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@ Duffy
Will leave this here if you want to pick it up a debate about specifics elsewhere point me there - I posted this here - because some left the game over it - and that sucks…
It was something that could of happened last summer and didn’t - As one of the folks in the party that was there last July - our leaving had nothing to do with any of your theories - it was because we could go elsewhere ( i.e) south west where no one lived .. and didn’t want to spoil someone else’s fun . . Although we did have 5 min discussion on whether to kill the guy and continue on or just go elsewhere. ( it was 50/50 proposition for a bit..) …

<< Will just say I disagree about the SW area we steamrolled after leaving the hex was the property of anyone . As that doesn’t serve much point to argue about it here >>-
Like I said at the top of this post - this went in this thread because people leaving over stuff like this has nothing to do with maps and claims and published charters etc - this was one of those events that was meant to be shared ( hence why a bunch of hexes had it loaded ) - the more players that get to participate in it the better.
If you guys killed this in 2 weeks when it was a single server event in retaliation for banditry etc .. that makes complete sense. Just not at this time..

Do better in the future or at least give it some thought next time around..
Eox had a field day during the last huge escalation weekend… We took out our towers and wandered the world looking for more.. Obviously we didn’t care if we killed any towers that were claimed by the alliance then known as the EBA.. But I recall this scenario during that weekend..

Why is that a group of so called "deranged murders and folks that were awful for the game", could see the issue clearly and walk away, but the AL couldn’t ?

This is a super small game, each person that plays is an asset, keeping a sub around doesn’t compare to an actual person that logs in and plays.
IMO You should of left this alone so all play groups could try to do them before they become a true blood bath when there is only 1 on the server at any given time.. You should have given it more than a week before helping your poor helpless neighbors out with their legendary monster infestation issues… Especially if someone is in the area and ask you to…
Is this only happening with Canis ?

Only ask because Auroral was super bugged for ever ( i.e no training in T2 etc ) , never could track down the reason it only affected that settlement. I think the ended up deleting the town and reloading it to finally fix the issue they had..

If it truly is a Canis only thing.. may have to start thinking about how they fixed Auroral … delete it and start over with new kits.. copy a settlement hex you know is working..
Crafting - as always just my opinion..
Should be One que per character - because that is how the Table Top game handles crafting.
The only bottleneck is T3 which should be rare and the decision you make to have your crafter churn out 12 suits of T3 armor over a year is a valid choice compared to the 100 T2 +3 suits you can during the same time frame.. ..
- if you are trying to outfit your entire settlement in T3 armors for any and all that want T3 .. well I hope you understand that is going to take a bunch of crafters.. and to keep the folks that are waiting in line for it in armor.. you can buy it from other settlements or dedicate one person to make T2 +3..
If a 2nd que is to become a thing..
It needs to cost just as much xp as the first que.
It should be a cap stone achievement for reaching rank 20..

It should not be just something everyone can do
If you want to train your armor smith 2 times so you can have 2 ques.. that seems like a reasonable request.. but the idea that it needs to just be available at another town or holding doesn’t make sense to me.
Folks are constantly saying this game needs more pathfinder type rules in PFO .

So My vote would be no to being able to fill multiple crafting ques..

Then again my vote is anyone in the right tier regardless of which ability score is up to that tier level should be able to drink a potion. And that is not the case ..

I play a wizard – use the mage armor feat –

I eventually plan to take my secondary stat to 18 ( not sure about the 20 yet) –looking to get to rank 13 armor feature..– the reason I am thinking 13 is because of the static bonuses I get.

For mage armor feat rank 13 I get 12 physical and 17 base defense as the static bonuses- Am fairly certain I will get those things even in T2. ( Once threading is a thing I will still get those higher bonuses even If I wear T2). It may not be the first thing I work on but it is something that I will work on..

As to will I ever get to secondary 20? And get 1 more keyword, just to have the option to use a different armor? Probably not- ..
Just now saw this and am heading to bed .. but can look for you tuesday in game !
Will the T3 Legend escalation stay at 72 hours or add an additional 24 to the fallow time?

For the first part of last year there was no working fallow, it was then added, Are the 24, 48, 72 hour ( perhaps 96) now working as you envisioned? Or was the introduction of fallow time more of a reaction to people getting burned out of clearing them so much when they were growing?
Going to put this here..
I notice some folks are searching for structure kit recipes..
Keepers- Thieves guild
HF – Iconographer
Tuffon has tracked both those down, but not really sure I can use them for.. but am
interested in possible t3 recipe trades
- Any superior vital
- Any Vellum sheet
- Any Dynamic Crystal
- Magister Physic Staff
List of recipes I have if others are reading and are interested in any of the ones below
Exquisite Ring – Jewelry 20
Adamantine light mace – Weapon smith 16
Superior Numinous –Gem Cutter 19
Master axiomatic Gem –17 Iconographer
Truesilver wire +1 - smelter 17
Adamantine plate +1 – smelter 15 ?
Master Blood Block – alchemy 15
Silk sheet +1- weaver 15
Smallholding fires could (should?) only work for those in the owner's party, just like the vault.
I could get behind that …

As soon as I have a way to remove/loot the holding when it is the way ..