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All posts created by Smitty

I am not opposed to escalations spreading again if its limited to 3 hexes however please keep the hero and legend spawns to the home hex.

T3 recipes could very quickly go from "oh wow another T3 recipe" to "oh cr@p just more T3 recipes" almost overnight.

There are a limited number of T3 crafters on the server and once they all have one of each recipe the demand for T3 recipes will evaporate.

I understand your point… My point is

The Ustie heroes and legends are the preferred target for T3 drops… they are the easiest T2 escalation to farm.. you can come across a Legend paired with a white mob.. you can see a camp of all yellow mobs that you can one shot before you take on the legend..
That is my problem with the heros and legends that spawn in the Ustie escalation, why are the best loot dropping mobs in the game surrounded by white and yellow mobs..
If heroes and legends are added to mordants, drak elves.. dureguar ,crazy ogres, elementals, liches.. that makes sense to me because they are going to be good fights.. right now the heros and legends feel like loot piñatas.. there is no challenge in fighting them only finding them.. and it takes little or no work to make them spawn..
If escalations all start at max (60000 -80000) and heroes and legends don’t show up till under 10k that certainly will feel different than what the current situation is..
If the current base line T3 chance for heroes and legends are moved to the ones that spawn in mordants, dark elves, dureguar.. crazy ogres.. elemntals.. etc.. and then the Ustie hero and legend T3 drop chance adjusted downward a bit .. that would also makes sense to me.. because they are easiest to kill they should not have the best drop rate..
If you feel the drop rate is good where it is.. make the hardest escalation spawn heroes and legends .. give them the current T3 drop chance of the Ustie versions and then reduce that T3 drop chance for the other escalations ..

Things I think you should work on:
Escalations changes ..
If escalations are continue to count down on their own…
Start all of them at max ( like elementals..)…Recipes have been added to the drops .. so perhaps a bit more work is required to actually take one out every day it pops..
If escalations are being returned to what they are suppose to be..
Suggestion ..
Let them grow and infect hexes again .. give people a reason to keep them in check.. IN order to avoid things getting out of hand .. change the max number of infected hexes to a low number for all types.. something like max each escalation hex is only able to grow 3 hexes before It is maxed out..
Part 2 of escalations
Add hero’s and legends to other escalations.. There is no reason why the 7th hardest escalation to deal with is the best source of loot in the game..
Lauretholon Cuthalian would definitely be the leader of the group.. because there is no way i type that less than 5 times before getting it right!
@ Paddy putting this hear for your reference mostly it is history.. ( also a refresher for others) . Am not sure if you played during those times so some context might help as to why folks brought it up ..Farming Usties now is not really on the same level as the problem Jan- Feb last year..

The release notes Blog from Feb 19 .. 2 bottom points under escalations..
• Ustalav Invaders now top out at Generals, no longer spawn Heroes or Legends.
• Improved effectiveness of Ustalav spellcasters.

That was done because ..
The casters and priest did nothing except debuff the entire fight ..
As you can tell from the title thread GW didn’t out right say farming those guys like that for 6 weeks was an exploit ..
I don’t think anyone is saying the current ustie farming is an exploit .. the prelates and casters are actually fighting back..
But for the first 6 weeks of the game .. if you ran into a legend, 2 prelates and 2 casters .. the only thing that would actually attack and do damage to you was the legend .. you could leave any non melee mob till last … this was the situation that was referenced ..
If guards are dropping anything am I right in thinking that should be a bug report somewhere?

I cant recall when / where I am remembering this but for some reason my brain keeps telling me that guards were not suppose to drop any sort of loot.
wont be able to be on tonight ..

Think some folks mentioned on mumble they thought the guards may have started dropping loot, if you guys do fight can you confirm or deny that?
missed you Monday. had to work the evening last night .. Should be on tonight. let me know who to look at for or send tuffon a /w to see if I am around..
Basic idea of threading –
Each piece of gear you wear will have a thread value..
When you die things not threaded suffer the 25% destruction and become lootable..
you pick the items on your character you want to thread but have to stay under thread value of ___.

Each tier is suppose to make that item cost more threads to keep when you die.
So while you can keep all your T1 .. you may only be able to keep half your T2 and a a quarter of your T3.. ( numbers are guesses as nothing official about the system is in the game .. but that was my basic understanding )
hadnt thought much of destroying it ..

Are asking as if you are an attacker and trying to completely remove it ? ( aka claiming the hex for yourself..)

I Figure you claim the hex once you stock the camp/tower with resources .. if you fail to stock it, or it runs out of resources it decays and destroys itself if empty for __ time..

If it is empty anyone should be able to claim it by stocking it themselves.. effectively taking control of it from the other group.
Does this mean they person standing there can put the resources back after a cool down and claim the hex? sure if they want to … that could get interesting, could create conflict .. but the ownership should be visible to anyone trying to gather in the hex and that defeats the stealth aspect of a strip mining operation unto itself.

i guess with thinking of outpost and holdings and the +1 - +5 - each time it runs out of resources it could degrade by a -1 and -1 it is destroyed .. that would work as well and once again that code already exist in some capacity ..
Caldeathe Baequiannia
@Smitty, in a game where people are struggling to be engaged, you want to make them stand still for ten minutes of their play-time?
No but if you attack an undefended outpost or holding right now .. you have to stay in that area for 10 minutes to take it , which is basically the same thing …

Mostly my ideas above are all using systems that already exist in game with little new code being written just tweaking the functions that already exist ..
Camps ( trying to make use of them, give them a tool box to hold bulk resources)
bulk resources ( trying to find other uses and the code is already written and could be tweaked for rates of consumption)
/disable code and should be implemented like the /stuck so it wont have a ton of tweaks to make it work just calls different functions
.. perhaps instead of not moving .. not moving out of the area ie like outpost and holdings ..
not supplied camps can be shut down the way holdings are presented when out of resources ,

Anyway .. that is the basis, just looking at what we have and thinking of ways to make it do more things without starting from scratch..