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Thanks for the responses .. I understand the keyword aspect , but am hoping to get a feel for how it feels to run into a group of 3 purpleT2 mobs using T3 gear . the Epro thing would certainly hurt the attacks and spells I use.. but the armor maybe wroth it if I can take the hits better..
Did it feel like the change you experienced when going from T1 to T2 ? Jokken said it was a bump but not huge, meaning would a group of 3 mordants wipe the floor with you or would it be a good fight as a solo character but winnable ?
Saw a few post about T3 gear being made and even worn at this point.
Is the power jump the same from T1 to T2 meaning prior to T2 a group of T1 yellow bandits would be a hard fight, after putting on T2 gear it almost became trivial.
So is going from T2 to T3 the same? If you happen upon a group of duregar or mordant spire guys , and are in T3 armor / weapon etc is the fight now trivial for you?
I am asking just for pure planning purposes - the updates are pretty much at a standstill and development is going to be slow without investors. Initially threading was going to be a thing and now we have no idea how far along that systems is in development. If the power jump from T2 to T3 is is like the power jump from T1 to T2 then I should probably push to get there ASAP.. as that means I can farm any escalation that pops up.. without worrying about anything but durability loss( not actually having to drop gear on death..)

IF the power jump is such that T2 to T3 isn’t that big of a deal then perhaps ill take a slower route to getting into T3..
Midnight left out .. when you do manage to take the holdings ( if they are not +0 and are destroyed from the transition), then you tear them down.. you lose influence from tearing them down.
Smitty and Tuffon were on for the first time in weeks this past Friday.. You sporadically may see me wandering and asking if folks need a rusty confused wizard to kill some stuff! I probably wont hit up the AH though. unless my rustiness creates a need for more gear.
Might be in the super minority here..

But unless we get funding at this point it is probably better to just push to your friends that may be interested. Any sort of mass release / marketing will be met with more venom and bad press.
The game needs investors, and anyone picking it up may need to re brand it ( definitely will need to polish what is here a bunch), pushing to a service like that now will mean any investor will have a hard time marketing to those users in the future.
Has been a while since I looked over the cantrip list, so will try a response, but not exactly sure of the question. There are a few necromancy cantrips, ( not sure if you have to buy a rank in necromancer feature in order to purchase )
Deadly proximity, exhausting burst, frightening blast, plague storm, wilting surge, and wraith cry are the staff ones..
If for some reason you are going wand.. carrion strike, chill touch, ghostly grasp, devourer caress, nauseating ray, weakening ray
Those are all necromancy cantrips, if you focus on those cantrips use a Diminishing Staff or Wand to match keywords.

The necromancy feature you slot shouldn’t have any effect of the cantrips you slot, but it will have huge effect of spells you slot in your upper bar( spell book).
Was under the impression the +’s of the outpost and holdings only reduced by one + after a holding changes hands ( just attacking them didn’t reduce them , only taking a outpost didn’t reduce the + unless the holding was taken the following day)

If a holding was taken then all structures lost a + and if the attackers had enough influence then influence was banked to take full control of the structures ( am not sure what happens if the attacking company didn’t have enough influence, but was under the impression the structures just didn’t produce trade goods but that is just a guess)

I am pretty sure it was a 2 day process until the attackers were able to tear down the structures and influence was banked from the attacking company (if there was enough available)
If all that is correct still….
I attack holdings and outpost that start at +3, I win and they reduce to +2.
For 2 days my influence is banked to control those things.
Once I am able I can tear them down, but will lose 25% of the influence banked on controlling them.
So winning(taking the outpost and holdings during a feud) will cost me 25% influence for each structure.
Losing ( not taking a holding..) will cost me 25% of 100- so 25 influence for a 2 day feud
Winning ( if your desire is to tear stuff down..) is going to cost a ton more than actually losing, so why exactly would I want to win?
Does that not seem right to anyone else? What am I missing

Haven’t been in game much or dome much feuding recently but question on how this works..

If you feud and don’t take a outpost? Or holding ? your company loses the influence you banked by a total of 25%? ( so 100 to bank to start feud then if don’t take anything you lose 25% and get 75 back.. )

If you tear down a holding or outpost your company loses 25% of the influence banked ?

So if my company feuds yours takes over a holding ( the influence I banked to feud yours gets assigned to my company to control the holding). Then when allowed I tear down the holding because it is super far away from my settlement and controlling it and moving the resources around is not something I want to do so far from home… And when I do so I lose 25% of the influence banked that gets assigned as banked when I take it over

Is that really what this is saying? Or have I missed something ?

What are the influence numbers for controlling 2 +2 outpost and a +2 holding? ( assume the +3 versions are taken over during a feud and the conquering company has to bank influence to control those until such time they are allowed to destroy them…)
Is This saying you now lose influence banked for destroying things taken over ? 25 % feels like you have to pay a ton more in lost influence for winning than what you would pay for losing.. unless im missing something.
Elsworth Sugarfoot
am i the only one who thought of this?
Agreed Els!! I don’t get any of this stuff.. but it certainly does tie the room together..
if you have the opportunity ( adding more folks to staff etc) - what are your thoughts on redoing the gathering and crafting system? The system in place is generic and functional yet many people would prefer a intricate system ( regions producing varieties of irons which in turn make good weapons and poor armor etc. ).

With all the hours that it will require to make this portion of the game fun and not some thing just thrown together to make it work , when / if you have funding will GW consider over hauling the entire system or will we just stack features on top of the current crafting/gathering blue print?
Next .

Where on the “this needs to be fixed list” is Monster AI ? What do you guys consider a priority on this subject? Conditions, mobility of mobs , agro ( no more circle kiting start)?