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Phaeros was a guess. I'm happy to update that if I get real information.
You aren’t going to like this… But I cant help but think how slanted and skewed your “map” ( that looks really good) is. If you are really going to put out a community resource my request is you do it on behalf of the community.

I cant find any territory claims listed for Phearos, or for Keepers under their settlement pages.. but since they are part of the Old EBA and your friends.. It is perfectly acceptable to announce to the community that they are interested in controlling the area around their settlements ( typically 2 hexes out..)..

If you can assume that for 2 settlements that have no official claim? How come the rest of the map doesn’t get the same consideration? Take that as you will, but don’t make an “player resource” and then place obvious bias into it…

I don’t even know who runs Phearos now.. I imagine its Decius.. but that is a guess.. Edam posted an unofficial Keepers claim.. and made sure it was understood as unofficial in that post( he even seemed unsure what the claim was)..

If a settlement is going to make claims at least make them publish them.. you shouldn’t just color the hexes you think they should have based on _____.. ( your thoughts.. your private conversations , historical control, etc…)

Will find you an expendable for that dynamic +3. Will try to catch you online during your lunch time later today. Can \w tuffon to see if I am around.
Duffy Swiftshadow

I'll give ya a copy of Magistrar Physic Staff for your copy of Truesilver Shirt.
sounds good will try to catch up with you in game
Things I am looking for , some of these are needed more than others .( also some things feel have more value and will try to get things I feel have comparable value) .

If you have any of these and don’t see anything on my list below, let me know what you are looking for because the list below are things I have 2 of. I may have something I would give up for something on my want list even if I only have 1 of them .. You can reach me in game (tuffon most nights eastern) , on these boards, and paizo forums ( username tuffon for PM) with questions.
Want List
Superior Vital Gem +1, + 2, +3
Dynamic Crystal +1 , +3
Magistrar Physic Staff – artificer 18
GhostWood Pole +2, +3
Vellum + 3
Magistrar Ink +2, +3
Strong Varnish +3
True silver Plate +2, +3
Adamantine Wire +3
Truesilver Wire +2, +3

Recipes I have doubles of to trade-
Exquisite Ring – Jewelry 20
Adamantine light mace – Weapon smith 16
Superior Numinous +3–Gem Cutter 19
Master axiomatic Gem –17 Iconographer
Truesilver wire +1 - smelter 17
Adamantine plate +1 – smelter 15 ?
Master Blood Block – alchemy 15
Master Speed Potion – alchemy 16
Lavish chain belt
Master anti plague
Disrupter Light mace
Ghostwood Baton +1
Truesilver shirt
Silk sheet +1

Expendables I have more than 1 of( off the top of my head)
Fighter- Disturbed
Rogue – Adamantine Bolos
Wizard -Polar Ray
Wizard - Meteor Swarm
Wizard - Death Wail
Wizard - Greater Shout
Wizard -Blind

War Wizard structure
Work House Structure Kit
Thieves guild
Guard House
My hope is that Gushers are tied to tiers the character has trained- Few months back I posted this when gushers came up-
There is no reason for me to train a T3 gathering skill past rank 14- the xp cost is just not worth it and reduced time and extra skill mean nothing if what I hunt for can be taken to a degraded state in 20 minutes.. ( no reason to reduce that to 15 minutes for hundreds of thousand xp..)

Now if I was able to find a T3 gusher.. that extra xp would have a purpose in being spent..

If gushers were the capstone of a tier those that spend the xp to get gathering to rank 20 would have a reason to do so.. so a character would gain the …
Ability to find T1 gushers at rank 6
Ability to find T2 gusher at rank 13
Ability to find T3 gusher at rank 20
Caldeathe Baequiannia
It was probably a bit of both, though not at you. My comrades had a group run into the zone when the only thing left was a weakened boss last week and take it out with a bang then flee the hex. I guess they felt we hadn't "created any value" in it.

A point of clarification. We found that escalation first at 100% in an unclaimed hex. Our guys worked it down to 50% that night before going to bed. When I woke up there were a several HRC members working along side EoX members frantically trying to get it to the boss prior to server down. Although we were short handed at the time we harried them enough to slow their progress down and they were only able to reduce it from 50% to 20%. After server up HRC had 10 in their group, 7 HRC, 2 EoX, and 1 Fianna member. We only had 5 and felt like we were being muscled out of the escalation with no thought to negotiate or consider our presence. So we did the best we could with the 2 to 1 odds we faced and triumphed with the boss kill and 4 of 5 of us making it out with the loot that we felt we deserved since we had done the work the previous night.
You mean the night when Me and Lilith were running through it on our way back to callambea and discovered the escalation at 90 % + and found a few folks working on it (who attacked us on sight in order to chase us out) , is not muscling someone out of a "unclaimed" escalation hex without a conversation?

Just trying to clarify that you feel it is fine to chase other people out of an "unclaimed hex" without "chatting it over".. but would rather have people not chase you out and talk things over …

And in the morning
Still curious why fiery attacked me, i stopped in front of him and was typing something out to chat with him when he started attacking Tuffon…. that sort of ended any attempts at conversation i thought ..

In all honesty in order to make it worthwhile there needs to be some changes in place.

I can figure out where people are farming, but the standard procedure for those groups is to show up in a good hex.. place a small holding down and immediately run any good drop to it.

If i show up and can force people out of the hex or they dont want to risk gear all they do now is log or leave and come back later to claim their loot.. , nothing for a bandit to do to access it…

There needs to be a way to loot those things as a bandit, that way when you risk your rep and go after one of those groups and win.. you may get something for your trouble..
I just go with the south as the alliances may change but the names on the battlefield remain the same.
Upon wandering our usually stomping grounds . the likely lads came upon a terrible presence that had taken up residence on Callambea mountian..

While the lads numbered only 2 they were able to destroy the lich's Citadel. They then retreated to town to gather reinforcements! Rest assured the likely lads will call upon their allies to dispatch this threat.. if you are interested in assisting please feel free to check with us if we need a hand..

( aka as a public claim to the escalation that spawned on calambea mountain Friday( 6-3-2016) evening eastern time preferable to be taken out Saturday evening eastern time if there is room please send lilith/tuffon a tell .. if it is still up and this claim is honored .. you guys from Medish look for us if able before you kill it off since we usually share this hex..)
Ali HF
Updated 5/25

We have many t3 recipes and spells for trade at the moment….the following list is what we are looking for currently. If you have something on this list, let me know and we can check our stocks and to see if we have something you need. If we don't have it on our need list, it is very likely we have an extra copy to trade you, except the ghostwood splint of masters charge gem iconographer.

Looking For-

T3 crafting-
Avengers Longsword

T3 refining-
Adamantine Wire +2
Shadowskin Sheet +3
Magister's ink +3
Muted Crystal +1

T3 Cleric-
Mass Heal
Mass Greater Cure
Greater Holy Light

T3 Wizard-
Greater Force Missle
Polar Ray
Greater Glacial Blast
Greater Lightning
I have an extra polar ray - if you guys have a superior vital gem +3