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Tier 1 Banded Gem
Banded 5

Tier 2 Dancing Needle
Dancing Animal Bones 5
Unhallowed Grave Dirt 1

Tier 2 Greater Fiery Gem
Greater Fiery 5
Lesser Fiery 1

Tier 2 Greater Frosted Gem
Greater Frosted 5
Lesser Frosted 1

Tier 2 Greater Liminal Gem
Greater Liminal 5
Lesser Liminal 1

Tier 2 Greater Stiletto Gem
Greater Stiletto 5
Lesser Stiletto 1

Tier 1 Ground Mica
Mica 6

Tier 1 Hematite Dust
Hematite 6

Tier 1 Lesser Energetic Gem
Lesser Energetic 5

Tier 1 Lesser Fiery Gem
Lesser Fiery 5

Tier 1 Lesser Frosted Gem
Lesser Frosted 5

Tier 1 Lesser Liminal Gem
Lesser Liminal 5

Tier 1 Lesser Stiletto Gem
Lesser Stiletto 5

Tier 2 Polished Gem Chameleon Scale
Giant Chameleon Scale 5
Weak Preservative 1

Tier 2 Powdered Chrysolite
Chrysolite 6
Weak Restorative 1

Tier 2 Rose-colored Lenses
Delusory Essence 9
Weak Enthralling 1
Diamond 5

Tier 2 Snowflake Obsidian Scalpel
Snowflake Obsidian 6
Hematite 1

Tier 1 Spectral Gem
Spectral Essence 9
Semi-Precious 5
OK - I have the list of new renderings and items.

Please realize these are only the ones I have access to and its always possible I wrote something down wrong.

Since there are so many, I'm going to list them by Crafter.

All the Auction Houses have been visited. The was a little mix-up and a few didn't get everything I planned on taking, while others got some extra.

Also, Thornkeep as some Recipes up for sale. At least for the moment.

I'm having fun watching Rain run all over the map while I relax here at home making stuff. But then, I always did prefer making to running.

Best wishes to all,

Maker smile
Well, the December build for the Auction Houses is finally finished. This weekend, I will be delivering the following items to all Auction Houses (except Thornkeep and Carpe Noctem).

T2 Adept's Charged Staff - 6s - 1
T1 Apprentice's Charged Staff - 4s 50c - 2
T1 Apprentice's Charged Wand - 4s 50c - 2
T2 Comfortable Shoes - 5s - 1
T2 Embroidered Silk Robes - 19s - 1
T1 Hunter's Longbow - 5s 50c - 1
T1 Hunter's Shortbow - 3s 75c - 1
T1 Introductory Holy Symbol - 6s - 2
T1 Introductory Rogue Kit - 7s 50c - 1
T1 Introductory Spellbook - 14s - 1
T2 Leather Gauntlets - 6s - 1
T2 Leather Helm - 10s - 1
T2 Leather Shoes - 7s - 1
T2 Medium Cloth Pack - 3s 75c - 1
T2 Medium Cloth Pouches - 4s - 1
T2 Medium Leather Pack - 12s - 1
T2 Medium Leather Pouches - 11s 50c - 1
T1 Novitiate's Scale - 48s - 1
T2 Ornate Bracelet - 3s 50c - 1
T2 Ornate Circlet - 5s - 1
T2 Ornate Necklace - 6s - 1
T2 Parade Gloves - 2s 25c - 1
T2 Rugged Boots - 6s - 1

I expect to do a build for all 8 Auction Houses about once a month.

smile Maker
Hi Bob,

The release notes say that our claim tickets are now Treasure Boxes that deliver the items.

I picked up my two claim tickets - they didn't become Treasure Boxes, I re-entered the vault, I took them to the Keep, I took them to the Auction House.

They stayed as claim tickets. Where do we need to turn them in to claim our items?

As to prices, this is my preliminary suggestion:

Most T1s I value at 25c, so these being rarer, I suggest 35c - 40c.

Most T2 I value at 50c, I suggest 75c.

Most T3 I value at 2s, I suggest 3s.

This is about a 50% increase over normal components, realizing that some will be worth more because of rarity or the demand for them.

smile Maker
You may know that I try to keep 10,000 Iron-Infused Bodkin arrows in CN at all times (sometimes difficult when people drop by and buy 8,000 - takes me a couple days to recover).

However, I am adding two Auction Houses to the list that will have 10,000 of these arrows.

Keeper's Pass should get the last of their 10,000 in a few minutes.

Emerald Lodge will start getting theirs in a couple days.

smile Maker

PS: I maintain a stock of 10,000 Steel Bodkin arrows in Thornkeep.
Your post got me to looking - it seems I can make Sanctified Steel Spears - I hadn't noticed when they were added to my list.

I am currently making a +2, as I didn't have a +0 Greater Divine Charm. It should be done tomorrow. I'll be making +0 and +1 shortly. However, if you want the +0, you may want to look for Schedim in TK as it will be late Monday before I complete mine.

Fortunately, this is being added to the list of things I always keep stocked in CN, so you shouldn't have any problems in future.

smile Maker
One small error - Greater is actually for T2s - I realized I don't have a T3 recipe - guessing they're Superior or something.
I did find a recipe, Lesser Seneschal. It gives a +7 bonus to your Seneschal ability.

This led me to the Artificer / Iconographer workshop. There are Lesser, Moderate and Greater versions of a lot of spells. Most work with one or two types of items (rings, Packs, etc). Lesser (T1) need a +1 item to enchant. Moderate (T2) need a +2 item to enchant. Greater (T3) need a +3 item to enchant. At least that's the way I read it at first glance.

Several of the spells (Lesser) give a +7 bonus to a crafting skill. Others give a smaller bonus to one of your saves.

Those recipies led me to the refiners workshops where there are dozens of new things to refine in each workshop.

I'll try to post what I've found in a few days, after I've got my head around it.

smile Maker