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Dont get me Wrong Number #1 goal is fix it to work as intended!

Yet I imagine if it were easily fixed, it would of been done by now. We are 2 patches ( just a guess) away from the introduction of it and it is still there. It is as decius said not the intent of the game for people to be able to use every expendable every fight.

Our patches are so spread out if we go through 4 patches before the bug is found and squashed that could be like 8 months of people that have this reactive playing the game in a way that is not intended ..

So figured i would bring it up .. it has been around for quite a while and not sure when/if it will be fixed fixed , so was asking to level the playing field with the least amount of work i could think of.. (changing numbers on a spreadsheet seems a lot easier than anything else that could be done).
Yes it is a design change .. and currently their is a class that is using expendables in just that way Decius .. so either take that away ( which is bad cause folks like it.. ) or even it out for everyone till they can iron out where this bug is ..
Was just hoping to reduce a number on the spread sheet as opposed to making other tables for other classes.. also as a long term thing .. i like roles to have flavor .. I love the actual reactive .. will probably get it one day .. but dont i should feel like i should push my self into doing it now because of the bug..

Not even sure how they have it coded .. and was throwing numbers out to reduce them a ton .. can do double the spell level if needed .. only start the reduction at T2 spells ( as T1 players dont really have access to the feat ..)

But really it is in how the code actually works and how easy it would be to change..

If the Power value is just a number on the spread sheet like 48 or what have you for level 6 spell change that to something like 12 .. that is an easier fix in my mind ( if its just reading an amount from a spread sheet that says when ability is activated subtract x value from current power..)
Well this is odd Smitty is going to try to type something other than thoughts on escalations!!!!

Floating an idea out there ..

Until you guys iron out the auspicious critical bug .. and because Tuffon is trying to rename every tavern and inn in the river kingdoms “ the drunken wizard” ..

How hard would it be to change the casting cost of all expendables to there level ( 6 level spell cost 6 power,, etc ) ? Is that just a change on the spread sheet ?

I only ask because it is frustrating to run off every 30-40 minutes to hang out at the inn for 5-6 minutes .. and the folks with this reactive don’t have to think twice about using every thing on their bar every fight .. Temporarily changing the cost for everyone puts everyone in the same power consumption mode as the clerics .. at least until the bug is found and squashed..
Usalavs are not the only escalation with a wide spread. It is not unusual in Elementals for example to see something like a Greater standing with a bunch of smalls you can one shot.
pretty sure every small elemental is at least a red mob ..
@ kero

Im sorry you see it as me trying to ruin your fun..

A while back we were asked to bring things up we thought were out of balance .. opportunity suffer as an example .. it was obviously way out of balance when compared to everything else you could slot as a reactive .. it made sense in every build. Was cheap to get for what it did , it was way to powerful etc ..
When I see all the T2 escalations side by side this is one of those things that is way out of balance… and it is just makes too much sense to do this rather than anything else. just adding legends to other things gives us more T3 targets but doesnt change the appearance that these are way easier..

dureguar have a ton of red mobs .. when i think of what usties are like without yellows and whites i picture what a dureguar escalation looks like .. bunch of of purple mobs .. and a bunch of red mobs

That is all I am saying .. its not directed at any group or you I dont want to ruin your fun .. i have killed as many usties as anyone.. will continue to do so.. just like i slotted opp suffer for a year because it made too much sense not to do it ..

I don’t care which way they go .. but I feel the paramaters of the mobs should be equal.. because that would be balanced ..
I solo the dark elves as well Kero .. they kill me faster and take more planning on engaging large groups etc .. they are a challenge .. but it can be done .. My point is the challenges are not the same.. If the creature level ranges are the same .. the variety of mobs won’t change, you are not going to say these usties feel just like the dark elves. So not sure what you are getting at with variety among T2s.
They should Add lvl 1 – lvl 8 mobs to all T2 or take them away from the T2 escalation that has them.. I just want to the design of a T2 escalation to be the same..
For paddy quick run down of lich event as they were in July..

Kill tower in middle of hex .. get chance at T3 drop .. higher jewelry and engineering drop rates for recipes reported ..

Wait 1 minute

Quest pops.. one of 2 options..
Option 1 - Kill 10 huge crystals - surrounded by smaller crystals – each huge crystal was a granted 3 silver drop for everyone in the group that landed the killing blow.
Option 2 - kill hero skeletons ( 30 of them) - they were in camps with the laser crystals and lower tiered skeletons,, some had bows some were melee etc ..
Each hero skeleton killed = 1 silver for everyone in the killing group

Net result for doing the quest .. 30 silver no matter which you did

Final fight was lich ..
4 huge crystals some skeletons and a lich..

Could agro the lich all skeletons run out .. fight at range.. kill them all then take down the lich out side the range of the huge crustals..

Lich had guaranteed wizard spell and an increased structure kit chance.. as well as chance at T3 drops..

Got to the point where you could get the entire thing done in 30-40 minutes.. so every hour you and 6 people would get 30 silver guaranteed .. and good shot at T3 wizard expendable and decent shot at T3 recipe..
I am not targeting You personally Takasi or anyone .. heck I was out there pretty much every day in February.. trust me I like the loot I like the T3, I will be out there again .. but every hour I spend doing them I feel like I cheating the game.. I don’t have the feeling that the game owes these drops to me because I pay a subscription.. I feel like the game needs my honest feedback.. in this case I feel they need to do what bob originally posted .. add legends and heros to the other escalations.. and then make usties spawn lvl 8 mobs at a minimum instead of lvl 1’s.. that change makes these guys the same as other T2 escalations..

I would also be fine if they said.. okay lets make lvl 1- lvl 7 spawn in all T2 escalations.. I just want Usties to be on the same ground as the others.. The comparison between the T2 escalations is what I have the most problem with.. I feel that they should be equal in the level of mobs you face..
A good reason for removing white and yellows from a T2 escalation is that no other T2 escalation that has been designed has them !!
Why explaining this to some folks over and over and the reasons I you want me to defend that position .. is because people think doing the Usties is fun right now …

I feel nothing is further from the truth .. they are loot pinatas .. you can get as much loot from these guys in a weekend as you could from the lich event.. never mind the act of running around the hex looking for the next general is mindlessly boring .. especially if you compare that to actually fighting mobs in the escalation..
Here is a question for you to ponder…
How receptive would you be to GW saying they have developed a way to keep mobs in the escalation static .. no more running back and forth waiting for generals to turn into legends? You actually have to fight the mobs to get the ones you want to spawn..
If that is what was announced in 11.2 .. What would you be saying?

The same thing as now? you cant do that it is going to ruin the game for me..