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Not sure what to say -
You want to turn 5 pounds of worthless junk into 1 pound of bulk ( and that worthless junk can be what ever you want it to be- )
- this way you can do everything to run a settlement in a high security ring - thereby removing even a remote possibility that you are engaged in a medium/low hex with a mule while moving bulk ..??

Yes mules suck - yes moving bulk sucks - but mules carry a decent amount 12k easily for T2 .. AND you are going to spend far less in one way mules resources- than you would have to spend to make bulk for a week -

Or you can ask for folks to import it for you – some newer folks could think running a mule is fun! At least till they hit a bridge - or a blade of grass..

Explore the caravan thing - but keep in mind I want to rob those things .

.The conversion seems like a bad idea - even though , I like you would much rather run gushers around my town and build influence with alts standing around me - rather than running a mule across 20 hexes for bulk ..

@ maxen
Yes new players become old ones –
But why spend the few man hours our current developer has on making stuff for people that might make use of it in a few years ???

They Need to focus on things that will bring in new players - and hopefully keep them around long enough to become old players ..

As to if we should allow it and how it be done … that should be tabled until we have a development team/staff - and a healthy player population that might be able to make use of a feature like this ..
Redo on xp is a horrible idea - yes it sucks to spend xp that ends up being wasted - Yet players starting out are spending tiny amounts of xp – so yeah that 3000 xp was a waste sorry …
But really you think presenting those players with an option to spend money to redo that choice is good idea ? If they feel cheated they cant redo xp now - how is having to spend money to actually do it going them feel better ?? -

Wiping xp only helps old characters ( us) - we are already playing - why generate a system that is going to take a month + of dev time and testing to cater to us ??????????
Use that time on something that will be beneficial to new players.-
(this horse aint dead yet!!)
Instead of asking a player to pay more $ to redo xp they might have misspent - use that time to develop a way to let that player earn xp in game –
Add kill quest in addition to the passive xp gain-
That way when folks go out and kill 100/ 250/500/750 ___ - They earn some extra xp –
Which means when it comes time to spend xp on the next rank of ___ .
They know if they are actually are using ___ .
For people who want more people playing the game its crazy that you guys don’t understand the concept -encourage people to play the game, but letting them earn stuff when actually logged in and doing stuff in game..
Rant off back to work ..
Reviewing the sheets that were updated - and looking at the holding tab ..
Think the last entry is an error -
Manor is on the list twice .. line 81-86 and then again 111 to 116

2nd entry should be Hermitage - from the cost and bonuses etc ..
Can you confirm the resources the new holdings consume – was looking at the pfo wiki sheets .. see both holdings listed but the resources are not the same as this write up - So I am guessing the wiki will change when this goes live..
But want to confirm..

Wiki - Manor has it using stone , followed food, followed by wood ( so a +3 would use 22 stone, 6 food, 1 wood).
This write up says that will change to Food, followed by wood, followed by stone ( so a +3 will use 22 food, 6 wood, 1 stone
Wiki - The Glen now is being called hermitage ?
Pfo wiki has a glen with hermitage trainer - that uses trade goods, followed by food, followed by stone ( so +3 would use 22 trade, 6 food, 1 stone)
This write has it using Food, followed by wood, followed by Stone ( so +3 would use 22 food, 6 wood, 1 stone)
First off - glad the idea got through ( I should really not type stuff up when im tired- and post it before proofreading)..

