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@ Mistwalker
If you are pitching this game to an investor .. and they don’t ask for the negatives about the project .. then I guess you wouldn’t need to rebrand it.. but if they do ask .. ( like most people would if they were spending 10 mil on something..)

The negatives.. the game had a really rough first year .. the UI is horrible, the character generator is basic .. the online gaming community made it one of the lowest games ever … ( you know those companies that tore it apart for the business model etc …) . If you are buying this and don’t plan to rebrand it in some way to distance yourself from GW and that publicity.. you probably shouldn’t be spending any money on it …

So nothing but common sense tells me the new developer would want to somehow rebrand the game in order to revitalize it .. sort of took that for granted.. as it makes sense to me..
This game will have to make money… If any % of incoming people see the game as unfair and will not play it because of that reason.. How does a new developer and new investor decide to write off that % for a game they are hoping to rebrand and revitalize?

The only thing promised to us is XP .. if we end up with gobs of xp and everything reset and have to redo everything technically they completed GW promise to us…
Our position( as a player base ) should address that concern.. I feel that is what the OP is about..
I would have a hard time starting over, doing 450+ adventure achievements again, starting from scratch with recipes and crafters etc .. I would feel let down .. and perhaps not do it again.. What I wont do is sit here and write that im entitled to keep those things just because I have been playing for a year.. and delude myself into thinking I am so how vital to the new companies survival..
My feeling is in line with the OP.. when and if the time comes that a new dev team takes over and takes stock of the game.. and announces what they want to do.. and where they feel the game is … that is when you can start pushing the envelope on T3 .. the further we are from that day the further and further people plow into the what is suppose to be the end point of the game.. then you are making it that much harder to argue in favor of keeping the things we have worked on over the last year..

Takasi one advantage I am referring to as it relates to the OP …
T3 training - some of the abilities we are training are meant to be trained by settlements with +4 buildings. That was said a while back on this thread.. We are training those things in +0 buildings. Just the perceived advantage to any group starting is enough to keep folks from subbing.. to be clear the perception we need to overcome is current players getting access to an ability that is going to cost a new settlement / city a whole lot more when they get to that point ..they are going to have to pay x times more for the exact same thing… not sure how I can make that any more clear for you .. it may not be a fact but you can be certain that is going to be the perception to some…
We have crossed the line where you can just say only thing EE is giving us is more xp .. this version of EE with no development happening and us having +4 settlement training in with +0 buildings is not a xp advantage .. it is something else..


I hope no wipe happens, I don’t want it to.. but I cant sit here and say I don’t see a reason to do so.. and from the actions of the folks playing.. I don’t see anything we have done as a group that says to the new developer we understood the situation and took __ action in hopes of working with you on these issues ..
The only thing most of you are saying is there are no issues just incomplete mechanics.. and its everyone else problem because they aren’t playing currently and we are .. reality check there are 500 players at best .. and in hopes of keeping what we worked on for the last year you should at least give it some thought..
Just my opinion as always .. you aren’t going to change my mind .. and chances are I am not going to change yours …
Im not saying I like the idea of wiping, I just have a growing suspicion it will need to happen… how much of a wipe is needed will depend on what we do in game..
How easy do you think it will be for them to pull the plug and restart, you can make your you lied to me comment and try to make it stick .. but

their response will be,

There was a vision of the game the previous company had , they couldn’t make it work and couldn’t do it in a timely fashion and you gained ___ abilities without any limiting factors in the game..
We feel sorry if you want to quit over this .. but we are trying to attract 20k players and the fact that your 500 players have gained so many completive advantages is keeping us from bringing in the number of players we want because they perceive the conditions you gained __ was unfair.…

I get many of you don’t see it that way , I get I may be wrong..
I just feel if folks come into the game, and feel like we have gained too many advantages due to playing with broken/ incomplete systems.. and they voice those opinions to the new company taking over as a reason they are not subbing to the game… then that new company has every right and actually has a responsibility to the new investor to side with the side that will make the game successful not the side that is able to keep the game on life support.
I get what you are saying Takasi.. you want to be able to play the game( and everything that is in the game right now.. it is your right to do so.. because you pay to do so..). Just because the coding supports taking our white and yellow mobs of a PvE camp without agroing everything .. doesn’t mean you charge into camps without doing so in a difficult fight. Just because for 2 months the Usties were a bunch of pansies doesn’t mean groups didn’t farm the crap out of them. Just because the poisoner dark elves help blow up the melee guys that run at me doesn’t mean I engage them first..

