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Focus Fire is very much in line with what folks in PvP should be doing… any change is still going to include focus fire .. making it easier to do that is what a list of names would do.. and would be an even bigger advantage for a large blob..

Each side has trouble targeting the other, last night I couldn’t get on the right target quite a few times, because of tents and tables and nodes being in the way.. I had to get closer or move to the other side . or just try tabbing. Sometimes I give up and hit a secondary target, or one of the healers rushing in.. and try to take them out till I hear the next target. Is it painful sometimes, yes, but it is painful for everyone . possibly even more so for a blob with 3rd party participants turning themselves red by healing, buffing, or attacking ( I could see those guys being targeted with tabs as well as the enemies. Is that a correct guess?).. If that is the case, have them create a feud if they don’t want to join the settlement that has been feuded.
As for the long term plan if / when the game grows formations were going to be the go to for large scale battles, so targeting individual players shouldn’t be an issue for large battles. At least that is what I still thought the end state of PvP was shooting for.
Have to agree with Dreaden,
I really don’t want a list of names to click on for attacking, finding you guys by sight and then trying to get ya targeted is sometimes a challenge, especially when hiding behind tables and tents and stuff. If I have time I can try to cycle through tab..

Just having everyone click a name on a list and kill it… ugghhh that sounds horrible.. didn’t start playing this wondering if they were going to give it an easy button, and certainly do not want to ask for one ..

I don’t think I want a /assist to work , or a health of targets target box or any of that.. not in PvP where folks can just burn one target and move on with such ease.. Finding the right guy to focus is part of the coordination of a group of players, don’t take that out.
Short version:
Combos are fun.. these appear to work as anticipated .. FF also function as anticipated..
Expendables have oomph now, some have too much oomph for their level..
Fighters appear to have been on the short end of things. (fighter abilities, vital and penetrating got hit too hard, clerics do more damage than fighters etc )
Rogues actually got some attention, so any change is a good thing for them, honestly no clue what is good or bad for them I just know anything has got to better than 3 months ago)
Pure clerics don’t like the spot light on them.
Reactive feats allow some versatility now.
Some conditions like endurance serve little purpose with STA cost being so low for abilities it is just a condition used to get other things to fire.
Minor cure is probably approaching the “its too good not to have trained on every character” .
The settlement vs settlement thing is working but 3rd parties still create rep issues.
Please update spawn points to do something more than what they do now, this needs to be worked out soon..
Channel and other Utilities need to be tied to equipment somehow before we end up with T1 naked heal bots standing around battlefields with macro healing enabled with no chance to stop the behavior even if you kill them 40 times..

Longer versions and questions
Going to start with the last thing on the list, and Utilities, Why are these not tied to things my character uses? I guess they are utilities.. and folks can use them, but I don’t want to see an army of heal bots with macro’d heals on the field in the future. So perhaps tie it to wearing armor, or some other slot but those things should be usable when ever if they be used to affect other players ( channel + or -) .. self buffs at least don’t affect players directly so that is probably fine, but having affects on other players without having to risk carrying anything to use it is begging to be abused at some point( fix it now if able please).– my solution put channel on the primary orision line and call it good– just don’t feel things that affect other players should be equipment free options..

Spawn points- cant find the thread but in the spring a dev mentioned moving spawn points back 3 hexes or so, think we had a bug that asked us if we want to respanw at one point. Both things indicate some work has been done on spawn points.. My guess is you guys have a function that reads the location where you die, probably includes coordinates where you died and hits a data table for list of shrines closest to that point. Please add a sub select to that query to illuminate the closest option. If that is not how you did it, figure something out with the system that is in place, remove more shrines or something along those lines.

Rep bombs - third party folks are still an issue ( but not as big as it was, at least to me some folks in my alliance have lost a few k rep each fight), the people healing and buffing are going red, but now there are combatants that are white, they try to where we are going to ae and try to get hit that way. Also in regards to this. If I’m in a feud and channel or ae buff do I take rep hits from hitting white targets? Think some folks from the SE can answer that, just trying to sort out how I lost 500 rep last night.. seemed low for kills but on par for the -250 for using buffs…

Minor cure is a must have , when I invite T1 folks I even take the 30 min to walk them through how to pick it up no matter their desired role. It is super handy in PvE and PvP. It is an off hand thing so I guess some folks don’t use it, but not everyone had MoO suffer either.. but if 80% of the server has cleric off hand to use it.. Perhaps other roles need to have additional healing added so cleric off hand doesn’t become a must have( more so than it is now).- I get clerics need to have the best heals, but having 80% of the server able to effectively self cure, means clerics aren’t healing anyone but themselves and the random person that refuses to heal themselves with it.

Think others said this somewhere.. conditions should mean something more than just a means to light up another condition, a full stack of a condition should be debilitating and something to get rid of, exhausted at full stack doesn’t affect what I can do anymore. I still am able to spam my primary stuff and can cast all secondary as well… increase STA for most everything , or go back and make sure conditions actually matter when they are at stack 100.

Kind of with minor cure stuff, if fighters are saying it makes more sense to be clerics so I can do damage with my weapon, that seems backwards. TT clerics are a med progression Base attack, fighters should always be better with their weapons and wearing their armors. Here clerics are now better for everything, they get all the fighter benefits and all of the cleric benefits. I don’t play this combo but would say listen to the fighters that do, and keep the TT hierarchy in mind with fighters and clerics.. If you want to mesh them lets see the paladin role added. ( and anti paladin for the evil folks ?)

