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All posts created by Smitty

/// think these need to be addressed by devs next in order to help ..

Haven’t heard about the wall or the board in a bit,
Probably full of settlement stuff- which should give the PvP folks plenty to focus on for the upcoming months.

Where you guys need to focus your efforts next..( my opinion)
Combat logs analytics etc.. when people hit something they expect that to show somewhere in chat windows.. if will need a filter to hide that stuff because some people find it annoying while others find it valuable, perhaps dedicate on chat window for it. Need to know combat stuff, what you picked up, looted etc .. logs are boring but expected.
Bank UI sorting, this existed prior to company vaults ( at least a little bit of sorting was allowed) It disappeared and never came back.
Tab Stops for password/ log in- on the log in screen put tab stops in, can’t emphasize how amateur it looks/feels to not include that on the log in screen. ( haven’t tested recently if you guys did include it good job .. if not do it)
Monster AI- I feel the AI is something that needs updated and soon , PvE is horrible and usually the first impression of the game, updating it will make anything you do in the future much better (elemental s look great, but beyond the first attack act like every other wolf , ogre bandit , goblin etc….).
1. AI includes effects working on mobs and not just players, how can you explain to a new guy well these things affect players, but not mobs, how are they suppose to test out all the combos and abilities if they don’t work on the things they are suppose to start killing right away.
2. Give monsters the ability to wander.
3. Get the monsters to react to surroundings , look at agro, currently every escalation can be done in the same manner, kill range guys, reset, circle kit if you get agro and have folks kill the ones chasing the guy kiting. Have the ability to summon help from nearby or just make the fights interesting.
A week of pvp and you people are all doom and gloom. What happened to being patient and waiting for more features?

I don't know who "you people" are, but many of us long term players have been and are currently patience and awaiting new features, but that doesn't take away that the game at this time, is a bug filled broken boring grind for the vast majority of the player base (as indicated by the low population numbers).

I personally believe that GW made a huge mistake by not prioritizing social tools (almost 9 months into live operations with no way to contact our members in game;really?), a better new player experience after deciding to open the game to new player subs, and having no clue as to what the players are actual at training, using, slotting, building, fighting, getting as loot, exploiting bugs and broken features, and abusing/OP due to the lack of ability to anylizing the data they have. This is all self inflicted damage and just another part of the reason why many of the non hardcore PVPers are getting burnt out and leaving the game.
Think you guys look at the forever war participants and are thankful you are not involved. I came to PFO as a TT player, and as a EQ player. I didn’t participate in PvP beyond star wars the old republic for like a week and hated it ( wth is hut ball anyway?).. So I thought I wouldn’t last more than a month playing PFO.
7 months later I still play 4+ times a week, (may not play as much during football season.. yay!!! fantasy football and gambling .. and .. nm) .. mostly when I play I now try to be on for PvP because it is fun to use abilities on things that dont react the same way every time.
I tolerate the PvE and have even joined you dwarves for a few escalations when you called out for folks in general ( smitty = tuffon btw). That said PvE is a grind if that is all your folks are doing they are going to get burned out. The mob AI is on the list and will get addressed, but every single escalation can be beaten with numbers based on its strength and same strat. Until the Mob AI is fixed , people are going to play the game a bit and quit , unless they get involved with fighting other people.
My advice to you, is don’t look at our forever war and think once you get involved in something you are going to be like us and stay fighting for months on end.
I Echo what Tigari said, pick a target and feud them, can be for RP reasons.. I would steer you toward those elves in the SE but that is self serving, so perhaps those lowland miners out west have made a mess in your iron fields and you must get revenge, or steal their ale.. cause its thirsty Thursday copper import night and you guys didn’t stock up…
They aren’t going to go nuts over it and attack you forever .. , they are probably going through the same things as you guys and would welcome the curve ball.
Think clerics that want to play a healer will need some way to do so.. Only minor cure and regeneration buffs and channel seems short on actual healing power.

Just feels like you need a big heal with a long cast time, high stamina, and stationary to keep it from being used like charging minor cure is used now. All those things make it less likely to be used in PvP by folks like myself who just slot minor and minor charging to heal during PvP or while kiting in PvE. So in regards to your question one time in like 30, will I actually use the charging version to get to someone. Currently Im more likely to hit channel and hope im close enough to save them.
Just drop the charging minoe cure.. add a high sta and long cast cure so pve folks can use both but pvp folks have a hard time with the second cure
If GW said do not drop company mid-fight or do not combat disconnect mid fight, or you risk getting banned after several warnings, those things would probably happen much less.

Likewise, if they said "don't change Companies to bypass the Feud Cooldown", that would probably happen less, too.
If allied companies of the same settlement can rotate feuds.. how does the personnel matter ( since both count for attacking and defending during PvP windows). The only thing changing companies does right now is make sure everyone sees targets the same way.. ( at least for holding and outpost battles..).. that is what I thought was happening.

Or are you saying the company that was feuded should not be able to be feuded again for a certain amount of time?
How loosing rep for killing someone during a holding warfare engagement an advantage to taking the holding?

Another great broken promise/disappointment: here i was thinking Tink was battling me at his utmost peak performance with righteous indignation and full-on bloodlusted battle rage. instead i find out i got wet sponge Tink.
If you are a heavy favorite and taking bets .. you are getting horrible odds.. the only way to lower the odds is to take a dive and then ask for a rematch right smile
<< One of the folks that is super annoyed by this stuff.

To Thorgrim, this pretty much happens every engagement to some degree.

I know we don’t attempt to rep bomb you guys during our fights . I dont know how that even sounds like a good idea, instead of messing around with a/vcleave command, why not try something to stay alive?
What really irks me is that many of the folks in the EBA don’t do this, they want to fight during pvp times over objectives and make the fights mean something. They don’t want the game to have a bunch of low rep murderhobos running around because that leads to a toxic environment.
Yet there seems to be a dedicated contingent in the EBA that feel attacking you guys is something that needs to be punished, and their current punishment choice is illustrated in the video.( thanks Nivia for actually getting one!)
Not going to go into what I think they should do, check one of the many other threads over the last 3 months where company hopping as come up. Instead I will say it has been 3 months, and a coding solution doesn’t appear to be forthcoming, but it would at least be a step in the right direction to actually take a stance as an organization and come up with your own policy to address it ( or endorse it as some folks will probably argue for..) ..
Dont think I can link guardians of the galaxy.. but that is a good sound track and movie I play often while gathering.
Would you be the right person to make the ui better..

perhaps remove the blue yellow and red lines from our butts ..

Any word on if character models will be able to have more than a few options.. will we be able to change those selections on our characters if they are upgraded ?