We are paying to play the game as is , we know things are suppose to get better, we know the systems are incomplete.. we also know the game has pretty much stopped producing new content.. which means we are just getting further and further ahead with none of the limiting systems being worked on. And no sight of them being worked on anytime soon..

The problem is the game will not thrive with the current player base .. it might be able to remain on life support for a good while, but it will not grow..

Any investor that comes in can look at the 500 players and 2k active accounts and think that is a nice start, but how do we increase that to 20k players ? How do we do that knowing that the player base we have is playing checkers out blocks of woods , while the game they want to sell is chess with fancy carved pieces..

So by all means push the boundaries , play the game but in 6 months when something like we are wiping ____ away , and you can keep ____. Is announced and you are not happy with the you can keep ____. Statement

Any argument you can make to why you should be able to keep more is being thrown in a shredder by just pushing and pushing and pushing to the end game with a bunch of systems that are incomplete..
For the last year or so, many of us said no to a wipe because in our eyes it is just a head start in xp, but the more we push to end game with incomplete systems. ( training all our T3 crafters, gaining all our T3 combat skills ).. Then the” its only a head start in xp” sounds like BS to anyone joining the game now or a year into the future…

These achievements will be super hard for any new group to accomplish once all the mechanics are in, getting these skills now means future groups will feel they have the right to ask for the same difficulty level in obtaining them as we faced.

Haven’t said much yet on this subject, as I like many others are waiting to see what changes if/when the game is sold..
The further folks are pushing T3 boundaries with incomplete systems , the more I feel a wipe will be needed just to create a level and fair playing field..With all the issues we have had ( holdings stock piled, web voting on a land rush, support to +5 without actually having +5 etc ) I feel just giving us the xp back.. , but killing everything else is not that far off.

Was thinking the escalation would fail if you ever took it to below 500, then allowed it to go back over 500.

That wouldn't kill the escalation, . but you wouldn't have boss loot from killing it.. so no expendables, no victory markers etc .. now those things can be scoffed at now due to surplus, but no reason to keep adding more and more to that surplus number.

If they kill the escalation off at 0.00.. those escalations need to go back to gaining str, starting at higher than 10 etc ..
Bob is it too late for EE 11.1 to make escalations go away at server downtime if the boss is up?
That was something else that was suppose to happen I thought ..
When escalations grew if it went back to over 500 it was a failed escalation wasn’t it? Do not remember the exact mechanic .. but just having them at 0.00 for days is certainly not the intention of the escalation system.
Since this has some relevance to this discussion..

@GW - how long will escalations ( except, lich, crazy ogres, dark elves,, and elementals) start at like 10k strength? And then lose strength per hour?Why not increase to all T2 escalations values when they appear- make them all start at max ( since they still die on their own can cant spread..)?
Have to disagree that all things should be tab targeted ..

Some of those early fights you had to cycle through everyone and everything on the map ( corpses nodes .. friends foes it was tedious to get on the right target..). the current change of only enemies being tabbed is step in the right direction. ..

I do think there should be a cycle friend tab and cycle enemy option for folks that want to play healer.. but don’t want just a default cycle all targets tab.. that was not fun..


As to declaring friend or foe .. with third parties getting in the middle of fights ..

Your actions declare you friend or foe .. if you heal an ally you become an enemy of the people fighting them ( only in holding hexes during windows..)
That should turn you red to your opponents and blue to your friends ..
It also means you take a rep hit of 250 for each thing you do.. which is good .. if you don’t want to actively join the settlement defending their stuff .. spend the influence and feud the offending party to get your company officially involved in the fight..
I would hate a cooldown clock ..

One of my favorite past times over the last month was to head out and kill dark elves when I couldn’t find anything else to do ..
I could kill groups of 2-3 .. by killing the first mob with heavy expendables, then resetting them then fighting the remaining 2 mobs.. once again opening with a high damage expendable..

I can keep that up for around 20-30 minutes .. it is quite profitable for soling stuff .. the only issue was taking a 5 min power break and running to the nearest inn of tavern. Every 30 minutes or so..

That meant having to pass on some champion and matron groups because I didn’t have the power to handle them..

So to a 1 hour cool down .. uggg please no .. I want to use my power let me ..

I think the idea behind auspicious critical is great .. I like ways to regen power because it is an advantage .. I think clerics spent xp on it and it needs to work .. but I think it should only work with criticals .. and shouldn’t give 160 power when you heal someone for that much etc ..

Id welcome my wizard having some sort of power tap on a critical .. I would probably spend xp on something like that .. but it cheapens a unique ability another role has .. so not sure it should be done.