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Welcome -

The idea about slippery ground was just a quick search - theory crafting and the different amounts of combinations you can come up with for combat - is really one of the strengths of this game.

So take some time, experiment and find what fits your play style.
The one word of caution about using goblinary – for your cantrips.- and just reviewing what effects work with each other.


There are 2 different keywords for T3 - Intelligent and Extraplanar.

For T2 the Keyword is the same across all cantrips – ( masterwork).
For the sake of over explaining this - in case you or anyone else reading this wonders why I would bring it up..
When you make an attack roll - you create 3 random numbers between 1-200 ( I think that is right)

When you use a T1 cantrip - your attack roll is checked using the lowest attack roll.

If you have your cantrip ranked up to 4- you get the T2 keyword - so you use the middle attack roll.

Once you get your cantrip to rank 6 - in order to use the highest attack roll - you need to have the keyword you get at rank 6 match your weapon.

Since half the staffs( or wands) use Intelligent and the other half use extraplanar – you cant mix and match as easily in T3 as you could in T2 ( where the T2 keyword was the same across the board). -
Just something to keep in mind as you try out combos -

You will see rank 6 has artifact as a keyword - but as of now there are no items that have artifact - perhaps in the future - but not now.

yeah thought about that later - hell hounds fire elementals dont take fire damage but still burn ( go figure).
You still haven't acknowledged keen giving you increased affliction with sickening critical - that seems to be the strongest addition of affliction you can add 44 afflcited each critical hit- at rank 5 seems pretty beefy - shrug.

What would be nice is if there were potions to reduce stacks of bleed/ affliction etc ..
blood block ? sounds like it was suppose to stop bleed..
anti plague has the name for stopping affliction ..
Staff attacks are twice the speed of wands - they take 2.3 seconds to cast - so when I build my staff line up I want to be able to stack some damage and take advantage of my ranged attacks.- I figure if I get close to the mobs I am fighting I have a better chance - at using my wand and stealing their health and attacking twice as fast.
Don’t want to discourage you because play styles can be different- but wanted to give you my thoughts on your diminishing staff ( Note for Tier 1 Equipment purchases - you wont ever need anything better than T1 +2 - by the time you get to use the +3 on a T1 staff/wand - you should be using a T2 weapon ( higher attack roll), was going to mention in chat last night- but was killing some evil elves..
As to your line up specifically -
Midnight Strike - free ammo attack hits pretty hard - and yay no ammo used !.

Your next 2 staffs attacks are 12 second cool downs - designed to be point blank AE centered on you- Exhausted burst - does do physic damage so would hit undead if needed- and adds 15 exhausted. Deadly proximity adds unbalanced if targets are slowed- Don’t see anything that adds slow so you won’t be getting unbalanced on targets using this – unless you use your spellbook-.
Your secondary line up
Wilting surge keys off unbalanced- with a 6 second cool down- the 2 second stun and 20 afflicted is nice- does a splash ae very small radius but can still hit a few guys..
Wraiths cry - sonic damage- 12 second cool down sonic damage - adds freighted with unbalanced
Plague storm is very large AE that adds 20 afflicted – but has 18 second cool down- will interrupt if exhausted- and is at range- but you aren’t taking advantage of the range- .

I just don’t see a lot of synergy between the cantrips you want to use -

Just my opinion here
Its best to find a couple cantrips that work in unison- . Look at slippery ground , it is a good primary attack that would work well with setting up wilting surge – ( it may not meet all the keywords but the conditions it sets are ones you can use well, and it does match most of the keywords including the major T3 keyword Intelligent).
Slippery ground (primary 35m range)- physical damage ( so hits undead)- small ae does unbalanced 2 rounds and slowed 30 ( will knock down 2 seconds if frightened- which your necromancer feature may provide if you get a critical hit)-
Wilting surge ( secondary( 3m range 6 sec cool down)- small ae does 2 second stun and 20 afflicted ( with unbalanced from slippery ground).

