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Starting this thread for Specific questions about the May Road Map…

for Refrence..
May 2017: EE 12

More Meaningful Territorial Control

Give Settlements more control over who can use their facilities (bank, auction house, crafting queues and trainers), including those in alliances and those on blacklists.

Let settlements select a 3-day period for their PvP windows to be open and require 48-hour minimum delay on feuds.

Bring back support, but provide partial support to learned ranks above those supported by Settlement Level.

Protect hexes that have at least 4 allied neighbors from attack.

Add shrines to settlements that can only be used by allies.

Restrict Outposts to only producing bulk resources at the upgrade level of the Holding.

Opt-In PvP

Allow more PvP in Monster hexes.

Allow less PvP in Shield/NPC hexes.

Give Holding owners control of PvP rules in their hexes.

More Content

Change Azlanti Crystals to rare but unrestricted drops, and drop recipes for combining/separating them.

Add elite (T3) variants of selected T2 escalations.


Make enemies attack all nearby characters, not just those in a party.

Polish retargeting system so enemies do a better job of finding alternate targets and spreading out when they lose or can’t reach their original targets.


Show upgraded art for upgraded Holdings and Outposts.

Let allies bank, train and craft at holdings, and restrict others from regaining power.
Looking at the master siege camp kit… contacted through eox message if you want to discuss.. Will try to catch you in game as well
Will you do the siege engine kit for dusky +3.?

Could do varnish +2 for truesilver wire +1 as well if that is agree able.

Tuffon stuck at work now.. but should be on this evening
Tuffon probably has that some where.. chat with me in game.
Haven't messed around with shields so i guess the challenge is what to tie advancement to since there isn't focus kills
My first idea..
Use reactive feat slot.

Give it 6 ranks like other attacks/reactives..

Instead of focus kills as prerequisites to advance reactive feat..
for first three ranks use adventures weapon prof 1 ..
next 3 ranks
Rank 4 needs more adventure and weapon prof at 2.
Rank 5 more adventure.. higher stat
Rank 6 more adventure.. higher stat.. weapon prof 3

Guess you can have light medium and large shield reactives… give each unique reactive effect (can align them with shield attacks.. to better those effects or help combos etc)or you can get different type effects with the reactive for your healing.. or evading ideas..

For buying higher ranks of attacks.make the prerequisite to purchase higher ranks in the attacks the reactive rank.
Anyways just my first thoughts on how to build advancement for these ..
Golgotha - is pretty much dormant. Me( Tuffon) and Lilith( took over Callambea) are active and on most nights working on escalations, crafting etc… you could find us in mumble in the evening during the week (eastern time) address should be on the splash screen when you log on.

We have started building up Golgotha- so between Callambea and Golgotha- we should be able to do all training- ( if they ever put in white list and black list for training).
(Doom!)Reefer has recently taken over KB and renamed it to Carpe Noctum.- and those guys seem to be active during the night after i go to bed( who would of thought..)

That is pretty much all the active tie ins from Golgotha that you may remember. A few folks have left their subs on like your self- quite a few have sold their accounts, and many more just aren't subbed at this point.
I should be on this after downtime today- if you want to track me down and find out more about Golgotha.. just type in settlment chat, pop into mumble, or send Tuffon a /w .
Think the info is worth a sticky (about how the bidding works. And the like .) but not the actual words… Smitty swings hammers around and stuff words are not his strength… also while his pockets may be deep now.. they are not the buy order stuff wouldn't make sense later…
No clue what buy orders look like in Thorne keep… so figured it wouldn't hurt to put some up so newer folks see what to hold onto and sell.. gear thing I mention… just in case some one makes a special trip.. and was hoping to find____.

Also. If some one says fighter.. can throw on a few augment manuevers.. that sort of thing.
You are a Troll
Good idea for a post that is horribly executed. I know how to use the AH and I am confused reading this. You desperately need an editor.
Well you wait around for folks that know how to do it.. and they never do..

this is what ya get..
For the last few weeks I have noticed a few new names pop up in General I haven’t immediately recognized and a few of those folks appear to be sticking around(YAY!!)

.. Which got me to thinking how it was to break into T2 and what it was like finding stuff, Sure most folks that stick around join an active group that can help with gear and coin etc.. but what about those folks that just want to stay out of the light and try out the game..
So this post is for you..


Callambea has put up a bunch of buy orders…
Some of the prices are low… as we don’t need a ton , but it is stuff we would buy.. (keep these stuff not the tansy leafs..).

Some of the prices are crazy high.. (the current coal buy order is crazy good so much so that some vet may take our money.., so if you have need of immediate coin … plenty of the hexes west of our location contain coal. )

Where to Find Us
Callambea is in the middle of the map in the northern area..
follow the road from Thornkeep (that blue shield hex line is a safe path to follow.. nothing but T1 mobs are in those hexes..)
west though the mountains..
when you get to Marchmont.. look North three hexes..

Auction house basics in PFO..
You will see some items listed for 99p or 5p- if your new just know that in order to place a buy order on an auction house that item has to be for sale.. but this is a good indicator that some one is willing to buy that resource..
You can see bids on one of the tabs..

If you create a sell order for your item that is under the price of the bid- you automatically sell that item-

If you place a sell order at a higher price than the bid and have it tick down over time to lower than a bid price.. it will sell as soon as your price matches the bid.. ( I think you still have to visit the town after your item sells to get your money if you use the tick down method..)


Finally if you are new and shy..

.. and perhaps have been scrapping by making your own T1 gear-
Getting T2 gear is going to be rough.. it may possible to outfit your self in T1 by learning all the crafting skills..
but it is pretty much impossible after that..
If this is you- just post on hear what you are going to need here .

If you don’t know- just say Im going to be a fighter using a Great sword.. Or rogue using a short bow and daggers.. or cleric that wants to heal, or battle cleric etc ..


( i know i posted this twice in different threads. sorry to vets that read it twice. it is meant for new folks in case they don't search by latest post and are interested in the selling stuff or buying stuff)