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has been a request for a while to add ( thought they did but guess not)

Still are still waiting for an official broadcast in game that servers are going down in x time as well.. Players sometimes take up the mantel but not always ..
every day starting ( noon eastern .. 9 pacific..) basically 16 minutes ago.

The servers are shut down for about an hour to back up everything and do patches when needed.
If Travel domain granted a + __ % to your movement speed when you have a critical hit, you wouldn't find that lack luster ?

The only reason you would pick travel domain at that point would be because it may match expendables you like to use… and switching domains at that point is more tempting because the travel things would be next to useless… I know that is how the wizard ones feel to me.
Agree eith friendly fire being a feature. My wizard likes having obe or two on my bar. I have to be aware ehen I use them and that makes ir a challenge.

Just press this button to get this effect is bad. Having the trade off of do I use this effect and possibly hit allies vs play it safe is a good thing.
Please bring back FF and up the damage if them. That would do more to help wizards than lowering it and letting us spam them whenever we feel like it.
Only going to add GW stated from the beginning this is a new business model, they have spent far less than most games being developed with a much smaller staff. That means the game has a long ways to go until folks who frequent all those sites will even consider the game as something they want to play(let alone pay for).

Most folks on those sites have already written off the game, someone today linked the “if they take money it’s a complete game” video, that is the mentality of every review site.

They want companies to spend 100 million on a game so they can play it and see if they like it.( hence the spike when it “releases” and then a drop off as people discover things they hate about the game and quit playing.

A re-release to that crowd would fall on deaf ears, and harm the players that are enjoying the game now. those guys on those review sites already hate the game, they hate the model and having GW do anything but what they have said they are going to do would just give them more ammo to smear GW with.

Also want to add, the people that are somewhat curious can make a free account when eve rand check out the progress. They can start subbing at anytime and can be in competitive T2 in 30 days or so. Will it be T3.. I don’t play eve but I hear some ships are massive and expensive to play, when they die folks get kicked out of organizations and stuff.. Wandering around in T3 and wasting it on PvE or running errands may end up along the same lines here ( if the resources are rare enough..)
One super frustrating bug that still remains after months of hunting, the blue screen following a charge. Folks in the keepside chats know what it takes to get back in game, log out completely till top of the hour, wait for script to run log in. Any chance you guys can create a script to just run for a single account when logging in ? I do not know how many new players this affects or if they even try to log in again after repeated failed attempts, Please have at least something on the log in page that points to this could be an issue( if it is not already there, honestly I have not looked)

Tink says Stab
We… we weren't supposed to be murdering PFU?

I'll be right back. Got a few bodies to unbury.

I was wondering if GW had installed speed bumps between KB and TK..
These people are showing up to fights anyway, I want them to be flagged. I don’t think flagging should be free to the individual player. If it is why would settlements ever declare war? They can just feud and whoever wants to show up can join. Why design more systems for war if anyone can join any feud anywhere without paying any sort of cost?
If folks want to increase influence, I guess that is a cost. ( but feuds adjusted to a flat rate? right)
I just think it should have to do with reputation. Like X Player never declares their own feuds. That player just comes along and joins in when they find something. That seems like a reputation thing to me as much as that players that likes to murder people when they see them , or that players is lawful good.
Not that it matters now .. but in the future if there is a three way conflict, where two sides are fighting and a third that doesn’t like either shows up? Which influence cost is increased between the two original sides? Are both? Does the third party just attack both and raise influence cost of the two original ones as a tactic?
Summary was I thought alliances should be within so many hexes of each other( like 3) The alliances are formed to share facilities for durability hits . If you can place holdings along the line then you can ally with them. If an attacker takes out the supply line between the settlements they no longer get to share the durability hits between the two and have to act like single entities until they can establish the holdings connecting the two.
Basically was trying to explore how specialized smaller settlements could still be viable to attracting players that would not necessarily be what they are specialized in.
I feel people who join a feud, by healing or attacking other folks, need to pay some sort of individual price when they join in a feud like this.

Yet extra settlement players that show up, or even same settlement that joins a company feud outside of a holding fight should have a pretty big rep hit (4k-5k) they have to sacrifice for not creating a feud them selves.
Players who do this would basically be are using an individual flagging system to circumvent the cost of a feud and that needs to be balanced with actually going through the defined way to create feud.
Settlement companies fighting in a holding hex should be immune to this “cost” but there needs to be a cost to the players to flag themselves. Just my opinion.