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Little different .. If the settlement you want to help is AFK… then you have to feud 6 companies to join the fray..

And considering one of the reasons 6 companies from 6 settlements are allowed to join a siege was to reduce company/settlement hopping .. One has to ask .. what are they going to do to reduce company settlement hopping on the defender side ..
Thanks bob - for your response-

But In regards to defending
How will you handle people that want to help defend the settlement that are from other settlements?
From the other thread , it will be possible for 6 different companies from 6 different settlements to siege one location…

As someone who may want to defend a third party settlement, What will be done to open up who can help defend?
Will there be a way for my company to join the defending side at the outset of the siege, something like I am banking __ influence to support the siege defense of ____. Will that allow my company participate in over running camps and engines, and killing the NPC guards without taking 250 rep hit every swing?

Without something like this, how does one defend a settlement they are not a part of?
Since this is an attack will we need to have people at these engines to do damage, or is this another job you are tasking to guards? – If Guards are the answer - Please explain why people need to be present to take holdings but do not have to be present to take a settlement…

In order to stop these things from doing damage, what must a defender do? Take over the outpost( camps) and then wait a day to take over a holding ( engine).. then wait another day or 2 in order to destroy them?

Then do this for all 6 core hexes in order to end a siege?

What does an attacker have to do then build them / move them and load up these things with enough resources?
When Will raiding become a thing, in regards to these engines as well as actual Holdings?
@ midnight
I think personal bank vaults are fine,
What is at risk ? ( just a guess on my part)
settlement vaults. If someone takes over a settlement they will probably behave like the holdings do now ( or if your company changes settlements).. the stuff is there but until he original group claims the area you wont be able to access it.

Also company vaults attached to a settlement, When the settlement changes hands the contents will be hidden if your company is not attached to the new settlement .

But to my knowledge, unless they come up with a black list of you cant bank here , every personal bank should work..

@ Tyncale…
Yep development stopped, the game plays pretty much is in the same state as it was in Aug 2015.. GW has been trying to find funding and a new dev team.. during that time that haven’t made major changes to mechanics or game play .
Your desire to Do nothing till there is funding and development team in place has been tried for the last year and a half…

So what do they have to lose at this point? Try something new.. if enough work is done on some of these systems they feel like even with one person they can get this into the game, why shouldn’t they? Its not like the reputation of PFO is going to be hurt ..

If the game ever gets funding and a dev team , ill be one of the first to say it needs a wipe, but that is a discussion to worry about later.

For now GW should do something different than what they have been because the status quo of do nothing is not producing funding..

If it turns out to be the death knell, so be it but a slow death is the same as an implosion in the end. After a year + of do nothing what have they got to lose.. If it drives folks away for good in a couple months, the end result will be the same if they continue to do nothing.. because folks will just slowly move on…

While I thinking about things- and asking for changes…

Why don’t you guys scrap the company aspect of things for influence and just assign influence to settlements?

Seems like that would solve some issues..

no more company hoping , no complaints about this company feuded ___ us and they don’t have targets to retaliate against ..

I know initially it was thought that we would associate our characters with companies and companies could join 3 settlements but that idea is cumbersome and not how things are shaking out.. So simplify it.. make settlements the bottom tier for influence .. companies can exist to add the total influence.. and can continue to run holding/outpost and leave and join other settlements.. but as far as how influence is used .. move those things to a settlement level..

Does GW understand that the holding and outpost warfare as it works right now is not fun for the participants?

If So why build more systems using the same mechanics?
This is what I don’t get….

If the core actions of the game mechanics are boring and drive people away, why copy the same model of play to more features? What makes getting this feature in right now easier to fix what we have later?

a few things that come to mind…

No Friendly fire - so you don’t have to worry about hitting your friends you just spam attack buttons as you can what those attacks do and where they hit don’t really matter.. When it went live think GW said it was an easy to undo if needed, Why is it still off it makes combat more engaging you actually have to have a small shred of skill and pay attention to what you are doing..
There is no Line of sight - you cant hide behind things - you can try to use stealth to drop yourself as a target- but cant duck behind a wall, or hide behind a tree or building- there had to be some work done on this at one point.
When you do get hit - we cant see who hit us or for how much or with what? How do you defend against this attack in the future if you don’t even know what killed you in the first place –(i.e) no combat logs - wasn’t there some work done on those at some point it was on the to do list in the Spring of 2015 wasn't it ?
As to some specific Questions about how are you going to make this enjoyable as opposed to what we have now …
Will attackers have to stand in the siege holdings to get them to do damage?

Why is standing in a small circle going to be more fun if it’s a siege?
Or are you saying these structures will crew themselves once they are set up?
Will they have more guards to kill ? Or since it is an attacking force We can expect to find actual players crewing them…

Will characters finally have to learn skills like soldier in order to operate siege buildings?

Will that mean the same characters can’t work at outpost and holdings to produce bulk goods in their own hexes, meaning those holdings aren’t producing goods, which means they may be run out of resources and are easy to take/ counter attack, ?
Will characters get to raid the siege engines and destroy the bulk goods powering them if there are no defending players around?
Or is the only way to end a siege is to first take the outpost, and then destroy the holding like what we do now..
Or just host the site on this domain…
figure smitty

hasnt finished with posting random thoughts for the day,,

this combines gushers and dungeons …
Redo the Crafting, gathering and refining game..