To Azure -
I think having kill quest for high level stuff is great! - I only think they need a cap to it - if for some reason they agree with you…
If Tuffon has the option to get a daily T3 type encounter kill quest for an extra 2.5k xp and kill 500-1000 dark elves that are currently surrounding him cool!!.. That means tuffon is going to be logged in - sitting at his keyboard killing dark elves till either A. the dark elves are dead- or B he is done with his xp quest . This also means if tuffon kills all the dark elves and his escalation dispersal while he has 450 kills - He either has to abandoned the quest- or journey the map to find more dark elves to kill to finish the quest .
I don’t think Tuffon deserves any bonus xp for killing goblins, bandits, molochs, broken men - so it would be cool if those are not an option - but if I talk the xp quest guy and he says kill 500 legend mobs for an extra 2.5k xp that would be great!! Or slay 750 ninjas!! For 2.5 xp - im all for that- legends and ninjas are hard to track down as it is.. so if you can managed to kill that many legends and or ninjas every day, that seems like something that should be rewarded..
It means even vets have to play the game to stay ahead- Which means people are logged in - and doing stuff, which leads to more interaction with folks in game, and perhaps an evening where not seeing a non blue blob on your map is rare instead of how it is now when seeing a yellow player is like finding a leprechaun or unicorn or something.
- Everyone pretty much agrees the biggest issue with the game is population- So do something that gets people into the game- on a daily basis.. and gives them rewards for doing so..

To your line of thinking that a new player will “catch you in xp” .. well good! That means they got daily T3 quest completed and got an extra 2.5k xp a day over the course of 800 days!! That’s 2 and half years of daily play to get 2 million xp extra- to be caught up to you- and if someone does that - they freaking deserve to catch and pass you in xp..

Are you guys hung up on new people having it easier ? lets count the broken ways we got to where we are .. no ammo , broken bulk resources producing way too much for 2 years .. easy ( compared to current rule set) settlement take over systems .. broken ustie caster for first 3 months of the game- one shotting yellow mobs in big camps - killing ustie legends - that kept changing their mob type when you run off and on the map.. …. Yet you think somehow introducing xp kill quest is going to be too much of a benefit for new players ?
Even if vets are able to do the same thing- they would have to actually play the game to get the benefit .. which in turns means more people in the game more often.. which in my mind , that means more population, which addresses what the biggest need of the game / shrug,.

But yeah on second thought lets stick to your line of thinking - don’t do it as it might mean someone with more free time than me for the next 2.5 years + comes in and passes me in xp?!?!?!?!?
Think you guys are way missing the point of the xp..

I really like the idea of reusing those quest guys that gave out coin - for an xp quest –
Its not like going out and killing 200 or certain type of creature for 500 xp is going to break the game- or make things super cheap to T3 characters - when most are waiting months to buy the next rank of ____.

What killing 200 goblins for 500 - 1000 xp is going to do- is give the new players something to work on-
If yall or worried about it - turn it off once you have 100k banked/spent xp - but YES! Giving players something do while logged in is a very good idea- it puts them in the game and lets them interact with us and other new players .. instead of feeling like they entered a ghost town..
We want people that log in and do stuff - and accelerate their characters as much as they can - that means they are playing and hopefully having a good time.. That means they have a better chance at playing the game for more than a month …
current system is log in get 1k xp - try to figure what you want - kill some things - hit a road block of needing to get rank 2-3 attacks for a weapon - and then realizing it will take a week to learn all 6 attacks to rank 3 - or that it will take a week to get to t2 gathering .. accelerating that is precisely what should happen - if folks are playing a ton to do that - then the system is working..

I agree after a certain amount of total banked/ or spent should end those quest - but that number in my mind should be like 250k .. getting people to play and play a lot is a good thing ..
Things I agree with that should be done - and some other stuff

1. reduce the sub price to $5 … ( already said and should be looked at seriously - the competing products for $15 don’t make sense for most consumers)

2.Make trial accounts / free accounts active and able to be played for free ( already said)
- limit all transactions to T1 only
- no leadership in any company/ settlement
- no use of skills than T1 - no use of equipment higher than T1
- if you can swing it - no or very reduced influence generation for non subbed accounts.

3. finish the core races/classes–
-. we need the core races ( even if gnomes look like skinny dwarves, and half elf’s look human, Halfling can be short elf ?), the stats are easy enough to enter on a spread sheet . ( add art assets if we pick up players, but at the very least make them an option to be played )
- Same the core classes ( even if a druid doesn’t have a pet. etc . ) put them in the game somehow, give them some abilities that match what we are able to provide. But make them an option even if it is a shell of what the option is.

