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All posts created by Smeltbane

I dinna ken why someone who 'as bin runnin abit blastin' orf Greater Holy Light or Polar Ray willy nilly for th' past three years should be gettin back the XP and expendable? That means they have gotten years a use ay it pure fur free.

Mah vote is they ur stuck wi' th' expendable an' if they ever qualify tae be usin it again, well then it becomes available tae slot again.
It's possible that we could consider friendly holdings, including inns, as login points, possibly only if you log out very close to them. We'll figure out the details when we get closer to implementing this restriction.

Holdings are not safe login locations, you may well login to find a bunch of raiding ninja's tromping on your head.

If you make holdings a shrine, rather than just a login spawn, it is going to seriously mess with feuds as friendly sides will simply respawn after death at the holding they are defending. Also, how could feuding even work at all if shrines are meant to be PvP free zones and you have a shrine right there at the holding you want to attack.

Outposts would work better.
The limitations on the economy have always been the lack of gatherers. Crafting and selling stuff is not an issue for anyone with an ounce of business sense, its finding time to gather.

There is several hours of gathering tied up in that half hour of T3 ammo.
It will be amusing to see how all those legend hunter types do against things like superior artillery when the NPCs get the ranged damage bump.
I don't know if the Database hasn't been updated and that's the problem, but in both Goblinary and the PFO public Google drive the Wiki data file shows for crafting items the Item Quality (at +0) for all armors is 10x the level required to make it +10 if it is common. However in game, there are several armors that list different qualities. For example, Captain's Scale should be a quality of 110, but in the crafting window it shows 80.
Just an FYI, my Armorsmith is wearing a +1 Adamantine Chainmail and getting a slightly better bonus then anything I could get T2 with only having Medium Armor Proficiency 1 and Wright 10
So I have some suggestions on possible methods for multiple crafting queues.

First, the reason we need multiple queues. Crafting times are VERY long, I don't mind this, but with T3 items taking a week or more to make a dedicated crafter will queue a T3 item and then not even log in again for that week. I do think there should be limits placed on the queues however.

Some options that I know have been talked about is just getting a second queue, getting a queue per settlement or even a queue per craft. The later two would probably be the easiest to implement, but are probably a bit too much.

As a limiter, one option would be to combine the first and last, give us a second queue, but it has to be used for a different craft then the first queue.

Another option is to make it so you have one queue per Tier, so you can queue T1 items in a T1 queue, T2 items in a T2 queue and T3 items in a T3 queue. This way dedicated crafters automatically get their extra queues based on the Tier of the items they can make. This would give the potential for 3 queues, but is far more limiting then the other options on what you can make with each of them. Only the most dedicated crafters will have 3 queues and even then that 3rd queue is only usable for T3 goods.
Another Lost Sub
I spent my whole day looking for people found 1 guy and he was a gathering alt. He managed to outrun me into guards and I died. I then spawned inside of a city, 2 hexes away and was killed over and over by guards.

I really don't know why I played this game, I think it was because the whole EVE-clone thing.

I'd rather spend my RL time in a more productive manner, then sitting here all day talking in general chat and looking for people in the wild.

Every suggestion I've made has been met with harsh criticism. I realized this game has a smug community, full of people I don't like to play with. The community is driving the bus off a cliff, and I don't want to be on it. I wanted to help with the EoX war but nobody pvps. This game is dead in it's current state people login for 2 things, Wrath Hexes, and Tower wars.

There's other games to play. Peace noobs.
If that "Harvesting Alt" was me, I'm not exactly an Alt. I was even featured in a somewhat recent Paizo Blog. Between my Armor and Speed you weren't catching me, or killing me with the minimal damage you were doing. It was your choice to follow me to the Outpost where the guards obviously didn't like you.
I have received report for two recruits that they cannot deposit in any but their personal vaults despite having Deposit Permission for the Company and Company Secure vaults. One got promoted and had access restored.
Please tell me holding upkeep won't go to the live server until next week at the earliest. With the number of people attending PaizoCon it would be far more difficult to arrange the transport of bulk goods in time to meet the holding's requirements. I'm trying to move them in advance, but it is VERY slow as the best I can do at a reasonable speed is 25 at a time and a few other members can as well, but most do not optimize for encumbrance. My preference would be the weight reduction first, then a week later add upkeep.