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I have some codexes that are sitting around gathering dust.

What are they used for and which do you need?

I have some codexes that are sitting around gathering dust.

What are they used for and which do you need?

I tend to agree - as we find uses for these things, we will realize which ones are more important.

Just like I buy Iron at 4 times what I buy most T1 materials at.

Starting to look at the recipes that use these - always seem to be short the second material. But eventually I'll get enough.

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Now, about Enchanting materials.

I have bought several so far and found more. I've probably spent to much for some, so here is what I'm thinking.

I currently buy everything 20c (t1), 40c (T2) and 150c (T3), with adjustments for highly prized materials (like Iron Ore).

What I plan to do is offer 10 times that base amount for Enchanting materials.

That's 2s (T1), 4s (T2) and 15s (T3) Enchanting materials.

This will be adjusted when we find out which materials are the most useful.

This is also subject to me having enough cash on hand.

Anyway - that's the offer - you are free to participate or not.

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That was disappointing, put in a long post and had a server error.

Well, here is the summary.

People have been buying T2 (and T3) arrows hand over fist (this is a good thing and a bad thing).

Stocks in KP are gone with orders on file in KP.

I assume the same in EL.

My supplies in CN have been wiped out a couple times in the last 2 weeks.

CN is almost back up to 20,000 which is the stock level I plan to (try to) keep.

As soon as I have a decent excess, I'll take some to KP again.

All AHs have T1 arrowns in reasonable amounts and they may get more.
see below for latest
The Auction Houses are almost where I would like them to be.

Currently all 10 that are in game have supplies and I plan to keep them stocked.

The following Auction Houses have between 70 and 100 items available for sale and are visited at least monthly. Hammerfall is still a bit short on supplies, but is ramping up quickly.

Caer Coedwig - Callembea - Fort Ouroboros - Hammerfall - Marchmount - Stallgard
These Auction Houses are visited weekly and have about 125 different items for sale. Thornkeep's stock is slanted more toward the Beginning Adventurer and Emerald Lodge has almost 300 different items for sale, partially due to its large number of Alchemy selections.

Emerald Lodge - Keeper's Pass - Thornkeep
And finally, Carpe Noctem, home of Maker's General store. This Auction House is visited daily. At last count it had 999 different items for sale, not counting about 175 T1 recipes (many with multiple copies).

Finally, as of tomorrow, all Auction Houses will have arrows, at least 5,000 T1 Steel Bodkin arrows (10,000 in Carpe Noctem and 15,000 in Thornkeep). Additionally, I hope to stock at least 10,000 T2 arrows in Carpe Noctem, Keeper's Pass and Emerald Lodge. This may take a while as T2 arrows have been in great demand recently.

So, happy shopping to all,

Maker smile
Have a Wonderful Holiday All,

Rain finished her rounds on Christmas eve. All the Auction Houses have a few things that no one else has now (mostly T2 stuff) and I was even able to pick up any supplies that were offered and get an inventory of what is in each Auction House.

And when she got home, she found that most of our T2 arrows had been purchased by CN, who I understand is doing well in the current round of games. Glad I could help a little. And we are restocking at full speed (all 3 bowyers are making arrows).

The average crafter level is now 12, with I believe 6 crafters at level 14. Currently trying to get everyone to level 14, though I believe that won't happen until this summer.

We have removed the Recipes from Thornkeep and moved them all to Carpe Noctem, where there are currently about 300.

I'm still looking for a couple hundred T2 recipes and would be happy to arrange a purchase or trade if you have some.

Also, I will be happy to pay 1c for any of those pieces of paper you find all over the land. I have a lad that makes recycled paper out of them. Just leave them in any auction house with a 1c price and I will take them all the next time I visit (TK, CN, KP and EL are visited weekly, all others monthly).

I removed everything from Thornkeep this morning and hope to have everything back there by late evening. Just switching the person that is offering everything for sale (I have plans for the other character).

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a Good Night,

Maker smile
Rain will be "raining" on the less visited Auction Houses around Christmas. Bringing so random T2 items, different for every house.

She'll also be visiting KP & EL trying to get their T2 arrow stocks up toward 10,000 each. She's already bumped TK's supply of Steel Bodkin arrows up to 20,000.

Starting in January, expect her to drop off random new items at all the auction houses on a random basis. So check your local house every month, and see what is new.

She'll also be buying most of what you have to sell.

So have a joyous Holiday all, whatever you celebrate.

smile Maker
And a list (partial) of the new materials:

Acidic Green
Advanced Vigirous Leather
Ambiguous Essence
Anagogic Essence
Arcane Liquid
Astral Essence
Cacaphonous Essence
Champion Essence
Compass Shard
Conditional Essence
Crusader Cloth
Crystalized Beast Pelt
Dancing Animal Bones
Death's Head Moth
Delusory Essence
Dire Boar Tusk
Dire Rat Fur
Disconnected Essence
Discordant Essence
Drake Eggshell
Driftwood Log
Elemental Essence
Emerlad Owl Feather
Enigmatic Essence
Enthralling Leather
Entropic Resin
Epsom Salts
Etheral Essence
Extraplanar Essence
Ghost Bat Wing
Giant Ant Stinger
Giant Chameleon Scale
Giant Tarantula Hairs
Gladiator's Ore
Glow Fibers
Goblinvine Leaves
Greater Fiery
Greater Frosted
Greater Liminal
Greater Stiletto
Gum Arabic
Hellish Ore
Hymbrian Ale
Ice Elemental Spirit
Interdimensional Essence
Junkblade Part
Laken Wool
Lesser Energetic
Lesser Fiery
Lesser Frosted
Lesser Liminal
Lesser Stiletto
Magnetized Ore
Material Essence
Moderate Spices
Moderate Voidstain
Moloch Ash
Moon Silk
Novoboro Crow Feather
Owlbeast Feather
Petrified Bone
Remnant of Zog
Rock Alum
Rock Salt
Rowan Log
Sand Elemental Spirit
Scarred Mimameith Bark
Scouring Ash
Seeing Slime
Serrated Ore
Shadow Essence
Shadow Ore
Snowflake Obsidian
Spectral Essence
Spire Blight
Succubus Blood
Swamp Demon Fluids
Thileu Bark
Unhallowed Grave Dirt
Weak Spices
Weak Voidstain
Wrathful Essence