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Sigh. The point was you had different marching orders.. one for t1 and one for t2. It be more fun to assign task based on what people wanted to do.. not their gear level.
For a holding assault I'd rather have 6 t2 and 12 t1 people than just 6 t2 people. Even with the added difficulty of coordination.
Id like to have 18 people for a holding assault as well.. if that were the case..
The job I would assign the T1 is to not leave the holding area under any circumstance .. and if they die get back to that place ASAP.. IE be our counter monkeys and fight people that get close to it ( after guards are down . which the T2 would kill.. .)
The T2 group of 6 would have the same mandate but would be free to pursue to pursue any opposition if they see and advantage they could take advantage of….

Id rather have everyone be T2 toons that could all participate and not single out new players to be the stand here and be a counter for our team simply because he was the T1 cannon fodder ..
My first thought was a T3 escalation spawned in HRC territory.. may not be true but that was my first thought.. will have to check later i guess..
Caldeathe Baequiannia
The goal for NewCorp should be to take advantage of any bump in population they get when they announce they are taking the reins.. right now T1 is not the wonderful postcard picture you guys are trying to paint it out to be. And it should not be the first impression you want to present to your future customer base..
T1 probably needs lots of love, but it's an integral portion of a complex design. Simply tossing it seems like an easy answer, but the game can't afford easy answers. It needs answers that are going to allow it to be an enduring game. The potential market is large, appealing to the impatient is neither necessary nor prima facie useful.
T1 needs a lot of work, it is also the first thing people see when they try the game.. and right now it is tedious and horrible…
Perhaps I didn’t make it clear this idea is not a forever solution id much prefer to see new corp take 6 months and fix it but in the meantime take advantage of any bump in population you can get, get a few more players online … don’t make new folks play in the current T1 because it is dreadful..
On the packages - I fully support them just because you want new players playing the game, not looking at the map.. to find this guy or that guy..
Not full on packages with every decision made ..

But a fighter that wants to learn a great sword should be able to tell the fighter trainer.. I want greatword fighter with heavy armor..
The fighter that wants a bow should be able to say I want to do bows with medium armor..
A cleric should be able to be a war cleric , healer cleric , or protection cleric with an armor choice and deity selection.. ( which helps with domain selections)
The package gets base attack.. ( then arcane, or divine or heavy melee or light or ranged..).
a primary and secondary attack that go together.. so you see how the attacks work together.. let them hit a training dummy with the attacks.. so they can see the conditioning light up..
It should have an armor feature and a feature .. depending on the role selection ..
It should walk them through slotting all the items to the Paperdoll..
Uit should show how the stats started at 10 and increased a little bit each time something was purchased
The package should offer a Reactive and Utlity .. and show how to slot them
And finally
It should show people how to slot potions/tokens

Beyond that for keywords .. or a pop up that can demonstrate what buying rank 2 of an attack does and how the power is increased..
You don’t want someo ne brand new to spend 2 hours reading documents to figure out these things, you want them to be hooked playing the game and having fun.. not focused on spread sheets and write ups

If concerned about wasting 2 months of xp in the first day playing, achievements are still a thing.. and if you want to break it up any xp bonus to 10k a day for x many days as a bonus that would be a way to mitigate the potential of making regretful xp decisions ( as well as get them used to xp of time as the norm).. as well as having any bonus only active for one character on the account..
T1- serves no purpose to someone who has decided to sub to the game.
This statement is about what the game is today and what it will be the day new Corp takes over, not what a vision of the game is going to be, or what everyone wants it to be.. Just what it is..
Im all for keeping it around for trial accounts.. . But for someone that pays for the game T1 is nothing but a barrier to participation. And what this game needs more than anything is participation..
The learn how to fight…
Learn the ropes
Cut your teeth on bandits goblins …
Yeah that sounds wonderful .. except the AI is terrible .. The entire population will be in a learning curve when there is no more drop pulls etc. circle kiting doesn’t work . There is no difference between learning to fight goblins/ bandits and Usties ..

You guys are trying to paint a picture of what you want T1 to be and not what it is..
The Scenario a new player faces right now:
Find the concepts of the game mildly interesting – and understand the UI and the game is way early in development( then somehow convince yourself that 18 months after release is way early development…).
Get a trial account-
Try a tutorial that is not helpful-
Try to figure out how to get 2 attacks that work in conjuction ( with a weapon of your choice..)
Try to figure out how to slot healing tokens..
Wonder what a utility is
Wonder what a reactive is
Wonder if defensive feats actually do anything
Decide that an armor feature is neat, and maybe get one that you want but since its all guess work unbreakable sounds like the best bet..
Pick a feature based off the best sounding name..
You buy a few of these things, and realize you have no xp..
Ask in General how to get more and are told you get 100 an hour.. no matter what..
Chances are most folks will walk away , and says “ no way im giving that company one dime wish I could get the last hour of my life back….”
A committed player that likes the concept could , turn on a sub and wait a few months till they have enough xp to do something in game.. yet it is just as easy to see that person smack themselves in the head after a week and say .. I am not paying for a game every month that I don’t feel like i cant participate in for at least 2 months..
What new corp needs to do is attract players.. while it is nice you guys feel T1 serves a purpose I am not seeing it…
Fighting T2 escalations use the same attacks as T1, .. just more powerful ( if you have the gear).. Expendables are more powerful .. but xp doesn’t let you buy those..
Gathering is the most lucrative thing you can do to earn coin in T1.. While gathering is a great way to spend an hour of time while you watch TV or listen to music.. It is the last thing you want your new customers to be focused on during their first weeks of the game .. it is isolating and super boring which is the opposite of what you want people to feel about your game 3 weeks into playing it..

