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Pretty sure they were the first feuded company in the game!
@ GW

I imagine over the months that players have taken shots at members of The Bloodstone Swords in a PVP kind of way. Can you share any stories that are amusing or interesting about those encounters?
As soon as i can find Tenbar with a mule ..

@ everyone else
Pretty much have said my piece.. it boils down to
Please GW don’t use the outlaw council to pass along trickle down information to the player base in regards to something like this. Use them for brainstorming, or taking opinions of game play. Issues with ___.

If you do feel it is necessary to use the council please make an official statement shortly afterward ( i.e 1 day following or immediately following the meeting etc). That way folks that want the news and not the rumors they know they can find it easy enough in your official communications.
@ Bringslite..

I originally posted that with some of that in mind. But please don’t read what I wrote and think I feel OV has taken advantage of this specific situation. You guys shouldn’t be able to do what you are doing in fact I feel you guys are doing exactly what you should be doing. I just wanted to point out to GW to be leery in spreading information in the manner in which they did.

The knowledge you needed to feud is the only advantage. And even then I don’t think it is much of one because of the size of the population at this point…
Yet we can always be hopeful of a few silent watchers are waiting for the right time to make an impact/splash in the game. And this situation could have been just that. So I don’t think it should just be brushed off as well this time it did no harm and next time it won’t do any harm either..
I don’t want to be involved in a council… I don’t think my life needs anymore meetings, . so I don’t feel slighted in not being there nor invited .
My issue is that if GW is passing along information to specific groups of folks and from what I gather that was the only reason for the meetings.

The council thing is for taking temperatures as you guys say, getting input on things , seeing how things are going.. How the game feels at this time.. This instance has nothing to do with temperature, or opinions.. Was I shocked about what I have heard ?sure, but what can you say people do odd things on the internet..

This entire topic didn’t need to be addressed to a specific small group like this , and now 5-7 days still later no word to the general population. That is the problem I have with all this, don’t use the council as a way to pass along information , gather it all you want in these meetings but as to passing along information that could affect the rest of the community, do that through the normal blogs/ emails etc ..
Follow up because it also needs to be said.. I am always behind a level playing field for all groups… Having an council is fine, but like I said above the longer this takes the further we get from that field..
From what I understand about this scenario , perhaps at one time one of these players that was banned may have been involved in said council meeting as that player had many accounts and also controlled at least one settlement..

If some group was waiting in the winds so to speak, and was interested in coming into the game, or an established group wanted to relocate.. the sudden departure of holdings and outpost surrounding some of the places in question may prove to be tempting targets..

Letting some folks know about that departure and then waiting for an extended period of time before publically announcing what happened lets people that already have the information prepare and sort things out before it is public knowledge..

That screams favoritism to an outsider observer, and that is something GW needs to avoid..
The longer it is stretched out the more of an issue this is..

I have no issue with some folks being involved in a council - but the issue is I can not listen/read to anything that happened there. Everything I learn is second , third and fourth hand.. Normally I would expect some sort of communication from GW to let me know hey we talked about ____ on this day.. you can read view etc what we discussed .. etc

What doesn’t settle with me well is this is taking too long for an official statement, I understand GW wanting to keep newCorp in the loop - but in this instance, I don’t care what the investors say - if GW feels strongly enough to ban __ accounts for blatant cheating.. stand by that decision. That behavior will do more harm no matter what new corp thinks.. unless they are going to say that behavior is condoned ( in which case ill probably move along to something else), GW did the right thing.. Make this official .. Send out the details..

The longer between what the council meeting and word to all the players .. The more issues people will have with a select invited few folks knowing details of what went on long before the player base at large .. And the closer we get to , my cousin heard from a friend of a friend
I'm not sure about others but my Wiz has Wisdom of 14 and Auspicious Critical. He is a scholar so his Wisdom has to be high but I spend XP to raise my Wisdom just so I could get it.

He has T3 Cantrips and T3 Wand but can't use T3 armor or T3 spells yet because I made the choice to get AC. He is currently working towards his Power 30………….
Tuffon is looking at this right now which is why I am curious what the plan is with this bug.

If it is going to be 8 months before anything is done - it is worth it to put things off and pick this reactive up. . I do want to get this eventually just to have the option. yet AC is way more than just an option right now it has shot up on my want list because it is so broken right now.

If the situation can be addressed in the next few weeks.. better to stick with raising dex and finishing off mage T3 instead of Scholar T3.. If nothing is done it is probably better to knock this off my want list now instead of waiting..
Idea #2 for power imbalance …

How about removing or changing the campfire cool down to an hour ?
Paddy Fitzpatrick
Or just find where the bug is for auspicious critical in the first place so it works as intended…

Seems like these other design and temp fix suggestions could create more problems down the road if they are all centered around a game breaking bug that ain't supposed to be there.

Fix the bug, then you are free to change the other stuff without having to account for it. Don't balance the game around a bug, remove the bug then do more rebalancing. If ya do it in the wrong order you can create even more imbalances. If it is gonna take a long time then turn auspicious critical off for now.

Plus it means clerics will need to manage their power like the rest of us common folk. smile
As to turning it off that is another idea .. I wouldn't mind because i don't have it .. Yet many of the folks that do have it love it .. they also spent xp on it .. and GW has to be careful about folks asking for XP refund for an item that they take away.. a road they absolutely don't want to go down..