Few steps in this process… small things to work on which lead to bigger things down the road..

Give items gathered a rarity ingredient based on the hex.. This meteor/mountain hex produces metals that have a secondary stat of fire ( ice acid, keed, etc)..
( mountain iron is good for __, while forest scavenging iron is good for __, silk from the plains ___ while, silk grown in a dense thicket is better for ___ ) ( sanguine gotten in the forest gives you speed, while sanguine obtain in a mountain is better for striking, just as examples) basically make geography mean something for the mats that are gathered..
Give our nodes a rare find rate .. something like 1 in 40 ores a person finds may have ___ as a rarity bonus ..

Tweek the recipes so they can work with rarity ingredients— if we use iron ore with fire to make ingots - and then use those ingots to make a weapon, that weapon should get the fire key word.
Can do the same with plants, and gems, essences etc ..

with plants the special extracts produced can make your cure potion also give you energy resistance, or speed, or striking, etc …
That would be Step One…
Step two ..

Instead of making dungeons .. build small contained hexes1-3 like TK or large areas like 6 of them.. For inspiration on what hexes to build.. open up all those adventure paths pazio has published .. make them match tiers … (lick toad swamps.. sound like fun for a T1 area..) there can be easily 20 places you could pick and create hexes for just looking through those adventure paths .. Put more Pathfinder into the game..
How do players get to those areas?

1. Give us portals to them- When we kill a T1 goblin escalation and the hex is fallowed for 24-48 hours.. put a portal where the boss was that stays up the entire time… Make it port people in the area to lick toad swamp every 5 minutes… sorry no mules allowed ..
2. You can also give everyone that gathers a chance to open up these portals, based on their skill and hex the hit a node in. shield hexes open T1 areas. monster hexes open T3 .. normal hexes open T2 or something like that.. so 1 in 500 chance you open up a portal …. they stay open for an amount of time based on your skill..
What do you put in these special areas,, what makes them fun?

Instead of gathering 1 in 50 chance of a special ingredient.. make it 4 out of 5 things you pick up have a special quality depending on tier and type of zone it is…

You can also add a boss for the hex’s .. one that shows up every 24, 48 or 72 hours..( depending on the tier).
I still like the idea of having the settlements pay 1g/ week to keep bulk resource usage where it is. ( if 1g is not paid - the system can take enough resources out of the bank to run at 20 for the week )
( all numbers below are just examples to give people ideas )
When the 1g is paid then that settlement earns Settlement points equal to 200 for the week…

With settlement coins - leaders can do lots of stuff..
You could bank settlement points like influence to give your settlement members abilities.. (have to be member 24 hours to get benefits to keep settlement hoping down)
Build base buildings ( different cost for different sizes)- ( could put a max number of structures built this way, also perhaps increase the amounts to build higher + up to max of 3 buildings at +3 or something..)
Large 2000
Medium 1500
Small 1000
Structure 500
5000 points banked mean refining critical get 1% boost-
5000 points bank mean crafting time reduces 5%
3000 points all settlement members get 100 HP..
2000 points members get 2% speed increase

Until they figure out taxation.. leaders have to pay it.. but you gain cool things with your coin.. figure in a year if 1g is worth 200 settlement points a week you gain 10400 to distribute or spend, which only goes up.. ( and even after taxation 1g a week for a 200 person settlement , would be 50c a member …smile

What this will do for a victor of a siege is give them the ability to spend the settlement points to rebuild the town after it is taken over.. The 1g a week also means if you take over a desolate settlement that hasn’t been paying its upkeep ( basically you siege a phantom opponent), then what you win is exactly what you expect to win.. a ghost town with all sorts of infrastructure issues that has to be rebuilt..

It also may give some people pause knowing that in order to maintain 8-10 settlements, they will have to pay 8g-10g a week… which over the course of time is not going to be trivial expense like bulk resources alone are…
Then there are just things about the game that bother me..

Line of Sight means nothing- I cant hide behind things.. I can shoot through things etc.. if you want to make combat interesting , work on that-

How about re balancing some of the roles, Why do fighters have the bad weapon attacks compared with everyone else, shouldn’t they do more damage with every weapon as opposed to others- that still feels off to me..

For the love of god, figure out a climb skill.. if that comes with falling damage so be it.. I have been defeated far more often by terrain than i car to admit..

How is the combat log coming – or a log in general.. think this had some talk/work at one point

Give us a /who command to let us know who a person is and who they are affiliated with company settlement.. are they even online ?

How about we figure out ring of protection? Bag of holding? Necklace of fireballs ??, miscellaneous items

How about coin sinks for settlements? im still at a loss how 4 small groups of players are able to run every settlement on the map with ease..

If we are looking at sprinting, how about armor slowing people down? that was a thing in Alpha, then it wasnt..
(just for someone i play most evenings with..) How come this is the only game in which a fighter with 20 + str carries way less stuff than my wizard with a 10 str?