The goal should be .. to get people playing the game- having new folks run around in T1 for a month or two just isolates the new people that join .. .. When someone decides to sub to the game … why put obstacles in their way to get to a point where they can participate with folks that are here?

If some group comes in with 50 subs and 50 people and gets decked out in T2 +2 gear in their first week and runs ram shot over the world.. Good!!! We need people that want to play, and someone had to supply those 50 people with the gear to do that.. (so is it really a new blob at that point…)

Sigh… TLDR
The goal for NewCorp should be to take advantage of any bump in population they get when they announce they are taking the reins.. right now T1 is not the wonderful postcard picture you guys are trying to paint it out to be. And it should not be the first impression you want to present to your future customer base..
Things to consider to help the population..
never too early to throw out ideas ..
1.Keep the Trial option - but for the good of the game When a person decides to sub to the game- give them 100k XP on the spot.
a.Tier 1 sucks - it serves zero purpose - forcing someone to play each day in this game under T1conditions is just cruel.
b.If someone subs and plays a few days and learns they need 2 months of xp to really get into T2 how are they going to justify not only paying the sub but also logging in to play for 2 months..
2.The Tutorial is Awful, teach folks how to use the mechanics, not how to run around and buy them. If some one likes the game play , then they will search out where to find certain skills, but don't make that the focus of the game during the first few hours of play..
a.Create packages people purchase. Instead of running around to find people to train different things, only to find the tutorial trainer only has certain options to buy anyway.
b.The current system doesn’t explain how to slot and use reactive, and defensives and utilities or potions. This is what a tutorial should show a player.
c.Just have folks run to the locations and buy a package that says I want to be a ___ fighter ( great sword, mace, bow etc) or (healing or protection, or war) cleric.. or (staff wand) using wizard, or a dagger wielding rogue.. etc..
d.Have them purchase a package from the trainer that has a the base skills to do that and teach them how to slot things. That way in the first hour people actually play the game, instead of run around a 3 hex map looking for 1 skill someone suggested they get if they want to be a ___.
3.Fix settlement requirements,..
a.There needs to be a min value of players per settlement- and out of that min there needs to be a min active subs attached to that settlement..Other requirements are needed as well.. but min numbers should be the start.. and make it harder after that..
b.Having groups take over settlements with 1 many companies or anything less than 50 characters is detracting from the game.
c.Having People come here and see PFO is a Settlement vs Settlement sandbox that has no way to start your own or claim your spot on the map is laughable, we have gobbled up all the spots on the map, even though by design our population right now should be able to maintain half of them at best..


anyway just my view on things..

thought this map already had the claimed hexes with the holding hexes aligning with the claim. Perhaps I am wrong ..
Things I am looking for , some of these are needed more than others .( also some things feel have more value and will try to get things I feel have comparable value) .

If you have any of these and don’t see anything on my list below, let me know what you are looking for because the list below are things I have 2 of. I may have something I would give up for something on my want list even if I only have 1 of them .. You can reach me in game (tuffon most nights eastern) , on these boards, and paizo forums ( username tuffon for PM) with questions.
Want List
Superior Vital Gem +1, + 2, +3
Dynamic Crystal +1
GhostWood Pole +2, +3
Magistrar Ink +2, +3
Strong Varnish +3
True silver Plate +2, +3
Adamantine Wire +3
Truesilver Wire +2, +3

Recipes I have doubles of to trade-
Exquisite Ring – Jewelry 20
Adamantine light mace – Weapon smith 16
Superior Numinous +3–Gem Cutter 19
Master axiomatic Gem –17 Iconographer
Truesilver wire +1 - smelter 17
Adamantine plate +1 – smelter 15 ?
Master Blood Block – alchemy 15
Master Speed Potion – alchemy 16
Lavish chain belt
Master anti plague
Disrupter Light mace
Ghostwood Baton +1
Silk sheet +1

Expendables I have more than 1 of( off the top of my head)
Fighter- Disturbed
Rogue – Adamantine Bolos
Wizard -Polar Ray
Wizard - Meteor Swarm
Wizard - Death Wail
Wizard - Greater Shout
Wizard -Blind

War Wizard structure
Work House Structure Kit
Thieves guild
Guard House
updated want list
Will try to be helpful then..
Title of the thread.. Territorial boarder in PFO,,
If the map is meant to represent where active players are based out of..and doesn’t represent official rules about hunting and gathering in those areas.. You know The Aragon/Medish folks are active.. You know paddy and gang are active .. I am still active around Callambea (as a few others).. Yet those areas blank..
If the map is suppose to represent areas where hunting and gathering restrictions exist.. Then you should base the controlled areas off of .. How did you guys word it when killing the legend escalation near talonguard in General ?.. A Public announcement of territory on the forums..
So I guess My question would be what does this map represent? Territory boarders that have declared laws or just geographical areas that active players live in..?
If it is boarders that have declared laws - then you should remove Phearos and Keeprs until there it is actually declaration..
If this is just a map of where people are active- then you should give all active settlements the same courtesy of controlling the hexes around their settlements (like you did with Phearos and Keepers).

Just my opinion ..

I like the idea behind both maps.. just not sure which idea this map is suppose to represent..