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List was just updated
Sales still going well, if a bit sporadic.

The Blended T2 arrows are staying around more than a day now.

Artificer and Iconographers have been filling in their offerings.

And I wanted to thank all of you that have been selling me supplies in Thornkeep. I'll be updating that list shortly.

Remember, if you want something I don't have listed, let me know. Maybe I can make it.

smile Maker
Looks like I took a week off. I didn't, I just didn't post.

We have over 100,000 arrows in stock. Almost a quarter of them are T2.

I am suspending the Creation of Dwarven Steel arrows for a while as I think we have enough for the moment.

I have a second Boyer making the newer Blended arrows, though they're still hard to keep on the shelves.

I spent a few minutes this week trying to restock some of the items that had sold. I was only partially successful.

I would like to thank a number of people that have been selling to me at the Thornkeeep Auction House. It helps a lot.

As always, if you need something, please let me know.

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First - Starchild, thank you so much.

And I do see you occasionally, so I'll start writing down my questions so I can overwhelm you when we are on together.

Thanks to all that came by TK and sold me stuff - I had 3 or 4 big sellers and I got a lot more stuff in my coffers now, but I always need more.

I have 10,000 Dwarven Steel Arrows in stock now and about 5,000 Dwarven Steel Arrows +1.

It helps when everyone is buying the cheaper Blended Arrows.

Continuing to expand what's available. Great deal of new weapons, so take a look.

I have about 2 platinum invested in the TK Trading Post, waiting for more of you to come by. I should update the Buying Post tomorrow.

smile Maker
This Is Maker of Maker's General Store - 10/13/18

I mentioned that I was buying. As of right now, I'm buying the following items.

I check the Thornkeep and Carpe Noctem Auction Houses almost daily.

Unfortunately, if you put a bid on all these things, it takes money and I'm running short, so there may not be bids on all these items, but there are on most of them in Thorn Keep and even if there is no bid, I'll be by in a day or two to buy them..

If there is no price associated with an item, it means I don't know what the item is worth yet.

Adamantium Ore 250 c
Advanced Armor Scraps 50 c
Alder Bark 150 c
Alkanet Root
Anagogic Essence 40 c
Animal Pelt 40 c
Anise Seeds 150 c
Antimony 40 c
Antithesis Essence 40 c
Aqua Fortis 400 c
Aqua Mortis 150 c
Arnica Root 40 c
Ash Log
Bag of Bitter Stuff 20 c
Bag of Dangerous Stuff 20 c
Bag of Dreamy Stuff 20 c
Bag of Fiery Stuff 20 c
Bag of Healthy Stuff 20 c
Bag of Itchy Stuff 50 c
Bag of Smelly Stuff 20 c
Bag of Sticky Stuff 20 c
Basic Armor Scraps 50 c
Beast Pelt 50 c
Belladonna Beries 20 c
Black Lotus Petals 80 c
Black Opal 150 c
Black Pearl
Blood Crystals 25 c
Blood Nettle 20 c
Bloodflower Gum 25 c
Bloodstone 20 c
Blue Saphire 150 c
Bridge Burning Kit 40 c
Brimstone 20 c
Broken Basic Weapon 50 c
Broken Goblin Weapon 50 c
Broken Master Weapon
Buckhorn Berries 50 c
Cabble-Weed 20 c
Centaury Leaves 40 c
Chervil Flowers 40 c
Chickweed 20 c
Childstealer Ivy 150 c
Chryosoprase 25 c
Cinnabar 20 c
Coal 80 c
Coltsfoot Leaves 20 c
Comfrey Leaves 20 c
Copper Ore 50 c
Coriander Fruit 40 c
Cotton 40 c
Cowbane 40 c
Cracked Noble Furniture
Crawling Crystals 50 c
Creature Pelt 50 c
Crude Knockout Gas 20 c
Crude Longsleep 40 c
Cryptic Essence 150 c
Curio of Defiance 50
Cypress Oil 40 c
Dawnflower Oil 40 c
Dead Predator 50 c
Dead Prey Animal 50 c
Deep Blue Spinel 40 c
Destroyed Pesant Furniture 70 c
Diversion Kit 40 c
Dragon Skin 150 c
Dragoon Leaves 20 c
Dreamglow Mushrooms 20 c
Dweomer Essence 250 c
Ebonroot 400 c
Emerald 150 c
Energized Flora 25 c
Eraser Poppy Seeds
Esoteric Essence 20 c
Fennel Seeds 20 c
Field Medical Kit 40 c
Fire Opal 150 c
Foxfire 20 c
Foxglove 40 c
Fragment of Battle 25 c
Fragment of Learning 25 c
Fragment of Secrets 25 c
Freshwater Pearl 20 c
Fumbleroot 40 c
Galtroot 150 c
Galtroot Liquor 40 c
Gentain 20 c
Ghostwood Log 300 c
Goblin Armor Scraps 50 c
Gold Ore 120 c
Golden Yellow Topaz 40 c
Greenweed 50 c
Ground Ivy 40 c
Hemlock 40 c
Hemp 50 c
Henbane 20 c
Horehound 40 c
Hyssop Oil 20 c
Improperly Made Sunrod 40 c
Indigo Leaves 100 c
Invigorating Balm 40 c
Iron Ore 75 c
Jade 40 c
Jet 40 c
Juniper Berries 20 c
Kermes Beetles
Lamp Oil 20 c
Large Diamond 150 c
Laurel Leaves 20 c
Lesser Token of Curing 2 c
Loadstone 120 c
Madder Root
Mandrake 150 c
Maneuvers 25 c
Maple Sapling 40 c
Master Armor Scraps
Meteoric Iron Ore 80 c
Monster Pelt 40 c
Moonstone 25 c
Mugwort Root 150 c
Murder Moss 150 c
Nettle 40 c
Neversleep Sap 25 c
Nonstandard Gold Bits 70 c
Nonstandard Platinum Bits 80 c
Nonstandard Silver Bits 35 c
Oak Log 100 c
Oil of Vitriol 80 c
Onyx 25 c
Orchil Lichen
Ordered Essence 25 c
Painful Staunching Fluid 20 c
Paraffin Wax 40 c
Pesant Rags 50 c
Pine Log 70 c
Pitcher Plant Sap 60 c
Platinum Ore 150 c
Purgative Kit 40 c
Quicklime 150 c
Quicksilver 40 c
Recipies 100 c
Red Garnet 40 c
Red Heartwood
Relaxation Kit 40 c
Relic of Arcana
Relic of Divinity
Relic of Inspiration
Resonant Essence 40 c
Ruby 150 c
Sablecap Mushroom
Sal Ammoniac 20 c
Saltpeter 40 c
Scrap Paper 1 c
Secret Giant Moss 40 c
Secret Giant Mushrooms 20 c
Secret Giant Peppers
Secret Giant Tree
Seething Essence 50 c
Shadow Skin 300 c
Shattered Merchant Furniture 100 c
Silk 200 c
Silver Ore 50 c
Silver Pearl 40 c
Sleep Stones 20 c
Sleepmelt Leaves 40 c
Small Diamond 40 c
Smoke Peppers 20 c
Soothing Blue Mud 100 c
Sticky Pine Resin 40 c
Synthesis Essence 300 c
Tansey Leaves 20 c
Target Marking Paint (Goblin) 25 c
Tigereye 20 c
Tormentil 40 c
Torn Master Robes 80 c
Torn Merchant Clothes 40 c
Torn Noble Clothes 80 c
Torn Pesant Clothes 50 c
Toxic Kit 40 c
Truesilver Ore 250 c
Tunnel Making Kit 40 c
Unusual Spices 40 c
Valerian Root 20 c
Vervain Leaves 40 c
Weird Cultist Drugs 40 c
Weld Leaves 50 c
Weltwood Bark 150 c
Willow Bark
Woad Leaves 150 c
Wolfsbane 150 c
Wool 20 c
Wormwood 150
Yarrow Flowers 40 c
Yellowcap Mushrooms 40 c
Yew Sapling 35 c

