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Good to hear ..

Just wondered if that was tested. The person in our group should of been close enough As all my accounts ccollected one. I wasnt sure if he had done one beforehand(said he hadnt but as third party cant be certain) . Only thing I could think of was trial account restriction possibly being time based and not subscription based.
Something that needs to be tested.

Trial accounts do not qualify. Think last week I was with a player a couple days in but had subed to the game. He said he didnt do any of the events but wasn't getting a stone.

Somehow clarify if the account is free vs subed and with in 15 days. Do they qualify for the stones ?
If folks are going down the fast travel rabbit hole …

Start with roads increase speeds. ( just to see what this can do with a road grants 10% speed boost).

See what mounts can do and then ff that is still not good and GW is exploring some sort of teleportation ( I really hope they do not because moving things around the map is supposed to be part of the game.. ).

My mmo roots are in EQ. I always loved pre planes of power travel, the way druids and wizards could teleport to certain circles and everyone else had to run it. If GW does want to introduce teleportation my hope is that it would work much in the same way EQ did pre Planes of power. Mid range characters could port themselves to pre determined locations a very high level taxi character could do small groups ( but that is about all they could do because the xp cost should be 80% of a full 2 year role feature to do so..)
Any idea who we have this week?
Was listening to keep side chat a second time.

Still have many reservations about no friendly fire- Per the keep side chat, the main focus of turning FF off, was to address the folks that are third party reputation sponges for folks that are involved in PVP feud fights.
Would like to offer a suggestion, which keeps wizard damage the same(in fact I still think it needs a boost not a nerf.. and we definitely need more single target staff attacks that have high damage but that is another topic..)

Anyway the suggestion is to limit the amount a reputation a character can actually loose during active feud windows in controlled PvP hexes during the window..

I feel the no FF is too soon, and most of the issues with third party participants is going to be addressed with the 250 rep hit for healing or helping and then being flagged. Not sure if any group just brings along rep sponges as it was described in the fireside chat.
I think any reputation hit in a contested hex during an open pvp window should be limited to 250 .. meaning 125 on second hit and/or another 125 on death( if a warning can be given that the pvp window is open.. like the tower windows were). This means a well placed AE attack on a group that hit 8 people could only potentially take 2k rep loss( if they all died). That is not a huge number and all 8 would have to die to lose that much.
I also still maintain since the tech seems to be in place to some degree for adding a selective Fire ability to wizards.

Rank 1 = 1 round 50% chance
Rank 2 = 1 rounds 75%
Rank 3 = 1 rounds at 100% chance
Rank 4 = 2 round at 75% chance
Rank 5 = 2 rounds 100% chance.

Just throwing those out there for discussion (percent and rounds just a thought), it just feels like a real wizardly type utility rather than being just a anytime you want throw your AE at whatever..
Thanks rynnik!
On phone so cant link.. but bumped monk advice thread in new players forum.
Bumped for guy interested in monk
People have been asking for better utilities.

The tech exist to create a selective channel ability ( per TT) for all AE effects.

Why not make this a utility(create buff for x amount of time that lets you use AE without fear of hitting allies higher the rank longer the duration you can AE).

Just a thought, if they want to include this, wizards I know have been asking for better abilities to purchase ( this seems like Per) .. a selective AE would be nice and make it a choice when to use and would require a bit more thought and prep on when to click it give it a long cool down which can be spammed once you get rank 5..

Anyway just brainstorming on the AE thing… Still don't like the lesser damage it will bring for wizards (imagine the damage is going back to what it was a few months ago when they nerfed it..)
My thoughts get things nice and oiled for next week, Gen Con starts next week, have some cool stuff to show off. But make sure it works well smile