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Thanks Bob.. it's a i did it after downtime issue.. (pretty sure anyway).. will send email if not looking correct tomorrow after downtime.
Bringslite of Staalgard
Would it be possible to simply PVP flag(automatically) anyone that entered a Monster hex and have the timer count down only when they left the hex? That and increase the PVP flag timer to more than 30 sec.
Lilith and I were talking about this last night (requires new tech)-

Basically have someone flagged as Low sec if they do anything in a monster hex besides run through ( kill something, gather etc)-
Have the Flag last 10 minutes or something- reset it each time you do any action in a low setting area. This way there is no run to safety option if you are caught doing something you shouldn't of been doing. ( or conversely if someone comes in to attack you and take your stuff..)

**edit in new thought

Continuing thoughts on the security flag–

Would be nice to just have this flag tied in to you character -
you carry it with you where you go- doing stuff in hexes raises it - time would reset it.

Tie the length of the flag to a characters reputation-
so super low characters drop back down to the next lower security setting in 30 minutes-
super hi rep characters have to wait 5-10 minutes for the security flag to go down a level-

** edit

Other ideas that pertains to the Low security hexes being next to high security hexes ( that may be less work)…
1. move the blue shield road to avoid monster hexes (may be a graphic and spread sheet change),
a. not sure if possible for all hexes, aragon monster hex and the SW would be hard to draw a road and not hit monster hexes.
2. If these settings are manual things you can type in for each hex location- just make any hex that borders a monster hex be medium security (if its just a setting for each hex you can but the command in for) - (T1 monster hexes near Thornkeep excluded..)

I don't think this really matters for the game play now-
But It could become a problem -

I like the idea in theory - (it may spur more confrontation which is good-)

But what i don't like is that not all monster hexes are equal ( with the same pvp risk)..
So barring some way to go after what people see as trespassers or transgressors ( like the timer low sec flag above)

I feel that No Monster hexes should have safe zones connected to them by game mechanics - it feels wonky and exploitable.

One of the important points here is that security levels were really created to make some parts of the map extremely safe for players who hadn't yet opted-in for PvP, and then let players ease themselves into increasing levels of risk by adventuring out to Wild hexes and then Monster hexes. Given the existence of those security levels, it was pretty easy to then give territory owners the ability to set them as well…….
You can go from the middle of the map on the east .. all the way into the SW following the blue shield hexes and there are many monster hexes along that route that border those shields (the one monster hex I pretty much fight in all the time, callmabea 4,5 has 3 shield hexes that border it).

So If I am attacked by another group and they snag a boss in the callambea 4,5 hex. They have 3 safe spots to run to get away… ( literally it could be 100m -200 m if the boss pops in the southern large pad in the callambea hex).

They didn’t attack me they only went after the boss( so they have not flag)- and only need to make it to one of 3 connecting zones..Even if they did go after me first and gained a flag .. they have 3 escape routes… and then only have to not cast for 30 seconds in order to drop the flag..
Its not going to be an issue for all player bases [looking at you SE].
Unless folks place holdings and set high security along the borders of monster hexes they like to fight in, but then they have a way to remove the structures causing the problem.. for folks that are along the blue shield road, there is no off switch to this tactic …

It really feels to me like you should remove any blue shield hex that borders a monster hex .. and up the attack flag timer..

Just my 2 copper..
Bringslite of Staalgard
@ Bob


All that said, that doesn't mean that it's essential for settlements to be the only method for getting support. It's more like we want that to be the most cost-effective way of providing support in bulk. We're very interested in eventually providing other ways of gaining support, and some of those methods nearly made it on to the roadmap (not necessarily just for support purposes in each case, but that was part of the consideration).
Read this and think-


Set one up in a hex- gain full support in that hex (good for hard escalations make it work for holding/ outpost hexes etc, anyone in group with person that owns camp has unlimited support .).
Anything they can do to add value to things like camps that already exist is fine by me.
Couple thoughts.. definitely leave the feature at 1.
When we get to discussing spellcraft. Perhaps look into ways to add the portions of features to various miscellaneous gear.
Perhaps a single minor key word to a hat. Belt glove. Maybe a reduced version of part of a domain.
Leave features alone.. I agree one is fine.. 2 would be too wonky..

wait for spellcraft to come online and request minor additions from features and other keywords for expendables be included in that aspect of the game..
Just my 2 copper
not on my phone now and i wanted to elaborate on the above..

My understanding of what spell craft is and what it is going to be may be flawed..

