment. Expect Dwarven Steel Arrows +0 next week. Our other crafters have been building parts, waiting for our Bowyer to get to 7th level. We currently have the parts for 28,800 arrows, so Book will be very busy for a couple days.

And than you all for the encouragement,

Hi All,

My name is Maker, I run a company out of Carpe Noctem called Maker's General Store.

Since Carpe Noctem has no Trading Post, we are currently setting up Crafting Studios on the north side of the town.

Due to an internal reorganization, we only have two Craft Studios up currently (Bowyer & Weaponsmith), but we will have seven more up about Wednesday.

Right now, the bulk of our efforts have been to supply arrows to whoever needs them. The Boyer shop currently has:

2c Arrows Cold Iron Bodkin +0 0
3c Arrows Cold Iron Bodkin +1 0
4c Arrows Cold Iron Bodkin +2 0
7c Arrows Cold Iron Bodkin +3 1,000

3c Arrows Cold Iron Broadhead +0 500
4c Arrows Cold Iron Broadhead +1 500
6c Arrows Cold Iron Broadhead +2 1,000
10c Arrows Cold Iron Broadhead +3 0

2c Arrows Silver Bodkin +0 800
3c Arrows Silver Bodkin +1 1,200
4c Arrows Silver Bodkin +2 0
6c Arrows Silver Bodkin +3 0

15c Arrows Silver Broadhead +4 100

2c Arrows Steel Bodkin +0 10,000
3c Arrows Steel Bodkin +1 0
5c Arrows Steel Bodkin +2 0
8c Arrows Steel Bodkin +3 3,600
15c Arrows Steel Bodkin +4 400

3c Arrows Steel Broadhead +0 3,000
4c Arrows Steel Broadhead +1 200
7c Arrows Steel Broadhead +2 0
12c Arrows Steel Broadhead +3 0

That's over 20,000 arrows.

We expect to have Tier 2 arrows (Dwarven Steel Bodkin Arrows +0) available about the 11th of January.

When the other stores are back up, we will also have the following items stocked on a regular basis:

2c Simple Charges
and a variety of other charges

3s Expert's Harvesting Kits +0
5s Expert's Harvesting Kits +1
6s Expert's Harvesting Kits +2
10s Expert's Harvesting Kits +3

2s Small Mule Saddlebags +0
4s Small Mule Saddlebags +1
9s Small Mule Saddlebags +2
20s Small Mule Saddlebags +3

As well as a myriad collection of other items (armor, weapons, alchemy, …smile.

I will try to update this post about once a week, starting when our shops go back up.