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All posts created by Smitty

Not Delving off topic - so Gratz Paddy and company!

Tuffon will be traveling through your parts often ..( as I don’t know of a secret x hex up to ZKM). Sometimes I will be carrying stuff .. sometimes I wont !

But about my alts .. you guys going to publish some sort of toll policy they should know about!@!??
Have no problem with iron gauntlet and free vale takeovers.. those guys needed their own home. Yet I do agree with Ryos though.. about the SW.. The same group has taken over every part of the map that they can .. because they can..

Their motivations are their own I guess.. but new Corp needs to examine that situation .. and make it impossible to continue..

I don’t agree with controlling the core 6 as a requirement .. but I do feel the settlement should have companies with that amount of influence ( enough to control the core 6) attached to it.
Can only say from watching things afar .. things are not don’t till they are ..
I work for a company that owns a bunch of restaurants..

A franchisor approached us about buying a certain market .. we spent 9 months doing due diligence and prepping to take them over.. When it came to finally sign the contract after 9 months of working on the deal.. the franchisor demanded that in addition to buying the stores we had to agree to build ___ new stores in that market..

My company said we would agree to build 0 Stores in the market..

After 9 months of negotiating with good faith and intent to get the deal done on both sides .. That one issue kept the deal from being completed..

With 4 companies involved , even it things are moving along nothing is going to be concrete until it is actually signed. Until the deal is signed, expect the same response. Things are going well, things are progressing etc ..
if one of these groups starts putting in demands that don’t make sense from another perspective.. just hope that doesn’t kill the whole deal. As long as folks are moving forward and talking it is a good thing..

Caldeathe Baequiannia
In regards to power …
First off as long as auspicious critical is broken - they should make it so it is easy to obtain by everyone.
Absolutely not. Auspicious critical should be disabled until it is fixed. The answer to a single broken feat is not to redesign the rest of the game to allow for the breakage.
It needs to be fixed .. but it is now 6 months of being broken??…. So either take it out .. and deal with folks asking for xp refund.. .. or put in some way to balance the issue … ( not a redesign, but a way to even things out till its squashed, something easily undone would be best.. have thrown my ideas out there already..)
What isn’t acceptable at this point is , do nothing about the power imbalance between roles and hope they find the bug eventually ( in another 6 months??)..
In regards to power …
First off as long as auspicious critical is broken - they should make it so it is easy to obtain by everyone. The easter morning and evening fights – tuffon had to run back to town to power up each time - while folks with that reactive stayed on the filed the entire time. They could use whatever ability when ever and know they didn’t have to take a 10 minute break to power up. That is a problem…
Long term- if nothing else.. make the power return rate progressive while you are in a tavern( not moving etc)- first tick 12, 2nd tick 13, third tick 14, fourth tick 15.. instead of just 12 for 7 minutes..
yep was asking for armorsmith i know .. he has had quite a long drought of no +5 after 30 or so combines..
Can chat tonight in game if you are about, will check with folks and see if either are needed and hopefully have an answer this evening…
Would be re missed if i didn't ask if you guys had any dwarven Plate +5 laying around..
Will bring the Temple (gozreh) then

Dont that one did EoX much good , beyond the spear thing smile
Tanner sounds Great as i have 2 ! and don't have to wait on anyone to get back to me smile
Can pick it up in callambea tonight after 7 eastern.. or can run some over there sometime later tonight
@ thod
Only T3 resources I would offer would be things that just aren’t used for much of anything right now.. or things I have 2 of Stuff like ( figure it is just a matter of gathering and waiting for crits , and cranking through cotton, .. heck made 5 batches last night so perhaps when I log on tonight I will not need any.. /em crosses his fingers)
Exquisite Ring – Jewelry rank 20
Superior Numinous +3– Gem cutter rank 19
Master axiomatic Gem – Rank 17 Iconography
Tanner Structure Kit - have a few se message to Caldeathe Baequianniabelow..)
If interested in T2 spells and maneuvers / recipes .. give me an idea of what you are after.. can certainly part with some of that stuff.. or just x number T1 spells maneuvers for codex’s etc ..

@ Caldeathe Baequiannia
Apart from the tanner one listed above.. ( would check with quej and see if any are absolutely must keeps prior to making a deal.. but personally no desire to run a settlement so these are the ones I know I have..

Work House
Well ( might have already given this one to quej.. have to check in game)
Temple gozreh
War wizard