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With a big enough group and gear there is no risk in anything in this game. There is just fewer chances for drop rates, which is what needs to be addressed here.

Do you think the T3 drop rates are good right now for Ustalavs? They suck.

Do you want the same crappy rates to be worse and applied across the board? I don't.
A big enough group (4+) can handle pretty much any escalation there is pretty much with ease … if that group of 4 wants to take on T2 escalations in hopes of getting T3 drops .. I feel they should be fighting T2 mobs .. not T1 mobs scattered in with a few T3 mobs..
They arent changing the loot chances of the Usties .. they are not changing the difficulty of the mobs.. they are simply going to make this T2 escalation behaves like all the other T2 escalations.. by removing T1 mobs from it..
Greater elemental s dont spawn outside escalation hexes .. only up to large
edit all escalation hexes have the rebuild the mob type thing .. the mordants elemental etc .. that spawn in non escalation hexes are static they stay there till server down time.. or they are killed no matter how many times you run by them
This isnt about making Usties drop less stuff .. it is about making the risk vs reward correct ..
Adding more T2 mobs to a T2 escalation is the right thing to do.. having a bunch of Yellows whites and reds scattered in a T2 escalation makes it the same difficulty level as a high end T1 with T3 loot chances..
You were very lucky Paddy. The hex was culled and primed for you. I'm talking about averages over 1000 hours I've sunk into this since EE 11.

I've also seen you die a few times in the Ustalavs. It happens there too.

Yes the Dark Elves and everything else sucks much worse for T3. I think it's one of the reasons we lost a few players when the last patch was released. Instead of rushing to make Ustalavs drop less stuff what's wrong with making the other escalations drop better stuff?
That wasnt Paddy it was tuffon..

And the only times i die is usually running around the hex .. actually fighting its rare and certainly not 3 times in a night during actual fights.. perhaps running around .. or trying to take a hoer and legend at the same time .. etc ..
Matrons and champions in the dark elf escalation have T3 chances .. They also have silver drops up to 8 per kill that I have seen..

Legends have up to 12silver I think.. and the T3 is a bit higher..

Now finding a group that you can solo in dark elves that has a champion/ matron will take an hour… and even then you are risking death trying it on your own.. That feels about right for T3 drop chances..

Legends that are surrounded by white and yellow mobs .. in a three pack consisting of a knight, / squire a sergeant/ caster and a legend … those are easy pickings .. The fact that you can find a general in that group and run on and off screen till a legend pops should also be looked at at some point.. escalation mobs aren’t static ..
Normal hexes that have mordant / elemntals etc .. those guys are static.. you run back and forth all day and they don’t change.. that should be looked at as well imo ..

It makes sense Paddy. There is rhyme and reason to the drops.

There is only one mob that you're observing loot variance for in the Ustalavs: Legends.

The spike is due to their rarity. Finding ones that can be solo'd is very rare (maybe one an hour on average depending on your build). The fact that it can be done is irrelevant. The actual drop rate is the only thing that matters.

I have put in at least 8 hours of farming these things for the past 4 months since EE 11 came out, in groups ranging from solo to a full party of 6.

The average yield of coin is 30 silver per hour. I get a T3 recipe on average every 10 hours. I get fewer T2 recipes and expendables than in any other escalation due to the low level whites, yellows and reds. Per hour I could earn more silver value in gathering mats, which is what most of the people I know choose to do over farming Ustalavs.

There are no other mobs of Legend type in any other escalation to compare these to.

Yes loot needs to be better. Put in mobs better than Legends and with greater frequency of appearance first.

The end goal should be that nobody looks back on the last four months of Ustalav farming and think "wow the devs made a big mistake there". It is much better to be able to say "yes the Ustalavs are like they were before, but now nobody cares because the drops are just as good elsewhere".
I disagree on finding legends that can be solo killed as being difficult - last Tuesday night I found no less than 12 I took down by myself in 2 hours. Didn’t die at all . In those 2 hours I got 50 silver and a T3 recipe
Joined a group that showed up and managed another 60+ silver and 1 more T3 recipe..

For 4 hours of play time I got over a gold .. and 2 T3 recipe drops..

Last night switched things up and killed did dark elves for 2 hours .. got 6 T2 recipes and about 30 silver.. died 3 times… and that wasn’t even by myself that was with 1 other player..
Paddy Fitzpatrick
The main reason is that Ustalavs are mostly being farmed for T3 loot, but the encounters are on average significantly easier to deal with than typical Dark Elf or Mordant Spire encounters that drop very little T3. I'd originally intended them as more of a "choose your own opponent" kind of escalation, but I don't think that plan is going to work well unless some things get reworked to really encourage players to focus on the enemies most appropriate for them.

The encounters may be less risky but the loot is still very sparse and much worse for T2 than anything else. Just to get the rare chance of a T3 we have to invest more time than even the most hardcore PvE players are willing to stomach. It would take years of farming Usties 40+ hours a week just for one player to collect the current set of expendables, let alone anything new introduced down the road.

Rather than change the Usties can we see the other escalations have mobs with better T3 base chances than Legends? If they require larger parties to tackle then the higher chances will be evened out by the larger party chance split. If you keep Legend chances as is but require larger parties to fight them it's just going to make T3 even more rare.

Disappointing rewards discourage players from engaging in PvE. I don't want to see a tweak that pushes people even further away.

Yeah gonna agree with that sort of thinking.

Example, so a bunch of us went to clear out those crystal ogres not too long ago. It was a good change of pace i thought. It had a cool concept of emerald ogres that shoot lasers and the lasers switch targets and even the melee dudes had to be handled different. The crystal ogres blew up when ya killed them and the usual boring old pull and run in circles kiting could easily get ya killed.

In short, I had a lot of fun.

Didn't give anywhere close to the stuff you get from farming usties, and I don't think we got any T3 at all after clearing it.

So in addition to adding more nuances to all escalations to make em more challenging, make better rewards for higher difficulty stuff. Not everyone is a glutton for punishment like I am but if ya give em better rewards people will come and try em out.
I don’t look at this as some sort of punitive change - I see it as balancing risk vs rewards - Usties are far too easy to handle and give out way more loot than they should.

The fact that it is the highest Tier loot you can get .. means they will always be farmed..

Since it is the highest tier loot - it should have the same risk as any other escalation that has the chance to produce T3 loot.
What sort of plans / changes do you have in mind for escalations for 11.2 ?
They are all a chain of establishments named the drunken wizard..
Duffy Swiftshadow
I don't know. Anything less than a mechanical, impossible to game, hard limit is pretty important in ANY type of game for certain things.

There is this: Currently there are no requirements to Feud except the 100 Influence. It could be left alone, for the immediate future. As the population grows, remember these few posts on this subject.

Even if they make it more difficult to gain Influence and more costly to start feuds, I predict that you will see an EPIC poopy storm. This doesn't solve the problem of having a way to strike back at companies that feud you. It doesn't address the fact that the defender can't END the offender's means of waging war, by any in game means.