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Are you going to come up with a way to raid holdings as part of this update?
This system had to have some work done on it already- Any chance that we will be able to kill guards and raid the holding of the resources powering these siege engines? - Or is the only defense more of the current feud mechanics? - (Also would be nice to raid small holdings that litter our landscape.)..

Current feud mechanics meaning- feud target - take out holdings.. stand alts around it till you count to 1k - wait 24 hours and do the same to the holding - if you don’t do this 2 nights in a row you don’t really slow anything down or accomplish much.
Your blog mentioned buildings being damaged, how do you actually repair them if you fight off a siege ? or are they just damaged and attackers pick up where they left off if they are fought off?
First off … It sounds as though Lisa is getting some good advice, don’t wait around for a company to take over for an indefinite amount of time. Move forward. Players want games that are vibrant and things showing up all the time, They hate stagnant, and PFO has become the definition of stagnant.

If you are saying you can manage a rudimentary version of taking things over using existing systems and not causing too many issues, go for it. It is what the end game is supposed to be about…
But Hobson is right, there are mule trains on their way to Golgotha and KB right now because they are vacant settlements, and one of the 4 groups left is going to want to take them over because they can…..
So making it impossible for people to store stuff in the bank of the town they are attacking is needed.. without it folks are just going to load up the towns they want to take over right now.. and then feed the sieges form that settlement s bank because they can..

So we need a Bank white list .. alliance cities cant siege each other .. and if you are not in an alliance with that settlement then the bank is closed as long as the siege last…
But in my opinion you also should address that 4 small groups run virtually every settlement on the map…
How about you put a coin sink on running the settlement- except it is not a sink- so much as an escrow account-

If a settlement pays 1g a week - the bulk resource use remains what it is now ( relatively low)-
If they don’t pay the 1g a week - the bulks resource cost increases ten/twenty fold?… ( we have too many places able to subsist for 30 years based on what is in the bank…smile
To go with what does a victor get for winning and rebuilding a settlement or fighting to retake it..…
Create a Settlement currency that goes up as the 1g a week is paid… ( can come up with other ways to use the currency to create benefits for you members as well , so it is not really just a sink..)

If a settlement is ever taken over - that currency can be spent on adding buildings to the destroyed settlement… Have long build times - so the players who lost the settlement have a chance to retake it before all the escrow is spent….

Something like a new Keep takes 3 weeks to build .. After the Keep goes up .. large buildings take 2 weeks to build using the settlement escrow /currency, medium take 1 week, small take 3 days.. guillotines/ warehouse’s take a day but you can only work on one at a time… And only if your company is paying the 1g per week , and stocking the place with bulk resources..

You could always add buildings the normal way once the Keep is rebuilt…
Anyway just my thoughts..
Lisa Stevens
In case I forget.. happy new movie day tomorrow! smile

Thank! I am seeing the movie at 10pm PST on an IMAX screen in 3D. Should be a blast!

Yay! I have to wait till Friday, programming department at work is doing team building afternoon. smile
In case I forget.. happy new movie day tomorrow! smile
Monstergedon!!! bring back the Bug!!!(if only for a day)
If I could make an argument for keeping 1.. I could make the same argument for the rest of them..
My point is I can’t make an argument to keep one right now, and wouldn’t even try to do so with the news we have to date..

Now the good news for New Corp is Millie (my wife) doesn’t really pick through each transaction.. but who knows what she is going to do this holiday season .. decorations.. gifts new sweater for some random party.. etc.. if she decides she needs a few extra bucks for all that jolly nonsense.. I cant even win that argument for keeping them active vs that stuff….

My point more than anything is .. New Crop - start giving us more information. Cause if you don’t I have nothing I can use to win an argument about keeping my accounts active If Millie starts poking around…
Well Tuffon has been out of game for a couple months.. real life has taken hold of any free time I have.. ..

My message to NewCorp /investors etc ..
I supported this game for the last year plus.. I kept playing after the original GW layoffs.. even picked up a few more accounts..
Currently they are all still active… BUT..
If my wife takes notice of the charges at the end of the month when she is doing the bills, I can no longer win the argument they are for a fun game I intend to play when my real world stuff slows down..

I know you have many issues going in your world ( mainly securing financing I assume).. as for me and my subscriptions… you are racing against my wife asking what those charges are for and then me having to shut them off due to not being able to make a compelling argument to keep them active..

I imagine I’m not alone in that boat..

Its one thing to have them and think of them as something I really want to play when I can, but with each passing month I am not sure I can win that argument with my wife, and as most married folks will attest to… only get into arguments over things that matter ..
PFO has slipped past that point where it matters to me .. so without some good news about the game soon ( direction.. plans.. funding etc).. if I am confronted with what to do about my accounts they probably will be shut down..
The large influx of folks will be from marketing..
This influx will probably be best described as a peak in interest to people who follow new corp..

Unless they have created a new LLC named NewCorp,( which would be kind of funny but god this process doesn’t need any more delays..) Then they will have a press release .

If they are a company with 15 years + exp then they will have some sort of following.. and folks that know about them and their work will come check this place out.. They will want to get in on what they consider the ground floor.. and Newcorp should do everything they can think of to keep those people here..
Its marketing they don’t have to pay for from folks that already like them.. do what you can to make them stay because we need people playing ..
Think i may have a Silk Sheet +1 for you tyncale ( pretty sure you have a weaver that can use ) - been trying to trade an extra for a while but no offers for a while..

Will try to catch you in game sometime this weekend..
Have been gone a few days .. so not sure what all the siege stuff is about.. so staying out of that one..

New players coming in to try the game and how playable the game will be for them is why I started this thread..

To the folks that are saying .. you cant give xp away- people will waste it etc… BS.. GW did the same thing for the first month the game was live.. If you created a character in Jan 2015 you got all the xp for the month.
What PFO needs more than anything is players..

T1 in its current state is a suck fest, can it be made better? Sure.. but that doesn’t help Newcorp at all if folks are going to check out the game when they announce who they are and when they are taking it over.

They should address the horrible state of T1 in order to take advantage of the bump in eyeballs checking out the game…
Since nothing is a quick fix and code cant really be written to make it suck les in the first week of them taking the game over..
The best option is to allow players a way to skip to the point where they can group with veterans without being that guy that is just hanging out in a group trying not to die but not really doing anything useful / or mindless roaming the map clicking on gathering nodes..
The learning curve for the game is the same… . if they make bad XP choices they will recover from it just like folks did in Jan 2015.

We need people to stick around and play the game..

All the things you guys are chatting about take time to get rolling, … but in the short term the only thing that should matter is getting more people into the game.. and the current T1 state of the game will mean a bunch of folks will never stick around long enough to get to week 1 let alone month 2 ..
So how do you take advantage of an increase in eyeballs in the first few weeks of New corp taking over?
You cant code the stuff on day 1 to fix this stuff..
You cant tell them to come back in 4-6 months when it will be better because the announcement is what drew them here.. and your best chance of getting them to sub is right then..
If they truly want to draw 10k + people to play this game they need to do something to make people that show up feel vested in the game- and telling them to “suck it up and play through T1 as is” is a horrible way to go…