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All posts created by Smitty

cool didn't know about blood briars - think i have killed that one once- figured all goblins were rogues, all ogres were fighters etc..
Not a huge thing - just not sure how many more copies of string bolos i can look at after the bonedancers take a 2 day vacation.
its going to take a little more time to take out Nhur now……….how many HP do those big block crystals have? Are they Epics, Legendary or something else?
Dont recall those crystals being any harder than Huge or lower ..
Probably has to do with everything becoming turned when he pops up..
No group that pops has any legendary or hero mobs once he makes an appearance-

..Including His….
Would be fun times if that could be changed all his crystals were mythical and legendary- perhaps epics ….
And Nhur was surronded by primordail elementals, dark elf and Mordant legends –
instead of the turned generals, and truned elementals he hangs out wih now.

Perhaps bob can make that happen .. / evil grin

never mind- it says expendables in OP -

While semi on the subject-

Any chance of adding tool kits and holdout weapons to escalation boss drops?

Perhaps add holdouts to fighter boss drops and tool kits to rogue boss drops? -
Saw your name in mumble yesterday… you were muted so didn't chat with you.
If your are there this evening I'll answer what I can… look for tuffon in mumble server if need be.
The real reason I wanted a Hero/ Legend goblin escalation …
Is because I want them in random groups all over the map!
No need to turn away from that 5 pack of goblins as i run 25 hexes south while semi AFK watching a movie..
Then BOOM! a Legendary Goblin Shaman - and a pair Hero Goblin Bombers Incinerate me!
Any thoughts or chance of adding some of the hero level guys to the random mobs that spawn in any hex?

Stuff like the Mordants, elementals, that pop up in random hexes?

add some dark elves, or hero knights guys, laser beam ogres etc.

would make journeys more dangerous .. ( or fun !)
Have sent a similar Paizo message to Giorgo, But will post something it here as well just to clarify for others..

Golgotha Leadership style is still a dictatorship. Phyllain still owns his accounts but they are not active.
The official leadership of Golgotha resides with one of the leaders in EoX that has an alpha account. ( perhaps once EE is done this may be revisited but that is at least a year out)
Tuffon is a leader in the founding company "The Bloody Hand"
Essentially I have taken a Regent role over Golgotha.

What does that mean?
I am doing the daily upkeep and keeping an eye on the game. (are we feuded, are the holdings emptied etc)
It means i have put up a number of holdings. I wanted to control the core 6
And I added a couple more so Golgotha can run at a decent support level without using stockpiles.
I have built up structures in the settlement so its not a barren wasteland.
If Golgotha is a target of a siege at least it will be a true siege- and the attackers will have to work a bit for it-
And as an added bonus i can let everyone know if they are interested in subbing-
PvP Targets will be in this location during these times during these days.
As to Why keep Golgotha Active?

Some EoX folks have swore off the game and sold off their accounts, most of the folks just cancelled their subs.
The guys that have alpha accounts still log into game every once in a while.
sometimes a few of them get bored and sub for a month just to check out where things are ( Tigari did a month ago or so).
Its my hope some will return but those aren't great odds.
If they do return I feel they have a better shot of sticking around if
they still have their companies and settlement vaults intact so they don't have to start over..
What i am not doing-
I am not making policies.
I am not recruiting.
I am not brokering diplomatic relations - that is EoX leadership function - .
(Since any diplomatic discussion would essentially be making a deal with only me think of me as a mercenary and not an empire.)
If you are looking to contact me.
Tuffon on Paizo will find me-
Tuffon on - can send me message there.
Posting on these boards- will probably get my attention.
Or just poke me in General chat - (am on most evenings eastern time, and through out the day on weekends)
Yay! Add in chai ed agro on the leash.. Just to get all the red dots moving
All the guys I know that have 1 character with 4 gathering skills at t3 say it's the way to go. And once your done you got a great base for picking up most roles…

As to combat character.. most I know still run in circles a few times a night if the agro gods hated them on a pull… as long as you have a weapon slotted.. or healing focus etc… you would do fine in escalation groups as a gatherer and could certainly carry more than everyone elsesmile.

Aren't they making the cap ridiculously high in ee12? Or did that get changed.?