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Disagree - if crafting T3 is a problem because of the time it takes then discuss the problem. Personally I think it is about right( with current durability hits etc). Those items should take a really long time to complete.

I Also think that if this game takes back off you don’t want crafting to feel like it is already covered by a handful of characters that can do everything. ( if the game does get a new dev in the project I would love it if they scraped the entire system and made it 10 times more intricate/ interesting..)

Finally after all the make the game feel more like pathfinder.. in TT you can only work on one item at a time if you start another project you lose the original item you started and the stuff used to make it…
With the announcement a few weeks ago, and football season in full swing ( yes I would be a degenerate gambler type) I haven’t been logging in but my accounts are all still active.Based on where the game was 3 weeks ago or so..Beyond Nihimons list which all seem like building blocks of feeling like a MMO..

I would add some things that are going to require some tech time but are needed..
1. Combat logs - we need logs so we can tell what hit you, what you hit for, who killed me etc . these can run in a chat window folks can .
2. The mob AI - this needs work! It is the first thing people do in game, all our escalations have the same strategy to fight( or did a few weeks ago). We need roaming mobs, some mobs that summon or immobilize you. The drop a party member and kite and kill is mind numbing and boring.
a. With this all those cool effects need to work on PvE mobs- how can people coming into the game know that stun , knockdown etc .. don’t work on mobs ? they buy these skills use them and test them and nothing changes while fighting PvE. This is red flag and confusing to explain to anyone trying out the game and needs to be corrected ASAP.

I know 2 and 2a are PvE but they are what people interact with first and need to be interesting and working. I know it will take a ton from a tech stand point with the current staff but it needs to be very high on the to-do list.
look at it this way..

I replace my armor when it gets to durability 5. I buy a new one that is 20. Put the 5 in the bank.

Now I go out and place with the new one.. after the new one takes 5 durability, I buy an item that lets me combine the same item into one with a higher durability.. now I have a 20 /20 armor.
Use it till it has 5 left then rinse and repeat.. if you know you are moving to a different set or tier , you just don’t combine it, and have a hand me down for some one.

No reason to horde 10 of the item in your bank unless you want to.
I agree with benion. Have craters make a kit to combine the items into one item.
So OP mountain. . That sits upon The Secret Pass Plateau…
@ duffy and somewhat Drogon..
You want to know why I want to PvP as opposed to just building a settlement at this point. and doing PvE escalations and gathering etc.. I dont just PvP , I do all those things as well but when folks in team speak say time for PvP I drop what im doing and head over.

The ultimate goal of this game is territory control, it is suppose to be settlements attacking other settlements then burning them down.
That is going to be the end state of the game( when /if we get there).

I came to PFO with 0 PvP experience, I had never engage other players in combat, all my large scale fights were all PvE based raiding. While i knew it would take discipline like the PvE raids I have done in the past, that is where the similarity ended.

The reason why I am seeking out PvP play right now is because I need the practice.
When the game gets to the point where you have to fight for your settlement or lose it , I don’t want show up to that fight with no clue to how to participate in it. Currently holdings and outpost etc.. mean little but the fights are great for teaching me what works and doesn’t work. What to expect from this type of player when to give chase and when to know im being drawn into bad position. I know if Phy or tink starts doing an action where I should be in order to help him out or what to do to make his action successful.

I get there is more to the game than PvP, but the end game is going to be PvP. Showing up at a fight like that 2 years into this without having learned how to fight.. that doesn’t bode well for the outcome …

I am under the belief that nothing that can be coded that would deter some folks in EoX from attacking you daily. My personal opinion is the current system is fair because the defenders pick the time and length of the window, the defenders pick the locations, the defenders get guards to help them , and they also get a map that shows them where they are being attacked.
This forever war is something that players created and only the players can really stop. Any other option that is coded into the game could be worked around to continue attacking you everyday if people are determined to do so..

If you lock company adding and dropping - We already know holding warfare is suppose to be settlement vs settlement in PvP hexes during PvP windows. So once that is fixed and Rep loss isn’t an issue ( that is the only reason we are switching companies right now..) locking company membership would do little to a group that dedicates 2 companies and the influence to fighting you.

If you say no other company from the attacking settlement can attack you after the end of a feud- People have already said they would run 2 combat characters in different settlements if needed - end result is you would still defend every day ( but every other day the names would change). This could also lead to us fighting Phearos for 2 days and Sylva for 2 days, if you guys aren’t going to defend each other.. then perhaps the word alliance doesn’t mean what I thought it meant.
The one thing that would certainly do the trick was the thing a dev mentioned about only using feuds on the weekend, that would do the trick because many in EoX would just leave the game at that point. That is too much system control telling players when and where they can do things.

The only real solution is diplomacy..
Just an idea for PFU if they read this …

Ask when you get a recruit if they think they would ever be interested in running a company.
Let them create the company and assign it to PFU while they are their ( the settlement tag still shows as you guys)
They can invite other PFU get characters to join, ( or make others..) when they leave PFU they take the company and influence with them to their new destination.
Finally brought this one up in that 75 page massive thread as well..
Meaningless PvP, is a term we throw around, Asked Bringslite in the other thread what if anything would cause him to attack another settlement. Basically his response was nothing except direct attack against his settlement would cause him to attack anything else on the map.

Which leads me to believe that many groups see PvP as a detractor and something to avoid not something to actively seek out.

My idea in that thread was to award the people that PvP with valuable things you normally only get doing PvE.
I wanted to add T3 expendables, and recipes to holding vaults for people that take them over( or reclaim them) . I think it takes 2 days to get to the point of destroying a holding after it is overrun. I want to add a couple items to the holding Vault based on the + value of the holding at that time.
If the Holding is reclaimed with in the 2 day window the holding still lost the + but the stuff in the vault will go to the people that reclaimed it.
The value of a holding is decreased by +1 when it is overrun so that should be a deterrent to just destroying your own stuff for a random T3 recipe, or maneuver etc ..but just in case don’t do anything like this until logging and analytics are in the game so devs can track it and put a stop to shady practices if needed.

If just defending was not so game able I would suggest something like this for just defending off a feud, but people would just feud and never show up.. Requiring the holding to change hands has a cost in the resources used to produce the holding at the very least. Doesn’t help with just defending a holding but does give you a reason to try to get it back after one was over run.
The only point I am really in favor of form the OP ..
The chance at striking back at your enemy following a successful feud by an attacker. I like the idea of an additional PvP window Opening for the attacking force if a outpost or holding is taken during the defenders window.

1 .It will Lead to more PvP ( which sounds backwards to fight too much PvP with more, but being on offense vs defense does feel different)
2. It will allow for strategy to play a part in the fight
a. did they let us win that so they can attack us?
b. should we not go after that last outpost because we now have a 20 min run to defend our stuff?