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I still see this as working as intended even with T1 and T2 ..

If a group wants to keep a iron hex really low because it is one of the few sources of iron near you..
Some possible motivations of the group doing the mining.. all of these feel like they should be allowed and supported ways to play.. without mechanical systems that disallow these choices.
1. They could be selling iron gotten from other areas of the map in your auction houses.. if your supply is low your buying price is higher ..
2. Bandits are keeping it low and patrolling your lands in hopes of catching your caravans and gatherers having to move a longer way to get the iron. Or they know you are going to contract a iron mule supply and they are going to intercept it, or they are the ones that are bringing the iron on the mule etc ..
Your desire to completely control the gathering in your hex.. forces folks who are making choices like those null. I feel that is wrong..
If my actions can manipulate what you have to do.. maybe I can take advantage of that .. maybe ..
It would be hard as I would have to see what your tendencies are when your iron supply is low.. I would have to spy on gatherers to see where they go.. then set up some ambushes ..My point is making your T1 and T2 resources exclusive for you and your settlement is affecting what should be valid play choices for others..
Is patrolling those places boring.. sure but no more boring than what the players wanting to try to manipulate your actions are going to do…
The only hexes I think people are worried about are escalation hexes . I think that is a fair assumption for this discussion in regard to strip mining.. Because with T2 resources there is always another hex to get ____ from..
With that in mind.. limiting gathering in controlled hexes doesn’t really make sense since you can’t control T3 escalation hexes.. Some groups have claimed .. no gathering on this area of the map.. but in game mechanics , no one owns that hex ( and that is a good thing and I hope it doesn’t change..)
I still think the best practice is to make escalation hexes.. rep free open PvP..
I don’t think you should take rep hits for protecting an area you are publically declaring as yours, but I don’t think the game mechanics should keep a person from ignoring your claim. If you want to spend your game time patrolling escalation hexes for poachers that feels like game behavior that is within the spirit of the game.. when you find them you shouldn’t be penalized for enforcing your claim.. but I don’t want a system that tells that person gathering you can no longer do that because the game mechanics will not allow you it.
Sounds good , Tuffon should be on this evening - (eastern from 7-11 ish depending on the chore list when i get home..) .
All for the wandering legends.. as long as it is easy to implement.. There is a ton of stuff that can be done.. but not sure how easy it is to do so.. wandering legends should be easy .. not sure about creating whole new mobs.. but reusing ones that are made with super high hp should be doable..
Back heroes and legends ..
Think it has already been said GW wants to add Heroes and Legends to many escalation types.. I don’t recall if they are tied to % of the escalation or if they are just random spawns at any %( been a long time since the escalations weren’t on easy mode) . If they are tied to % it needs to be the same as the Ustie version.. if they are just random spawns.. that is fine.. But they should give harder escalations better drop rates ..
How is that a stick/nerf ? Asking for the 7th hardest escalation to generate the 7th best loot in the game sounds reasonable to me..
I just don’t like the fact for now and the last 3 months T3 mobs spawn in a handful of escalations.. some of them are pretty hard and require 4 people to do efficiently .. then there are the Usties .. which are super freaking easy in comparison ..
Think you are missing the point Takasi - the fact that the best mobs in the game for silver and T3 recipe drop rates are spawning in groups that have white and yellow mobs.. and they show up as soon as the escalation is active is what I don’t like about them and what I feel needs to be adjusted..
Other escalations types that have T3 drop chances.. require tons a work to get to the point those guys actually pop ( even with bad T3 drop rates).. and they are surrounded by high level monsters.. Usties on the other hand have the best mobs in the game, can be found in groups that have white and yellow mobs, and you have to do no work in order for them to show up at all.
If you had to kill 90% of an escalation to get it under 10% in order to get them to show up then it wouldn’t be so wonky ..
Havent seen “the what small stuff would you like us to look at next “ post following the latest release ..
Figure I would get a head start..
First up, look at escalations -
everything starts at 10k - (except lich , ogres and dark elves, and elementals which start at a high %)
all escalations (except lich , crazy ogres and dark elves ) looses strength on its own. -
prior to adding a bunch more heroes and legends to other events .. Please look at what folks go through to get to T3 in any event that is not Usties ..
Elemental - elders have a T3 drop chance - but don’t spawn till the escalation is under 10% or something.. this starts at super high percent and has to be killed to get to that point.. or wait for it to die on its own under the current set up..
Dark Elves .. Matrons start spawning at 50% - it starts really high and you have to work to get to T3 mobs ..
I would like to see all othe escalations that are going to have heroes and legends.. require similar work to produce T3 mobs.. that way we are not stuck with everyone wants 1 escalation.. all though that does gives us something to fight over and does give folks targets for banditry….
Would be nice if mordant, elementals, duregar , crazy ogres, and .. perhaps the lich( not sure I want to see a legendary crystals though..) .. all had versions of heroes and legends.. If this is the plan.. please look into how much work a group does to get to those T3 mobs in each and have it be similar work put into each to get to that point..
If just adding heroes and legends that have a chance to show up that should be easy.. if it is like elementals where the T3 mobs spawn below certain %’s that would probably be a lot more work..

I hate this idea .. why take something from another role? You don’t want to stock up on mules? Or worry about transporting a bunch of saddle bags to a town you may have to move stuff back and forth from.?

Super against any item that reduces the effectiveness of another role, this one being a LW crafter..

I cant stand the small holdings either.. .. they get placed in hexes .. if you get something halfway valuable it goes directly in there ( couple min run at most..) . If you get attacked.. you can log and come back in what? 5 -7 days and then carry it to safety when not under fire.. meanwhile the items in the holding just sit there and no one but the owner can get to them…
Those things need guards like regular holdings, and after those guards are dead for an hour anyone should be able to loot those things .. just my opinion..
Let me know if you would be interested in

Master anti plague ,
Master tangle bomb
for the ghostwood baton
Just cause its on my mind … I know this has nothing do with most this topic beyond thinking about separate servers and the game expanding.. Years from now when we are all T3 and the map is full.. and all the space is taken and we have 100k players.. and folks are looking for ways to expand the game world ..
File this under it would be cool section once the game is open and we are looking for ways to truly expand it..
Instead of monthly azlanti stone events etc… Put in gates to other realms of golorian .. have them open up for a few months all over the map .. let us explore all the places in the adventure paths.. Kakishon ( or city of brass or something) form legacy of fire .. Saventh-Yhi, from serpents skull,, some place in Minkai for jade regent etc ..
Anyway just think it would be cool for expanding the playing world and bring more pathfinder into the game .. will give us places to go and new things to fight over..
/em thinks bad Tuffon .. play more often!!