4. (rehash of idea from a long time ago) - Let new players pick a package of feats and abilities - right now if I want a necromancer - I need to know to go to 3 different places spread over thornkeep - and then figure out how to slot all that - along the way don’t spend all my xp on the 80 other cantrips that I don’t want. - and hope that doesn’t take the first hour of play time ..

Think part of the problem - is a player comes in and says I want to be a _____ . then has to work for an hour to find what abilities are considered ______. (I think in the long run the freedom and mixing and matching of the features and attacks and variations among the roles is a strength of the game). But for a New player - We need to Give them a package- I want to be a ____ . and include everything that allows them to hit the ground running to be a _____. The first of playing should be about running around and fighting stuff / gathering some perhaps .. not looking at a map and reading a wall of text about what to buy/ who from and where they are - so they can feel like the ____ they wanted to be when they installed the game .
5. for additional XP rework all those npc quest - make some of the repeatable - have them tiered - and instead of coin - give them xp rewards - that way if a new guy comes in gets a package - decides to try cleric - but then switches to rogue - they have an option to go out and kill stuff to get the xp they need to start rogue stuff – as opposed to hearing in general well if you wait 2 days you will have xp to spend.. put some limitations on how many you can have - how often you can request same one - etc . But instead of reworking the entire XP system- This would fill the pathfinder feel of go out kill monsters get XP void..
Have some more but think those are a good start - not sure if they have huge impacts - but could get us pointed in the right direction.
May have been asked somewhere else:

Question on Guild Codex Collections :
Looks to me the Guild collections should use the same number of items to make the collections as the Cleric/Fighter/Wizard .. Instead they appear to use the same number of codex items that a crafting/refining collection requires
Is that a bug or is that by design ?
so hideouts and scope of work if they look over what they have - ( just my view of how they would look if they wanted to put them in with as little effort as possible)
1. Make hide outs medium camps- use the same logic you created for small holdings ( 2 per hex max)- not sure if regular camps have that logic- never seen them used- so you could just rework those recipes and put fires on hideout camps..
a. Keep logic for placing holdings ( reg outpost, holding not allowed to be placed) in settlements and blue shield hexes
b. Allow placement of camps in all other hexes- code that allows small holdings in monster hexes should help
c. Create logic to change update security setting in the hex when camp is placed –( have to track the status of the security setting each round or minute once the camp is placed)
2. Create logic that can determine what security level should change to if multiple camps exist in a hex-
a. 2 High = high
b. 2 Low = low
c. 1 high 1 low = medium
d. 1 high 1 medium = medium
e. 1 low 1 medium = medium
f. Default is no camp present-
3. Re use some art from medium camp escalations- medium goblin tents for low, broken man commander camps for high- pick something else for medium
4. Create attackable objects (yes requires dev time- but can be reused to enhance holding/outpost warfare - so its not wasted effort)
a. Some of this may be done- targeting dummy and towers are objects that are attackable- so use the same code that allows this with the hit point structure as a guide
b. Create code to remove the camp and update security setting in a hex once object is removed or timer for camp runs out( for holdings war fare you would have to change that to reduce the count number max or give bonus to the count up meter etc)
Nothing wrong with reusing code and concepts you already have- its not a project that can be hammered out in a day or 2 but doesn’t seem like months of work either-
Side note to factions- the way I see them is they are not something you can turn on or off when ever you want-
so not really a good choice if the thought process is to bring new players along slowly in regards to how much PvP they are opening themselves up to .
example: new guy wants to try being a bandit for a few days - and gives it a shot - doesn’t work out - they can just stop if they use the camp option - but in joining a faction to try it out banditry it is not going to be easy to just switch-
Or is consensus view of faction joining/leaving going to be as easy as /vcleave ? -