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All posts created by Smitty

I try to keep constant buy orders on callambea auction house.

Currently coal is highest at 25..* has been listed at 50 before
Think iron and load stone us 17 and close to that

Normally I do 1000.. and will refresh the guys if it ever runs out..

Had some up for t3.. but no one ad me any.. probably cause I don't know what they are worth… I don't use much t3 metal personally.. get what I need for the fee things I make as salvage in escalation…
But if you put it on our auction house I'll take a look and scoop it up if it looks like good deal
Will try to put some things for sale for you tomorrow. I live in us and won't be able to get in game till you are in bed tonight.

So don't make that journey till Tuesday

Callambea auction house has buy orders. (14 Hexes to west of thorn keep. 3 north follow the blue shields)

I haven't sold much recently but if you say what role (cleric,rogue,wizard, fighter) I will try to put some things for sale as well. (What weapon you use etc)

Keepers pass in South also has an auction house. Exam will probably be around soon and will tell you more about what they have.
BHA, EBA etc has always been public relations _____….

PR fits you guys great …

1. Aeon Stones - is the official wiki pages updated with them? if so what tab?
I'll be doing a full update on the public spreadsheets after PaizoCon, so from those that have been dropping, and the upgraded stones each require 2, 3, 4 or 5 of the same type of stone from one upgrade below them, respectively. At least, that's the best I can say from memory.
2. Since our PvP windows are now 3 days- during the days which the PvP doesnt open- when are bulk resources used/ put into holdings ? a) normal time? or b) down time ??
At the normal PvP window time.
Thanks - picked up a recipe last night, and was racking my brain trying to figure out if it was worth bumping spell craft to make it- or if i would need to get ___ resources before i worried about it.
Also just wanted to know what to stock and when it was needed by..
Have fun at PaizoCon.
Couple questions

1. Aeon Stones - is the official wiki pages updated with them? if so what tab? ( perhaps I am looking in the wrong spot or dont have the updated sheets.
I can see what the new ones are by typing rare in the auction house( under crafting)-
but that doesnt say what goes into making them or the prerequisites to use them.
2. Since our PvP windows are now 3 days- during the days which the PvP doesnt open- when are bulk resources used/ put into holdings ? a) normal time? or b) down time ??
I kind of want to see what DC is like with the new escalations- ( for PvE concerns)..
My first guess is it will still need to be tweaked-
but id do it in stages- reduce the heal to 5%- then if that isnt enough-
Look into ways to making it a liability-
perhaps add a debuff to yourself like Open for a round?-
if that is still wonky- then add the cool-down and effectively kill the combo completely - ( obviously my last choice..)
Note for non wizards
– one thing that is different than other classes- is wands staffs have the 2 T3 keywords on rank 6 cantrips -
So you cant just tell wizards to pick a new cantrip and it will work seamlessly with your current line up-
because not all cantrips will have a T3 keyword- just something to keep in mind. Folks that use DC at T3 cant fully use eels touch , or cantrips with the extraplanar rank 6 keyword.

semi off topic-

Affliction, bleed, burning- do those things actually cause hate as they build up?
it feels like the damage that is done when the attack hits is the only thing that counts for hate/agro, is that correct?
Do affliction, bleed, burn have the same reduction if continually applied?

I know stun turns to immobilize if continually applied- but how are damage over time conditions reduced to ____ if continually applied ( or are they not reduced at all?)
Or just give him leash range of 40m
For the record, I completely agree that Devourer's Caress is ridiculously over-powered.

Often feel that way while i tank a few higher end mobs while the guy in heavy or medium armor has to turn and run..

Reducing the heal to like 5% would be interesting .. adding a cool down of like 3 seconds would also make the combo less than ideal and leave me searching for something else -

Yet i do love the tap healing idea ( necromancer.. i feel it should have a place), just not the no brainer it is right now….
Perhaps adding better tanking abilities to tanks would make it feel less wonky, just something to consider – i mean the healer cleric armor and the regeneration feels almost too good to pick any other cleric option as well..
To the clerics out there - does anyone use anything other than healer ? - do any other wand using wizards use any other attack set up as primary?

I recall opportunity suffer change a while back - when they wanted to know if something is just that much better than any other option, those 2 things come to mind -
Yay! I really was feeling like a bully…