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All posts created by Smitty

Any plans on if there will be an anniversary celebration? Think it was brought up if a previous chat just wondering if anything is able to be done in game for it etc..?
Spells I know im looking for -
Improved ray of exhaustion – lvl 6 wizard
Improved Force Missile – lvl 4 wizard

As for stuff I would be willing to trade… Sort of need to know what your looking for..
But some of the more recent additions from memory-( not an inclusive list..)
Cleric stuff
Divine blaze cleric lvl 5(2)
Improved resist energy
Have a bunch of extras, so have to know what you are looking for to check
Fighter and Rogue
Think I have almost all T2 ones if you’re missing one.
Don’t have compiled list that is updated so let me know what you’re looking for and ill take a look when I can get in game.
Will try to be around for this, uncertain what work will hold for me ..
I go back to rank 14 being the start of T3..
Prior to getting a ton of T2 recipes my knowledge skills were rank 6 or lower.. when I upped them to rank 8-10 I started getting a lot more T2 recipes ( mid point of T2 knowledge skill) .. seems about right..

Problem with Rank 14 knowledge skills is that the ability score is tied to the skill so it will be a long time before I am able to increase some of those skills to rank 14.. not to mention I am choosing to spend the xp on other things for now.. for now I feel like im depending on a perfect loot roll to get T3 items because my skills are not at a T3 level.. Always thought was working as intended.
To the Op, how many of your folks have raised their skill to rank 14 ? That is the start of T3 in refining crafting, etc .. if you have rank 9-11 which is skill 90-110 that is the midpoint of T2 so why so surprised that you are finding mostly T2 items?

The coin thing is interesting, will have to keep an eye on that and see, I know in groups I always get fewer recipe drops than others.. never really asked about coins..
yay! makes restocking easier for when i bash your dark elves!
I think all escalations should start at max strength and work down from there , if growth rates are not put back in, and they continue to lose strength on their own.
I miss clan murdermore… hope they come back one day.. !
I'm really really confused why this thread went so long lol. People playing a sandbox how it was supposed to be played. They did something to benifiet their settlement. While doing this this they upset another group who retaliated. Either attack back or call it good after that one skermish. You guys clearly not on friendly terms. Maybe not enemies yet, but def not friendly
Just let them go … it helps to answer the original question of the thread ..

If this game were not Open world PvP and players played monsters..
Over the next few days when these folks see each other and find each on the map .. they do not have to log into their monster bodies and attack. They don’t have to find the nearest arena to battle it out. If desired they can just start wailing on each other.. perhaps one will feud the other just to keep the rep hits from taking a huge toll ..
Didnt mean ya had to move it! just found it funny…
Cant help but laugh a little that a thread on the Golgotha page has reached 14 pages and is now turning into a serious discussion about PvE drop rates..
Going with yes ..

Three hexes is something like a 10 minute run( even avoiding mobs etc .. probably like 5-6 just running without looking).
Better than fighting next to Sylva and respawning in the city, and definitely a step in the right direction for keeping your foe off the battle field for more than 30 seconds