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Ryan Dancey
A holdingless Company should have economic costs of some kind. We don't want to force Companies to have Holdings in order to feud and take other Holdings but opting out of the Holding system should have other costs to make the choice meaningful.
Ryan Dancey
I can answer most of these questions in the ontext of a comeback mechanic.

We want you to be able to recover from a major setback. We assume a worst case of being dispossed from a Settlement, but there is a continuum of setbacks from losing a Holding to losing all Holdings before an outright Settlement loss that we also are very wary of. Major setback is potentially a mass-quit event. We are intentionally erring on the side of caution with the variables in the current design.

The bar is low for Companies to feud so that a setback Company can recover and go back on the offensive quickly. The value of taking a Holding is not offset for a failure to take a Holding other than a small and quickly recoverable "nusiance" Influence penalty so that setback Companies don't death spiral.

The special case of a Settlement that organizes without Holdings is something that needs to be addressed economically.

Changing PvP windows durng a feud is not the intent of the design and there are several feature and bug reports already on file for this and related issues for the team to rview and act on in the next several releases.
Ryan Dancey
Funny thing: on the tabletop, most designers know clerics are the best class. They do too many things well and nothing badly and when you have level draining undead, they become effectively a required member of a group. The fighter/cleric is almost always the best min/max choice. During my Living City days our "assumed worst case" characters for scenario design were always cleric/fighters.
Ryan Dancey

The AI for guards in the game is currently not sophisticated enough to know not to attack you when you have a low Rep just because you're associated with the Company that owns a Holding they are guarding (or are in a Settlement with that Company).
Ryan Dancey
Just for the record we would be thrilled to have all the EVE and Darkfall players.
Ryan Dancey
Please read the troubleshooting advice in the New Player Guide and follow the directions on how to submit a help request if necessary.
Ryan Dancey
Just to clarify:

If you get flagged, and your target dies, you'll take a rep hit. It doesn't matter if the death happens in the hex with the open window. Your Rep is at risk ANY TIME you get flagged. That risk doesn't go away until the flag does.
Ryan Dancey
We're trying to replicate this and failing.

Can you guys tell us what weird thing you were doing when the rep loss happened? Did you have a mixed group of feuders and non-feuders in different Settlements? Were you fighting with characters that were not on the social graph of Feuders (Companies and Settlements)? Is there any chance you THOUGHT you had a feud up but it was still in the "warmup" hour?
Ryan Dancey
Was stating some personal observations about how this feels like an alpha (along some other people in chat)


Chat isn't a useful feedback system for Goblinworks. The feedback system for Goblinworks is to email, or you can post a message here on the forums.

The players - i.e. the people in General - don't have any control over the game or its current state. Why would you express your opinion there?

The people in General might represent a half a percent of the people logged into the game at any given time. Even if the whole channel was filled with comments you didn't like, why would you validate them?
Ryan Dancey
Please email and include the report generated by dxdiag.exe

If you recently upgraded to windows 10, be sure you run the driver update tool for your gpu. There are known problems with incomplete gpu driver updates with w10.