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Smitty, you do realize that you are portraying the same action (killing a white/yellow out of a group thus starting the despawn timer and "fixing" the group in place until despawn) as both a)keeping the legend around for a long time and also b) removing groups from the map quickly?!

You can't really have it both ways, either they stay for a long time, or they disappear quickly…

If you want to keep a Legend from despawning, a 1K alt placed next to the group is perfectly sufficient, removing white/yellows is not going to limit that one bit. I've never had more than 2 legends more than a minimap apart to "babysit"; usually it's just the one I'm currently killing and another that one of my party members accidentally came across while headed to my position.
If you kill just a single mob and then wait for the (non-boss-mob) group to despawn in order to clear space to spawn more boss mobs, it takes virtually forever. Hence, I almost always just kill off the entire group, it goes waaay faster than waiting for the group to eventually despawn (and then you'd also have to remember what was where, or you can never be sure on your return if it's still the same group waiting or a new one that needs to be hit again, it's most annoying). Killing one is simply not a very useful strategy, and that is certainly not a good reason to remove white/yellows.
I do realize that..

If i am soling the hex .. and find a group of 5 purples and a yellow .. and none of the purples are generals ..

I kill the yellow .. ( heck sometimes i even burn a Sargent but that can get dicey depending on the group make up..)

When I am in a gorup .. and all 6 people are running through different parts of the hex… and someone says legend..opposite side of the map.. and i find one one my way there .. the first question that is asked .. is anything burnable .. and we burn the group that we can.. and every gathers at the one that cant be burned .. in the case where both are burnable.. well which one is everyone closest too..
That is pretty much having it both ways.. not at the same time but the same tactic we use to keep legends around while we attack another is really effective for clearing out trash spawns when you are duo/solo in a hex..
First off having reds and yellows and whites is not a negative for large groups.. it is most certainly a positive for them … the only reason people do Usties is because the T3 mobs are there…

The more yellows and reds and whites are around .. the faster you kill larger groups..

The easier it is to hit one guy in a trash group .. to start the de pop timer.. or to lock down a legend for 20 minutes while you go to the next camp..
The easier it is to split up the party all over the hex to hunt for the 1 mob everyone is there to kill..

Etc ..

If all mobs are purples .. the group has to stick together and actually kill the groups in order to get the guys to spawn that they actually are wanting to kill .. This is why if legends are added to dark elves and mordants .. Usties will still be the preferred target ( without taking out the T1 mobs) .. because over all it will be faster to split up the group and search an entire hex as solo characters then come together to kill the one mob then search for the next ..

If there are purples you cant prep 2 – 3 legends all over the hex by killing a yellow knight page etc ….
So I do not see where you are going with T1 mobs are bad for groups of 6 .. because that just doesn’t make any sense to me ..
EoX is still trying, but plays more games than just PFO while waiting to hear from NewCorp.

We have a few players who play PFO every day, as well as a lot of players who would show up if needed, but prefer other games until the layoff/acquisition crisis is resolved.

As far as recruitment.. If someone makes it too or callambea pages and registers .. I usually say hello on their recruitment page, try to get in contact with them on TS.. find out what kind of character they want to play and throw some t1 +2 gear in the cooker for them.
Do I actively spam messages in general? Nope.. I do send whispers to folks that ask questions .. particularly if they are asking PvP type questions.. or if they ask generic ones and no one else responds with in a minute or so..

Will I talk with players interested in EoX if they are referred to me ? Sure! But the players we normally attract will not sub until the game gets a dev team and funding.. Quite a few of them really like the ideas behind the game, but aren’t vested in it and see no reason to become so until the financial / development questions are answered..

To that all I can say is we are dealing with 4 different groups of people all with lawyers that have to agree on the placement of every single coma in a contract..
Once again disagree Usties are supposedly a T2 escalation..
The hex consist of 30% T1 mobs
No other T2 escalation has anything but perhaps reds..
The loot issue and this issue are 2 separate things..
The reason you can solo Usties easily is because they have so many T1 mobs around.
My question s to GW if they leave them this way:

Basically these guys have been farmed for months, have provided what amounts to the best loot drops PFO has to offer and have proved themselves to be nowhere near the risk of any other T2 escalation.. If this is by design ( meaning PFO giving players the best items in the games for very little risk). Why are you not building the ability to get the same rewards in all T2 escalations with the same risk as the Usties ? If Usties are our base line for T2 escalations why do no other T2 escalations have the same creature tier content as them?
All I can say is -1
Have said what I feel over and over..

