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Not sure where you get your information Caldeathe, but no, the Racial Bonus most definitely stacks.
The problem is this:

"Settlements can also build smaller support structures for the Feats of specific gods if the Settlement’s members learn those feats at another Settlement, as long as the god is compatible with the Settlement alignment."

Which is basically saying if you are a member of a settlement and have feats tied to a god, that god has to be within one step of the Settlement's alignment or you won't be able to use those feats.

This is part of the tie in on how the feats you can use are restricted by your settlement that I hate the most. I fully support restrictions on what TRAINING your settlement can offer, but how exactly does someone "forget" how to use their Tier 2 Weapon or Armor just because they moved?
Here is the problem I see what the Alignment Restrictions and Gods in this blog.

According to the Blog you have to be within one step of your Settlement's Alignment. So, if your Settlement is NG you can be LG, NG, CG or N. You also have to be within one step of your God's Alignment. However, your God's Alignment must also be within one step of your Settlement's Alignment or your training won't be supported.

I don't understand why a N or CG Cleric of Gorum (CN) is basically banned from being part of a NG Settlement.

How about allowing Support (but not training) for Deities that are within two steps of the Settlement? (But not two steps in the same direction, so a NG would be fine with a LN or CN god, but not a NE god.)
Since they closed my thread in the Bug section (at least they gave me the link to this one.)

Our Freeholder and Expert trainers at Keepers seem to be capped at 7 however our Crafting trainers are not.

Oh, and Edam, that is a Character or Company issue for the Heavy Armor Prof 2 as it is available for my character to take once I have the achievements.
The Freeholder Trainer at Keepers Pass (don't know about other ones.) isn't offering training above level 7 for Pioneer. We have 6 towers which should be more then enough. I also can't train higher then Encumbrance Bonus 5 and Strong Back 3. I checked both the Freeholder Trainer and the Expert Trainer and neither of them are offering me the feats.

Edit: I thought I would mention all the crafting trainers that I can check that far can train at least to 9, I'll know about our Armorsmithing to 10 in a couple days. Additionally, I was able to run my cleric over to Brighthaven for T2 training and was able to get that training, so Keeper's is getting credit for or towers, that trainer just isn't offering the training.
If our Weapon Feats are going to end up requiring Strength (in the form of the Weapon Proficiencies requiring it) then we need to get FULL strength bonuses from the feats, not half Strength half Wisdom.
Several feats used by clerics have requirements that are a lot harder to meet then other classes. Most people think of the Divine Achievement requirements, but this time I'm talking about requirements for our Armor and Weapon feats.

Right now, both my Heavy Blades Proficiency 2 and Heavy Armor Proficiency 2 require Martial Achievements and the Heavy Blades Proficiency 2 require Strength. Strength is not going to be easy for me to get as most of my feats give Wisdom and the new Two Handed Sword Cleric Attack feats give both Wisdom and Strength, but only HALF as much of each. There aren't enough to get my Strength to the required 11.

I'm honestly not as concerned about the Martial Achievements because I'll be getting them anyway using my Greatsword, but the Strength is going to kill me. It is bad enough I "wasted" as much xp as I did on Greatsword attacks I'm never going to use again now that we have the Clerical ones, but now I'm looking at needing to take more strength feats just to upgrade my clerical feats.
One last bit, I have an unknown item in my inventory, I'm guessing it was a new recipe, will it revert to what it was when it is redeployed?
So, I got logged in, and in relation to the feats:

My attack feats are all there, but the new ones have a ?, secondary effects of them do not seem to be working, including Into the Fray does not charge the enemy, it's basically just a ranged Greatsword Attack atm. Second, the Channel Energy feat that was slotted does not function and lists as level 0, does not show up in my list of utilities to select from when slotting new ones.
Ryan Dancey
You will not lose any accumulated XP, Feats you may have trained nor will you lose any items that you crafted or looted.
Including the feats that didn't exist before the update? I trained all my Gorum Two Handed Sword Feats in addition to both channeling feats (Because, Gorum is CN and can use BOTH)