Rogues - they got attention, and there aren’t many of them, I still feel they need a niche ( read tink’s thread , if that is not in or planned, give rogues a niche. Something to make them stand out in combat ). I know they are starting to feel better, but their starting point was so far behind the other roles, I think it is way to soon to even give good opinions on where they are at.

The role features you buy need to have something that makes them worth 18k for rank 4, the fighter vital and penetrating being same damage seems crazy, basically you are asking them if they want this attack with DF to be primary or secondary.. I have a fighter and am no means an expert on them.. but I would try to give these 2 a unique and devastating combo when you use both back to back , give each weapon set a good burst give them a long cool down or something..) if you don’t go that route, at least make them more than well if I do train this do I want that DF attack in my primary or secondary slot or none at all.. -

Liking the expendables as a wizard- even though some of the T1 ones seem a bit overboard for power cost and what they can do.- One issue is the disrupted. I didn’t realize it only affected buffs that have <1 round duration, this needs to be fixed soon please. A ton of the wizard spells do great stuffs with disrupted. I leveled up abjuration and went that route thinking I would disrupt people for now ( because there are still no actual abjuration expendables in game..) basically I will not match full keywords on any of my spells, but I should be able to get the disrupted thing to fire to make up for the lake of abjuration spells.. now I find out I only can disrupt people that have buffs that are almost ready to fall off anyway? /boggle fix this please
Combos are fun, I find my self trying to set things up myself though. Its been a week and still trying to determine what the other roles are going to do that I can key off of … so far so good. Friendly Fire … I was against removing it, didn’t like it affected the DF of every ability( didn’t realize every role was getting DF reduction at the time). I have done what I thought I would do after a week of messing around with AoE which Is I went back to primarily single target cantrips, They do more damage than AEs I can still only target one person, and the templates are tiny ( splash is 2.5m, burst is 6 m, same as a sword or spear?, Self burst is still only really useful for kiting because running into combat is a bad idea and evasion works great for people running at me.. as for Area? Only one cantrip has that large of a radius and I don’t have anything that im using that goes with it.. , streak and short and long blast are hard to use and set up the second step of a combo against a group that will move).
I guess using AoE is a new thing but still find single target the way to go, everything takes a minimum of 2 cantrips to get a condition on that you want to take advantage of, and there is no grantees you are going to hit anyone but your initial target with the 2nd step of the combo. So for me single target will be the norm.
What GW needs to do is do away with this take over hexes to get a settlement …

They need to approach some groups they are targeting to play long term and give them a group rate of like 5 bucks a month for the first year sub if they bring 25+ + players in and give them one of these empty settlements.

Using them to draw in more players seems logical to me .. giving them to people who already have a settlement is just dumb. /boggle

Anyway Cheer!!? The SE just got bigger!
/em looks confused .. he thought he would be getting applause for his work.. at one point he thought he was going to be able to retire from all the silver the bug lovers were going to give him for his masterpieces..
He thinks perhaps the one he made was crooked, or didn’t flatten out right.. he wonders If beating the next one flat with his hammer before pinning it down would make for a better finished product…
/em plops down at a table , wipes the sweat of his brow ( he is not used to running that much).. proceeds to pull a frame out of his pack and places it on the table alongside a pile of needles he poured on the table from a small belt pouch.
He then reaches into the big neat, pulls out a mangled insect, straightens it the best he can and begins jabbing pins into insects' lifeless body. Fixing it neatly on the frame.
Satisfied with his work he strolls to the wall and hangs the frame upon the wall, then steps back a couple paces and admires his work.
/em runs through with a large net!
in response to the new players..

new folks start with peasant clothes, so they wear things. they also start with 20 durability armors in the tutorial.

If a new player breaks his armor .. ( wouldn't his weapon be broken as well ?) if he is having a hard time affording replacements, that is on us for charging too much for new stuff and well he should be complaining about that not dying..

So not going to say learn to play.. but with no weapon or armor, folks should not go out hunting, nor should they be able to do so effectively..
I see the other side as well ..

i may take off my robes because they are expensive, i can use my staff. slot mage resistance and the cleric buff for physical armor( utility version) and alternate them and get 12 physical resistance and energy resistance up all the time

that is an option and a choice i could make, and i would not be happy to have my other cantirps and abilities reduced because i wanted to give that a try for a while..

Rynnik stop participating in organized PvP and losing so much rep!!! you should be a bandit that way it takes weeks to find people and your rep doesn't suffer!!
*** since you guys don't like base damage increase on attacks, how about -20 to base defense?

they both would do the same thing sort of.. but i still contend if you stand around nude in a fight you should expect to be dead and it shouldn't take 5+ hits to do it.
What he is saying is being able to have a squad of 5-6 T2 folks that don’t wear any armor in battle (each take (1v1) 6-7 hits to kill) should be easier to kill.

I know a ton of people want monk to be a thing but these aren’t monks.. just naked folks using T2 weapons and offensive capabilities, so ignoring them is not really an option. It is not like they are strapping on +0 T1 armors.

That is why I said quick fix = + ___ base damage if you choose to wear nothing when you run into battle. Regardless of HP or training you should die in no more than 3 hits to anyone that attacks you even lowered tiered folks if you have decided to wear nothing in a fight.
Just a guess but I think when you die the code looks for the closest shrine and spawns you there.( just my guess)

No shrines in monster hexes so on the rare PvE death, you spawn in locations outside the hex but still feels like the closest to me.

I would hope if the code is written the way I guess, instead of looking at closest shrine, they would have to look at three closest shrines then ignore two closest shrines and spawn at like the third.

A code change of that nature should keep players within a running distance but far enough away that death would mean something (at least it would be better than it is right next door)..

That feels like the easiest thing to do in a short term.. but that is just my opinion.