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No interest in this document..

Spend your time getting new funding, or hammering bugs out or prepping for EE11. If the small team you guys have to start developing things, then perhaps address this issue. For now lets hope the funding comes through and let the future investors decide what they want to release .

Focus on getting EE 11 out . If this is still an issue in a few months then perhaps release a GW plan for the game, but for now .. keep looking for investors, keep working on EE11 etc ..
Truesilver chainmail , it is armor smith 17 uncommon, I was under the impression it made :
Truesilver Chainmail : Tier 3 Medium Armor; grants keywords at all upgrades: Truesilver, Masterwork, Stealthy; grants keywords based on upgrade: Medium (+0), Military (+1), Flexible (+2), Supple (+3) (Standard armor weight effects: Provides 24 Physical Resistance, 12 Energy Resistance, and 20 Critical Resistance. Applies a -5 penalty to Reflex defense, a -50 attack penalty to all Arcane attacks, a -3 effect power penalty to Beneficial Arcane actions, and restricts Encumbrance to 90% of its normal level.)
The picture you have above appears to be for a light armor. The truesilver shirt : Fine Truesilver Chain (common armor smith 17)
Fine Truesilver Chain
: Tier 3 Light Armor; grants keywords at all upgrades: Truesilver, Masterwork, Stealthy; grants keywords based on upgrade: Light (+0), Agile (+1), Reinforced (+2), Intricate (+3) (Standard armor weight effects: Provides 12 Physical Resistance, 20 Energy Resistance, and 4 Critical Resistance. Applies a 0 penalty to Reflex defense, a -20 attack penalty to all Arcane attacks, a -1 effect power penalty to Beneficial Arcane actions, and restricts Encumbrance to 100% of its normal level.)
Wanting to know if that recipe is busted because the uncommon armor smith 17 chian mail version is sitting in my bank…. if it doesn’t make combat armor im not going to worry about raising my armor smith to make it..
Your picture above looks like you are referencing the shirt version and not the chain mail version.

did you click the link? Truesilver chain is not the same as truesilver chainmail.
Truesilver Chainmail - + 0 has Truesilver, Masterwork, Stealthy , Medium + 1 adds Military, +2 adds Flexible, +3 adds Supple
So it matches everything but quiet -
Archer Feat - - - - : Medium, Military, Flexible, Masterwork, Supple, Truesilver, Quiet
Perhaps the stealthy on the truesilver chain mail should be quiet to match all of them, but it looks pretty good for an archers to use to me.


does the true silver chain mail work for archers ?

the truesilver in the link is light armor but truesilver chain mail should match archers right ?
Rise to the top of forum !!!

For your anniversary consideration! No event came close to the Monstergedon !!! Bring this bug back to a short life so all those that missed it can witness its glory!

OOO and stealth in falling damage at the same time just for kicks!!!!

I Know this is Midnights PvP thread, sorry man should of made my own.. but really the issue is PvP actually has no effect on the attackers or the defenders. It is fighting just for the sake of fighting. Our group may have looked for PvP daily the other side didn’t seem to mind PvP until they realized we only wanted to fight and didn’t care about the actual tower/holding.
You have said it many times, the best fights were the escalation fights, the only way to make meaningful places to fight over is to create a system that has specialized resources. It is not going to help if you need ___ resource and get it all over the map…

So with that …

PFO is in need of some redesign no matter what happens with financing , continuing along the same road at this point doesn’t seem very wise. If you could change something about PFOs design what would you change ? I am not worried about coding time or what is already coded and we have already. What is something you think needs to change about the game design?
My target for complete overhaul ..
- PFO needs something that stands out, right now nothing does that- the state of the game feels like redeveloping the crafting game would lead to interaction between players. The current system is basic, it is boring. Iron is iron no matter where its from. I feel this is an area GW could really grow. Change up the ingredients, make the system complex and as robust as the keyword system for combat builds. Make the ingredients have quality scores, make regions for ingredients.. i.e Iron from the southern mountains is best for __ , while iron from scavenging in the West is good for ___ . They can all work but some things are better than others etc .. it promotes trade and gives the game depth. A super intricate crafting system is something players will sink their teeth into. –

Changing the crafting to something extremely complex compared to what we have now would lead to a better economy as groups on the far side of the map would be forced to trade , fight, and basically interact. Currently there is no need for interaction between groups and I feel it is hurting other aspects of the game.
The unknown in this case is better than a negative impression on the market. Let whoever takes it over make that call. An investor doesn’t want to be roped into a game that they may want to dramatically change and tell a bunch of folks on steam well sorry the old company put this out here, we are taking it off line for now and will reintroduce it to you when we feel it is ready. That just sends bad vibes out and it is not needed at this point.

Like I said , give it 4 more months and then do something like this, let GW roll out a patch and see how it goes. If we have another monstergedon and no one to squash that bug in 12 hours that would be a catastrophe.
Just my 2 cp

Stay away from Steam , at least for a while longer. The bump in sales for PFO when introduced to any new markets, are a boon to any potential investor.

We are couple months away from the layoffs at this point, I think some folks are making a good case, but for now the subscriptions are stable. Being able to bring a game to a market like steam is still a strong selling point for GW so keep that intact.
@ bringslite - Not sure of other games and how they handle cost to attack, heard one of our devs came from a game that had a coin cost associated with the fights and those coins were earned .. etc .. but all of that is a coding change .

@ duffy -

If a dedicated groups wants to nonstop feud a certain settlement right now. The system exist to do so- you guys have already laid out the blue print.
Create 2-4 companies - create 5 alts pair with vet character .. lay waste to T1 escalations - farm 100 influence , shouldn’t take that long.. perhaps an hour or 2. (shady practice ? yes but means not going to do anything about it)
** edit **

If you want to do influence gain the lazy way, just make those alts craft the easy common recipes ( heard if you do the +1, then +2 then +3 it is even more influence gain)… . hand them mats load up the ques and come back the next day .. should go quickly with out all the effort of trying to fight stuff or loading 6 clients..

**/end edit

If you want do this with 4 companies – that is 8 days.. then create new set of alts and do it all again..
Rinse and repeat as needed …
Even if those new companies fail it means nothing to the attacker - they lose nothing at all except an hour or 2 and of killing black snakes or goblins etc ..

I brought this up during the thread that will not be named but went on for 70+ pages… If a group doesn’t like you enough they will find a way to attack you every day no matter what.
Which is why I thought the best option to deter feuding all the time was if a company overruns a / outpost /holding, the settlement attached to the attacking company would have an additional PvP window to defend immediately following the defenders window ( if it were that time anyway double the window.. etc ..) this is really the only thing that will give a dedicated attacker pause, as they will be forced to defend their own holdings and companies they do care about.
Beyond putting the attackers stuff at risk, the only thing to keep a dedicated attacker at bay is diplomacy.
Duffy - I know it is an incomplete game, and likely remain in this state for quite some time. But if people are hoping to attract players to an open world PvP game, then there needs to be a cheap option to actually pvp ( in an acceptable manner).

The war fare thing has been on the table , the faction thing has been on the table. With the current staff, how long do you think those things are going to be on the table and not in the game? In the meantime there needs to be options to PvP.
This is obviously just my opinion, but until GW announces one of those systems going live, or monster hexes becoming PvP free etc .. the only option for sanctioned PvP is the feud system. So it is the catch all system for now because it is the only one ( not that I expect it to remain the only one).

Changing the cost happened after Lisa’s announcement, so It didn’t look like a huge deal to change it, and then change to where it is now once more pvp engines are introduced..