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Rathglen is open for business.

There isn't much depth, but it has a few surprises.

I'll have a second load in a couple days.

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Rathglen is open for business.

There isn't much depth, but it has a few surprises.

I'll have a second load in a couple days.

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Welcome to Rathglen and their new Auction House.

I'm currently making things to sell there and should make my first deliveries in the next day or two.

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Thank you all - whoever brought me the Victory Markers. I now have enough to build my next Holding.

The standing order for 20 Victory Markers at 20s each has been taken down.

However, a standing order for 100 Victory Markers at 10s still exists in both Carpe Noctem and Thornkeep.

Again, thank you for your help.

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Good Day All,

I am hoping to settle a new hex, but find I am short on Victory Markers with which to make my holding.

I have a standing order for 100 Victory Markers in Carpe Noctem and Thornkeep - price is 10s each.

However, since I am short on them, I am letting you all know that I will pay 20s for the next 20 Victory Markers that turn up for sale in either place. I'll put this in as a standing order sometime in the next hour.

Thank you for your help,

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Oh, I thought you might like to know that I finally created a pair of Enchanted Magic Items. Lesser Small Cloth Packs of Speed. Feels nice to finally have enough Enchanting components and recipes to get a couple done.

They are currently on sale in Carpe Noctem, but I was thinking about dropping them in random auction houses across the map. Curious what everyone was thinking. Might be fun to run into things like that when you weren't expecting it.

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Has anyone seen this too:

You go to an Auction House, see something that has been the a few weeks and now has a price you feel is reasonable.

Click on the buy button, but the price in the box (uneditable) is the price it was when it was first posted.

Its like the algorithm to reduce the price is working for the display, but not for selling.
Well, I just spent the last two weeks visiting the 8 outlying Auction Houses.

All of the items that I had for sale there were taken down and put back up, so they'll all be available for another month or two.

In addition I stocked them all with some T1, +0 and +1 Chain Shirts of all types.

And those of you that have been playing longer, you will probably find some T2 +3 chain shirts.

Due to the weight of all the armor and the lateness of starting the +3 chain shirts, all AHs did not get everything, but they should get the balance of their goods on my next trip.

And remember, I try to keep one (or more) of anything I can make in the Carpe Noctem Auction House. So if you need something a bit unusual, stop by.

I do buy and trade as well. Contact me at

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Its been a bit since I posted here. Here is what I have been able to verify. Starting number is Tier. Second name is Category, if it is different than the Item:

2 Ambergrim Film - Moderate Preservative
1 Ambiguous Essence -
1 Anhydrite - Lesser Energenic
2 Ashes of Aeruin - Scouring Ash
1 Astral Essence -
1 Azlanti Cartography Relay - Compass Shard
2 Azurite - Greater Energetic
1 Bag of Shiny Stuff - Serrated Ore
1 Banded Flint Nodule - Banded
1 Beryl - Lesser Fiery
1 Black Amaranth Flower - Weak Preservative
1 Bloodroot -
1 Bloody Mandrake Root - Weak Euphoric
2 Blue Dragonfly Pulp - Moderate Reflexive
3 Bony Amber - Strong Resistant
1 Broken Smine Dagger - Gladiator's Ore
2 Cacaphonous Essence -
1 Chimeric Chili Pepper - Weak Refelexive
2 Chrysolite -
1 Compass Shard -
1 Conditional Essence -
3 Crimson Amber - Strong Preservative
3 Crystalized Corpse Grub -
2 Curio of Wrath - Wrathful Essence
2 Dancing Animal Bones -
1 Degenerate Xulgath Blood - Weak Camoflage
2 Delusory Essence -
3 Desna's Star Flower - Strong Restorative
2 Disconnected Essence -
2 Doppelganger Ichor - Moderate Camoflage
1 Driftwood Log -
2 Elemental Essence -
1 Enigmatic Essence -
1 Enthralling Rawhide Chew - Enthralling Leather
1 Epsom Salts -
2 Extraplanar Essence -
2 Forest Drake Eggshell - Drake Eggshell
2 Forsterite - Greater Frosted
1 Fragment of Champions - Champion Essence
1 Fragment of Zog - Remnent of Zog
3 Gargoyle Skin -
1 Giant Ant Stinger -
1 Giant Tarantula Hairs -
1 Goblinbramble Berries - Weak Enthralling
1 Goblinvine Leaves -
3 Green Dragon Bone Fragment - Green Dragon Bone
2 Gum Arabic -
1 Hematite -
2 Interdimensional Essence -
1 Junkblade Part -
3 Lamia Fur -
1 Leechwort Bark - Weak Restorative
2 Malachite - Acidic Green
2 Mandragora Sap - Moderate Euphoric
1 Material Essence -
1 Mica Flakes - Mica
3 Midnight Green Crystal Shard - Midnight Shard
1 Moloch Sacrifcial Ashes - Moloch Ash
1 Moon Spider Webbing - Moon Silk
1 Mottled Tar Ball - Weak Perceptive
1 Myrrh Gum - Weak Restorative
2 Nepenthe Pollen - Strong Enthraling
3 Noqual Crystal - Noqual Ore
2 Owlbeast Feather -
3 Paueliel Sapling -
2 Petrified Bone -
2 Phosphor -
2 Realgar Crystal -
2 Red Agate - Greater Fiery, Greater Vital
1 Revivifying Green Crystal Shard - Lesser Liminal
1 Rock Alum - Rock Alum
1 Rock Salt - Rock Salt
3 Shadeshifter Blood - Strong Camouflage
2 Shadow Coin - Shadow Ore
2 Shadow Essence -
1 Smooth Driftwood Stick - Driftwood Log
1 Spectral Essence -
2 Spire Blight -
1 Swamp Demon Fluids -
2 Tocsin Geode -
1 Voonith Fang Earrings - Lesser Stiletto
1 Wereboar Blood - Weak Lycanthropic
2 Wererat Blood - Moderate Lycanthropic
3 Werewolf Blood - Strong Lycanthropic
2 Winterbite Leaves - Moderate Perceptive
1 Woodbristle Mushroom - Weak Restorative
2 Yliaster Clod - Yliaster
3 Zomac Loam -

Happy Gathering,

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On number of Crafting Studios, I would say 4 was optimal. I don't think any of my characters can really be good at more than 4 crafts.

And I probably wouldn't buy any more - I'd just switch the ownership. Though if 2 or more people could share a house, I'm sure I'd do that too. I don't feel the need to have junior crafters have their own Craft Studios (nor spend the out of game cash to have them). Of course, if multiple people could use them, you could set up a little town anywhere.

Thanks for noticing.