From What i understand of spellcraft now is that it will be used on teh +4 and +5 crafted items.
Now how that happens is a mystery to me.. and will probalby remain so until they write up what they are doing..
So hopefully food for thought while they are figuring that out themselves -
Below is what i think would work well -

Make +4 able to hold minor things, and +5 able to hold major things-
Make head / necklaces items concentrate on adding keywords

Belts concentrate on adding physical abilities

Boots could deal with speed and stealth..

Gloves could be focus on attack bonuses etc..

Packs could be encumbrance increases etc
add skill bonuses for spell crafted items as well.
(Generic ones that can fit in any gear)

Crafting bonus of 5 for a minor- 10 for a major
Refining can add 5 skill for aminor - and a 1% crit increase for a major, or 10
Gathering can add increase skills as well -
Knowledge skill bonus ones
Anyway -

Its my hope that instead of adding things to the paper doll-

They make it difficult to get those things and hard to keep them active all the time.
Would it make you way better compared to someone who didnt have all that done? sure -
but you are going to die-
and when you die 20 times you have to do all of it over again (or only wear that stuff when absolutely needed..)
Couple thoughts.. definitely leave the feature at 1.
When we get to discussing spellcraft. Perhaps look into ways to add the portions of features to various miscellaneous gear.
Perhaps a single minor key word to a hat. Belt glove. Maybe a reduced version of part of a domain.
Leave features alone.. I agree one is fine.. 2 would be too wonky..

wait for spellcraft to come online and request minor additions from features and other keywords for expendables be included in that aspect of the game..
Just my 2 copper
Think it is worded that way in the road map mistwalker. Although this thread did say it was about commands.. and another would follow with what a blacklist would limit.

Nm Duffy linked..
Am curios if all black listing will be manual. Or if during feuds.. a system will auto list players involved for the duration of the feud.. if so at what levels..

If not all manual entries and the act of feuding populated the list will it also blacklist folks during raids.
Think we can all agree as a sub $15 is not going to deter the names we see frequently on the forums- But
New guy here - is well new- he is not vested in the game as most of us are..

So why not mix up the pricing?

Sure the folks still playing can get keep the lights on, but will it grow?

Will it bring back some of the folks that left?
So Why not cut the sub price to 7.50 for 6 months and see what happens?
Would all the vets that are month to month sub for 6 months to take advantage of the price?
Would folks that are paid for a year- add 6 more months at $7.50 per month?
Would new folks sign up for 6 months to get in on the deal?
Perhaps they can work any promotional pricing in around the time the marketing program Lisa brought up comes online.
They may be willing to give up 3 months of revenue from the current player base-
When they introduce the game to 5+ times the number of players.
If they get 10-20% of them to stick around for any amount of time they will probably break even if not make more.
Perhaps they could reduce the standard price to $10/ month afterward. to hold onto more of them.

I don't think its a horrible idea- hope they give it some thought..


Thanks For the response. Was just curios where you guys were on this.

@Balance I heard the may update was going well. Knew some work had been on the subject and was wondering what / where they were on the topic. Like I said originally didn't see it on the map, but if things are going well figured I'd ask
. Because it would make 1 crafting profession interesting.. and 1 refining profession more useful..

Sorry to hear not just a spread sheet fix.. but was hopeful..
@ Bob
I didn't see this on the road map, and understand if you don't have time to make changes or go into detail, but figured i would ask anyway.
A while back this topic was brought up- one of the last things in the thread you said was that you were going to do some research about getting a 19 constitution - ( number needed to use T3 tokens, and T3 healing potions etc).

Some folks were convinced they could not reach 19- without taking mixtures of gathering- refining skills-
Your response was you would do some math and look into it.
Honestly, Id rather just discuss doing away with a specific stat, than talk about the math of "is 19 con possible with out taking refining.."
To me it feels like the stat requirements for potions and tokens-

Was put in to keep players from using consumables that were above their Tier.
This is the only mechanical reason i can see to put those restrictions in place.
So First Question…

How hard is it to change those prerequisites?

Can you keep Con(or Dex/Wis) of 19 and then put in a check for any other stat over ____ (20-22?) as a prerequisite?

If you leave the 19 as the core stat- you still ensure Dex based players get grenades before others- con players get tokens before anyone else-
wisdom players get Blood blocks before anyone etc.

But ALL other players can use the items once any of their stats reach ___ (20 or 22)?
This feels like a much better system ..

Alchemist could actually make potions people in T3 could use.
Apothecary characters could actually make some of those strong recipes to use instead of just making ink and varnish.
IF the goal was to keep players from using consumables to high for their level- then can we look into making this change?

Hopefully it Would just be a spread sheet entry? or would you need to do some coding changes as well?