I'll repost here if there is a serious change in this list.

smile Maker
PS - I am in need of a T2 Gemcutter Recipe Common +2 and a T2 Weaver Recipe Common +3.

I need these to advance my crafters to the next level, so willing to pay a bit more than they would normally be worth.

I wanted to thank you for the nice comments.

New Prices are fully implemented and posted now. Most went up, but some of the T2s went down.

We're selling between 15,000 and 20,000 arrows each week. Everything else sells randomly, with no apparent pattern.

Current stock is about 70,000 arrows including over 10,000 T2 arrows.

Most of the T2 arrows in stock are Dwarven Steel, the demand for them dwindled when we started offering the cheaper Blended arrows.

We continue to try to expand our offerings. If there is anything specific that you want, please let me know.

The group is advancing nicely, we have a crafter in every field except Seneschal, with an average level just over 9 and I expect the average will hit 10 before the end of April.

I am also looking for a Mentor - someone that knows the answers to questions like "Where do Victory Marker's come from?" and "Is there really a player Trading Post Outpost that works like a real Trading Post?"

The things I don't know would fill a book (or two).

smile Maker
This should be an interesting post.

When I started here, you could buy simple T1 raw materials (gems, leaves, herbs) for about 10c. I used that in my calculations to decide what to charge for manufactured items.

Recently, I have been unable to find much at that price. What I am seeing is basic T1 raw materials are selling for 25c, basic T2 raw materials are selling for 50c and basic T3 raw materials are selling for 100c (when available).

This does not count premium raw materials such as Coal, Iron Ore, Ordered Essence and the like. I already had these at higher values.

I collect as much as I can, but when you manufacture as much as I do, you run out of key ingredients. I have bought raw materials to supplement what I collect and I plan to continue to do so.

What I have to change is the base values in my Cost Model.

But, while I'm doing that (inflationary) I decided to cut the markup I currently use (deflationary).

Presently, I add 50% to 85% to the base cost of materials when I set a price for an item. I'm reducing this to about 25% (something between 20% and 30%, whatever will give me a nice round number).

So, when I finish updating my Cost Model (sometime later this week), I will be changing prices on most of my goods.

Now, what this means to you.

- If you want to buy T1 good from me, get them this week. I expect most T1 goods will go up in price slightly.

- If you want to buy T2 goods from me, wait until next week. I already had 50c as the base cost of T2 raw materials, so I expect that reducing my markup will bring T2 goods down in cost.

If we ever start selling raw materials at the former prices, I will consider dropping my prices accordingly (but that is a real pain to do, so don't bet on it).

smile Maker
Good Day All,

You should find a wider variety of stuff in the stores.

I was able to start making the Iron Infused T2 arrows, so those are available as well as the Dwarven Steel arrows.

You should also find a smattering of other T2 items. My current average crafter level just reached 9.

The Armorsmith is still closed, but I hope to have her open sometime Sunday. For some reason, the building exploded every time my Armorsmith tried to put it up. So I'm getting a new Armorsmith.

Oh yes, the buildings are back - in "final" order - all except for the Armorsmith.