You now are 5 seconds into a fight – and have stunned a small group of targets and added 20 afflicted to the same targets -

So when they rush you or you rush them- you can use one of your self burst AE’s ( wraiths cry to add 60 frightened since unbalanced from slippery ground would still be active ? maybe would have to test it ) -
Anyway - just giving you my thoughts - like I said initially not all play styles are the same - wading into mobs with a staff and AE’ing till they are all dead is an option - but I think the harder the mobs get - the more you will want to try to get your cantrips working in unison with each other.
Will walk you through part of my physic line up – so you can see why I picked what I picked

Frist -
Fearsome Visage ( primary) - 35 m range- adds 10 frightened
Cacophony (primary) - 35 m range - it has a 50% chance to do dazed 2 rounds - and stacks 11 oblivious if frightened- ( first attack ensures target has 10 frightened)
Now I have a choice from 2 secondary attacks
If dazed hit - ( the background of the cantrip lights green if the target has a condition that can be taken advantage of- you may have noticed this already)
killing joke (secondary) 35m range - this hits pretty hard- does a 3 second stun if dazed- and exhausted 30 if dazed-
If I didn’t get the dazed to fire-
I can use mental mist (secondary) 35m range - it adds 40 afflicted if oblivious- ( which oblivious is always on the target after the first 2 attacks)

Normally I can use Killing joke or mental mist 2 times - before I have to redo the 2 primary attacks – the reset the conditions.- everything is at 35 m range and cool downs are not an issue - if mobs charge me I switch to my wand. It is what I was looking for - stuns and crowd control - and if I cant stun them I hit hard with afflicted (both mental mist and killing joke are near the top of the hardest hitting cantrips). -
I prefer single target cantrips to AE’s because they do more damage – as well - but in a pinch confusing veil is my 3rd secondary cantrip - it is a self burst physic staff AE that hits really hard and roots everyone around me- that lets me evade from trouble..


Also ( side note)
Utilities ( the small square box on the right of your attack bar , right below where tokens and potions go - , button 7 and smile
I would look into getting evasion rank 1 ( skirmisher or rgoue) and charge rank 1 ( fighter or dreadnought)- they aren’t expensive - and distance is not rank dependent - meaning no matter what rank you train evasion will always move you 20m away and charge will always make you charge an opponent..

Think you may find those useful in closing in on targets and escaping a bad situation..
Sorry for the novel - hope it helps you out-
you can add fire resistance.. not sure there is a resistance counter to afflicted or bleed.

and as I said above keen.. with sickening critical.. does give you a way to buff afflicted.
afflicted in critical hit is a reactive.. so grab keen…
Well guess ill be the one to ask –
Was looking through some old blogs - while trying to track down a what we did for players that applied to dead companies and were waiting to be decline / accepted. Think who ever that was got it sorted out ..
Yep, got it straightened out, thanks.
I was curious about Aeon Stones when I saw the slot on my character, but after overhearing some of this figured I would avoid the can of worms. smile
Its good to get a fresh perspective on things - you are relatively new still and are in a great position - to give an opinion.
What I do recall was that in Jun 2015 - this issue was one that BHA and EoX actually agreed on for the most part ( 2 groups fought each other a whole bunch) - both sides thought it was a bad idea - saying it would give a big advantage to vet players -

The first stone came out - and was +2 perception - ( that was Jul 2015). – perception being one of the least useful skills to level up – no one cared all that much.

Then the layoffs happened at the end of Aug 2015 –

Once they picked up the pieces and released 2 more escalations they also introduced a defense stone and a +12 Hit Point stone ..

After that they name changed to Aeon Stones - They introduced recipes to combine them to make Speed, Power, and Attack ..
Also they changed from getting them from the newest escalation - To you just get them rarely in escalations ( about 1 every 4-6 weeks - or months if the random number thing really hates you)

The thing is , - you need 250 stones to make a top combined stone( attack , speed , power ) ( 125 and 125)- You need 125 for the top defense stone or Hit points stone - ( will find you and beat you if you want to make the top perception stone for 125..).
So you are pretty much caught up -


I don’t think back dating the stones is a good idea ( as much as I want 40 of them )- but with enchanting coming out - the bonus you get from the top combined stones is on par with what enchanting will do - So asking if folks recalled why this got shut down - and how easy it is to turn it on etc .. going forward and starting now it would be nice to get at least one a month ..

