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A question on the boot enchantment Hasting - spellcraft (13)

Hasted ([6 + (ItemPlus * 3)] Seconds) to Self if Target is Hasted, Quickened ([6 + (ItemPlus * 3)] Seconds) to Self if Target is Quickened

Who is the target in this scenario? If the wearer of the boots uses a haste token or spell, the boots increase the duration, or if you attack a foe that is hasted, or quickened (with what a kick from the boots?) you get boost?

It's basically a reactive for all of your attacks. So if you stab/shoot/bludgeon a target that's hasted or quickened, then you'll get hasted or quickened in turn.

What about buff or heal a target that is hasted ?
They might not like neighborhood …
was somewhat expecting ustilav legends to stun more than once a combat ..
elemental s to fling you more often than just their opening move…
mordants and casters not to wait till they do a specific thing before trying their range attacks..

Generally most PVE mobs have the same sequence of attacks - and knowing those as a range rogue can make most PvE easy
Was kind of hoping some of that got addressed - guess will have to see..
Thank you bob.. that narrows it diwnsmile offer stands for the trade until I can track the right one down

Found what I needed
Trying to track down where serrated ore is found.. no luck as of yet.. until I do.. will offer 20t2 magnetized ore(t2 salvage).. for 20 serrated ore(t1 gathered???.. thinking it is gathered because the recipe has a salvaged component.. and am working under the impression refining enchantments use 1 salvaged component and 1 gathered, but that may be incorrect).

Anyway if any are interested.. ask for tuffon or millie in game.. am on most nights in the evening.. or post here and I'll try to track you down in game..
This thread has got way off topic.

Anyway … just want to say I am a little confused here. People seem to be saying that adding a second queue is bad but halving the crafting time instead would be awesome ? What ? The end result is identical. Half the craft time and you can now make your armor in 2 weeks and have 2 weeks spare to make something else.

How on earth is halving the craft times any different to a second queue, they are just two different ways to achieve the same result.
My times are based on a level 20 support settlement with the lowest crafting times a player can get.

Do me a favor and try to make ghostwood splint +2 in a facility running at level 15- 16 - and then let me how you feel about having to spend 50-60 days crafting that 1 item. - that no player can use but you have to make.

New groups aren’t going to have the luxury of only having support as an issue - they also have to have the facility at the highest level. So while all our fat and lazy crafters - could just ask the leadership to bump up to lvl 20 for a week so we could get our gates done - spend half the amount of bulk for the week ( than we do now) and we could do any gate that way without having to build a +5 building. - it made sense at the time.
But buildings upgrades are a thing – support is a thing now..
So yes I like the spirit of the rule of 1 que.. but for people coming into the game , the crafting times are wretched - having to spend 2 months ( $30 bucks of sub time) to make an item to get past a gate is dumb ..

Yes I understand- people can make deals and use other facilities- but it shouldn’t feel like it is the only way to get things done-
My only real problem with que is crafting time –
T3 crafting times are horrible -
Just my opinion – but nothing should take more than 2 weeks to craft – in a high facility rating settlement- having armor take 18 or 25 + days to make is too long ..
T3 ammo is even worse –
Casters get 250 charges a batch- a high level crafter can make t3+3 in what a 2.5 days maybe??..
30 days in a month so 12 batches for a grand total of 3000 !! which you can use to do 1 maybe 2 escalations..

Archers have it worse from what I hear..
They only get 100 arrows - so they get 1200 t3 arrows in a month - that may last them an hour ..

Don’t think it should be instant - but 12 hours for a batch would be a good target for a high level T3 ammo crafter- instead of a couple days ..

With 12 hours then you could churn out 60 batches a month - which would at least make crafting t3 ammo feasible
Thanks Bob! Lots of new recipes to chase down and perhaps new mats to gather.

Some of the recipes for these will be automatic, but most will indeed need to be looted. And yes, those recipes will ultimately require new raw mats for gathering and new salvage for looting as well.

Looks like the "enchantment points" column will be used to keep track of the total number of enchanted items a character is running around with in order to narrow choices each character has to make. Is there a formula to calculate available Enchantment Points for a character?
Would it be something along the lines of [x] * Highest Armor Feat + [y] * Highest Feature Feat + [z] * Highest Role Feat = Total available Enchantment Points.
Will there be a new dialog window to check Available Enchantment points, Consumed Enchantment points, etc.?

Yes, you'll have a limited number of Enchantment Points you can equip. Rather than basing that number primarily off of existing feats, there will be a new Enchantment Points feat you can learn to increase that number. We may also add some small increases to other feats if it feels appropriate, like perhaps Wizards can just naturally carry more enchanted items. Ultimately, it won't be possible to completely equip yourself with T3+5 enchanted items, so sometimes it will make sense to enchant a T3 item with a T1 enchantment.
Have added that feat to the wiki yet? Just curious on so cost benefits etc. For planning purposes

Many of the games systems depend on companies –

You can create a company ( I would suggest 2, will explain why later) - You can get your players to join this company ( these companies). Make sure you get 6 characters into each –
Once you have 6 characters in those companies they will begin to earn influence - ( with each account having 3 character slots - 2 companies should be doable)

This also makes shared banking and trading things among your guild mates easier- as it does with crafting items - you can set permissions for craters to be able to use things from the vaults - etc ..

As to joining a guild –
What you really want to do is have the company you create apply to a settlement-

As you run around the map you notice outpost and holdings in some hexes - those are all placed by companies - and the influence you earn is what allows you to place them. ( which is why I suggest you create the companies and earn influence).

You can stay attached to a settlement as long as it is working for you and in the future if you and your players want to claim your own settlement or change settlements - You can take the influence you gained with you (and any hexes you have claimed )-

Anyway that is my advice - have you and your friends create your own companies and then have those companies join a settlement - that way if you want to move later - or work toward claiming your own areas - you have a head start on earning the influence needed to do so.
Cool was thinking it could of also worked light the wright armor -
Which unlike healer armor just adds a # of HP each tick - 140 HP each tick didn’t seem out of this world - 140% just seemed like a bit much ..

That could also work, and may turn out to be necessary if the percentages get rounded off too much. We'll just have to try it out and make sure each upgrade of the enchantment is noticeably more effective.

So, funny story, it turns out that Wright not having the %-sign after the Regeneration number doesn't mean it adds that number of Hit Points each tick, it just means that Wright has a typo in and doesn't give any bonus to Regeneration. I'll be fixing that for EE 16 by putting the %-sign in.
Since wright is actually a % as well .. and just HP aren’t added -

Looking at the regeneration again -
And extra 1.4 % for T3 +5 item feels really low- ( regeneration the effect is 10%)
Regeneration +[.1 + (ItemPlus * .05)]%
Regeneration +[.2 + (ItemPlus * .1)]%
Regeneration +[.4 + (ItemPlus * .2)]%
This looks like it should be
Regeneration +[ 1 + (ItemPlus * .05)]%
Regeneration +[2 + (ItemPlus * 1)]%
Regeneration +[4 + (ItemPlus * 2)]%
So T1 regen would for a +3 item would be ? 1+1.5 = 2.5 %
T2 +3 would be 2+ 3 = 5%
T3+3 would be 4+ 6 = 10 %

That appears to be closer to the intended numbers that would be used - of course a T3 +5 item would be 4 +10 = 14% and if that person wears healer armor ( maxed) - and this stuff stacks … that is what 26% ??
Think those numbers look completely reasonable until it stacks with other forms or regeneration
- If it is only a <1 % to max 1.4% bump - I don’t think anyone will use it - - can only use so many items - there are some better choices laying around.