Usties are suppose to be a T2 escalation yet the population of the hex is probably 30% - 35% T1 mobs at any given time.. If usties want to be a T1.5 or a 1.75 escalation like Molochs take out the T3 mobs completely ( again)…
If you want them to be a T2 escalation make them on par with every other T2 escalation that exists.. by making the mobs in the escalation by 95% T2 mobs..
Leaving in the T1 mobs makes no sense that is like me sitting here and saying mordants, dark elves dureguar all need to have 30% T1 mobs !!!! Please make it that way!

. I can also look into making the escalations shut down automatically if the boss stays up too long, but I probably can't do that without some additional tech.
Know we are talking some tech to do this.. but easiest way I think for you to fit it in would be

Adding a day counter to the escalation if it is at is at 0 str.. check at server down or up..
and then making the escalation fail after __ days at 0 ..
Track down that bug/code once used to clear infected hexes after the home hex died .. might have to tweak it to be used in home hex but the code should be there to do it. ( the one when one thing is killed all the mobs disappear) ..
Then the only thing you are adding is a count variable if str is at 0 and a check each server day that institutes the kill code for the hex if that count is > than __.
Not sure how you can ignore difficulty of killing the creatures that surround your target as well as your target .. The work you put into to killing them and the chances they kill you seem like a relevant place to start when balancing what potential loot the encounter could provide.

Your apprehension to this change seems to be You are not certain what the loot chance on legends in Dark elves , or Mordants etc will be ..

Perhaps bob can share his thoughts on that as he is the only one that really knows ..

Personally I hope dark elf legends etc have a closer to 10% drop rate and their heroes are around 5% .. and he leaves the Usties where they are ..
Consider them the base line and increase the chances from there
Something like
mordants Hero 2% and Legends at 7 %
Dureguar Hero 2 % Legend 6%
Elemental Hero 3% Elemental Legend 8%

But all that is guess work and only 1 person can address that ..

I don’t really see that as something that needs to change .. Lets see what the other escalations offer in T3 loot chances before worrying about the drop rate %.

Current T3 loot mobs in the game..
Ustie legends / heroes
Elder elementals
Random Sages in mordants ( has been long time since I heard of someone getting one though)
Any crazy orges ?( behemoth crazy one perhaps..)
Boss mobs of T2 escalations.. ( 1 and done shot at those though)
Not sure if duregar have any except the boss
Currently if they look at that list and assign T3 drop rates according to the difficulty of the escalations.. Ustie legends should be last on the list .. yet they are first and have been for a really long time..

Instead of asking for increased rates on Usties .. we need the options in the other escalation types then after we play around with those for a while we can look at what the drop rates are .. After that is established then I would hope the end result is that the hardest escalations have the highest T3 drop rate..
I am okay with having larger parties required to find the best loot in the game ..

Especially if by larger party if you mean 3 other people.. that is not a huge ask on GW part.. Its not like we are having to find a 2 groups of six and split killing blows on good loot droppers in order to even things out..

Most groups of 4 I know can handle pretty much anything thrown at them..

Granted I will still be out there taking on things solo when I cant find a group .. but also will be more inclined to ask around in chat / mumble etc if some one has room for a wizard .. or wants to come team up with me etc …
Greater elemental s dont spawn outside escalation hexes .. only up to large

I missed the outside escalation part. I would like to see solo elders and better than elders, and other mobs, in the wilderness. Even then the drop rates are still going to be too low, but anything better than today is an improvement.
edited afterward to clarify ..

a wandering patrol of elders or legends or champions outside escalation hexes would be fun.. I like those as small groups ( as you should have a higher chance of being on your own running-into them).. they make tempting targets running through the wild ..

Wouldn't want to see large camps of them as then i most likely would keep running.. but a single elder would be a fun fight to come across every once in a while