Was hoping you guys would read the blog - But will just quote it I guess
“The Veteran Rewards system will give players a new type of item, Azlanti Stones, on the last day of each month of their subscriptions. As players are subscribed for additional months, they get more stones and higher level stones based on a planned-out monthly progression. Each player effectively has his or her own counter for how many months he or she has been subscribed and what the next reward is. The first month may get you a Minor Sapphire Azlanti Stone, while month two rewards a Minor Ruby Azlanti Stone. Players who have been active since January will get all appropriate rewards for months subscribed already immediately and all accounts active since January are treated as having their first day of subscription being January 1st (and thus will get their new rewards on the last day of each month). Those accounts that have been subscribed for less time will get their backdated rewards immediately and will get new rewards on the last day of their current subscriptions. If you end your subscription, the counter on your Veteran Rewards stops, so if you subscribe for three months and then drop out for two months, when you come back you’ll get your month four reward at the end of your first month back.
Azlanti Stones will be slottable items that provide a constant, passive bonus to a limited number of attributes for a character. For example the month two reward, a Minor Ruby Azlanti Stone, may provide +12 Hit Points while slotted. Azlanti Stones will go into a new slot on characters that will only be for these items, so having one and equipping it is always better than not having one. The bonuses will go up with more powerful stones that are gained later in the monthly progression, but the bonus is never designed to be a fight-winning bonus on its own.
The Azlanti Stones come in a number of colors and power levels. These stones may be combined using special recipes to create different colors that have different bonuses, or to combine weaker stones into more powerful stones. With this system, players can customize their Azlanti Stone bonus to favor specific skills or attributes they particularly value.
In addition to the stone gained on the last day of each month of subscription, the character will get a rank in a new skill called Veteran. Ranks in Veteran will be required to slot and craft Azlanti Stones, and more powerful Azlanti Stones will require higher ranks of Veteran to use.

This was the first we heard of the stones – They were suppose to be a monthly thing for subbed characters – so even if you did no escalations you were going to get one each month.
Those numbers added to escalation drops - makes 250 stones for an attack stone or 125 defense stones - seem a bit more reasonable.
Was hoping you guys could recall why it went away - or what happened - etc
Cool was thinking it could of also worked light the wright armor -
Which unlike healer armor just adds a # of HP each tick - 140 HP each tick didn’t seem out of this world - 140% just seemed like a bit much ..

read vet rewards from may 2015.. this is what I'm asking about maxen
Well guess ill be the one to ask –
Was looking through some old blogs - while trying to track down a what we did for players that applied to dead companies and were waiting to be decline / accepted. Think who ever that was got it sorted out ..

But in my research to find that answer - I came across something that I don’t have clear recollection of.

Azlanti Stones - ( which are now Aeon Stones..)
They were initially introduced to us in a blog on 27 May 2015 - as veteran rewards
They were suppose to be something earned each month - and would get progressively better – the longer the sub etc . At the time - the community in general were not fans of the Veteran Rewards - And on 10 Jul when EE10 went live - and Azlanti stones were introduced to the game - no mention was made in the blogs about the veteran rewards going away..

Then in EE12 25 May 2017 Azlanti stones were changed to the Aeon Stones that we have now.. and no mention was made of the vet rewards
I bring this up because I always wondered where they came up with the 125 number to make superior stones of some types and 250 stones to make the combined ones. It feels that in addition to adding stones to escalation loot as rare drops – players would be gaining these for just playing ( which makes the number you need less daunting to obtain)..

I bring it now - because enchantments are coming in - and the sentiment that veteran rewards would grant too much of a head start - is not really a concern with the folks that remain. And some of the enchantments dwarf what aeon stones do -
So what ever happened to the veteran rewards ? is this something you can turn on going forward - or was the idea scrapped for another reason ?
Anyone else recall why vet rewards got the axe ?