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As a non-sub on my free trial, I can't see how this thread is helping to grow the game, I would recommend hitting the delete key.
GW should just mske a forum : This week in EoX vs EBA
What is wrong with just social pressure? If a guy is someone who enjoys killing more than anything else and is part of a settlement that doesn’t support that, approach the settlement and let them know they may kick that player out if needed or change his behavior, or that plaer leaves and then he becomes T1. ( perhaps more if affiliated with a faction that supports his role, but then he is fulfilling his role.. see below)

If it is an entire settlement, then why not have yours do something about it? We are talking in the future when war fare mechanics should be in full swing? Why do you want a system in place to give your play style such a strong advantage?
If a bandit group faction is set up to support bandits to level 20, and has the traditional … leather armor and light blades and short bows. But everything else is subpar why not have support for high levels in those things? It feels like a good idea to have those players be good within the confines of what they are wanting to do in game, in this case they are being bandits. And they shouldn’t be completely punished for that choice.

Also keep in mind opposing factions should have abilities to counter the bandits, and you have all the other and roles to pick from besides rogue.. to fight them with. You would still have a strong advantage in any fight with single players or bandit organizations.

Just the way i see it, i feel the rep system is working, could it use tie ins with some systems sure i just don't feel settlement training levels and support is an area where rep needs to determine an advantage in a war time scenario.
Sorry I don’t want reputation to be tied to settlements this way at all..

If you want to look at giving reputation a purpose in the game beyond what it does now.

Why not just tie it to factions, from the sounds of it these factions will have abilities exclusively available to members of the faction.

Want to be a bandit then everything cant be done with high rep so go out of your way to hit a few folks on the road every once in a while ( no street cred for always being the polite thief..)

Want to be on a lawful good or evil side of things, and you want to keep those abilities maintain X rep.

Those are things I can see getting behind, this your settlement level is tied to rep just seems like a bad idea and easy to work around especially when a new character starts at 5k rep and people will just add alts to the settlement to get back to the rep level they need.
Would guess anything that raises Wisdom would not be a waste,

someone asked a similar question about monks a bit back and one of the devs gave them some weapons and stats to work on.

Wis is one that comes to mind first, then each role has 3 choices to pick from. No clue what those will be like, would imagine one would have to do with a pet, so maybe Per as secondary stat to focus on if interested in a pet but that is just a guess.
Uh, won't barbarians, rangers, paladins still be swinging swords and wearing armour?

If you have a smithy, tannery, skirmisher etc you have that covered? Those new classes will piggy back on those same types of equipment?

A wand is a wand is a wand?

When Lee talked about the idea a large spread of different building options would cover off the dura for a particular piece of gear. I don't see new classes really exacerbating the issue.
Just curious where they are going to set up those trainer guys,

druids or sort of clericy but they don’t like that metal stuff on their skin think they wear leaves and stuff..

Barbarians like those hide things cause they get to move faster, you gonna plop them in the fighter stuff, they don’t seem very sneaky to hang out with roges.

Guess sorceres and mages could coexist, but those wild magic guys do use some strange abilities.
Not even sure what to do with monks, if they hang out with clerics, are the clerics going to take up sewing? Or are wizards going to have to deal with all that chanting while they try to read!

And please leave bards in the freaking tavern they gonna sing all the time, and have drum circles, not sure anyone is gonna want them around..

Only thing I would like to know is if there will be some way to form alliances that share what durability hits an alliance takes. I am still waiting on Barbarians, bards, druids, rangers, paladins, sorcerers and monks to show up and never thought any single settlement would be able to do more than a couple things anyway at least not well.
Just because my brain works better with examples..
If I join a small settlement that specializes in clericy stuff, and I am a wizard, (those holy roller types don’t know the first thing about sewing and staff slinging, those baby wands they use to heal are a joke!!)
If my holy roller cleric settlement can join an alliance that has mastered staff making and has the best tailors around. If the game recognizes my small specialized cleric settlement is in that alliance and calculates my durability loss based on that allaince, what would the issue be?

I get there would have to be geographic restrictions, but if you connect them by placing holdings that are no more than 3 hexes away from each other you should be able to consider them in an alliance with each other. Something like that also gives people targets to go after, severe the supply line between the settlements and affect each of those settlements durability hits in a war.

I liked what I heard last night and feel there could be many fun things GW could do with it. Until I hear the rest of the plan and as long as the overall plan can address how all the current as well as the future roles can coexist in alliances. I’m open to almost anything.
I think the biggest problem is not how to increase skills to boost drops but I still have the feeling that drops in groups are not really random.

I once did an hour long (or longer) test trying it out under controlled circumstances (goblins outside Marchmont - early game - group of 2). The drop was far from random between the 2 char but my test might have been flawed.

Whenever I group up there seems one char in the group who gets A LOT more as others. I haven't yet figured out the pattern - it isn't always the leader. But it always seems one char who gets a lot more and at least one who seems to get close to nothing.

Keep in mind - rank 10 knowledge should only give you +10% - so a drop rate of 2% becomes 2.2%. This does add up over time - but I have seen 5 fold differences in drop rate between the char getting most and the char getting least. It could be something as simple as some rounding in the random number generation that is to blame.

Without logs difficult to tell. But my anecdotal recollection of numbers tells me something isn't as it should be. Players like to rationalize it and say it is 2 or 3 ranks more knowledge skill - but too often I hear x or y got soooo much without the right knowledge.

Off course - drop rates of 1% or 2% have a large variance. So only data over a large enough sample (see log) would help. But after spending a lot of time and figuring out nobody believed me here anyhow that something was fishy I gave up.
Thod Tuffon agrees and feels the random loot number things hates people that have ‘T’ as the first letter of their name!
Seriously last night I did some mordants in a full group. I check my inventory after 7 or 8 camps .. ( 3 of those camps having a champion or 2).

I had 1 lousy copper piece, no silver .. and 2 T1 recipes…

30 minutes later was a bit better, had almost 150 cp and 2 T2 recipes … but seriously the best mobs in the game and I kill 8 camps and get 1 freaking copper piece… thought EE10 was suppose to make farming higher level stuff a better option. Except for the 2 T2 recipes (which will now rot in my bank..) I would of done better blasting every bandit and goblin group on the 15 hex run to the escalation..

For those that want to know my local is 100 if not 110 .. so either the RNG either hates my name or something else maybe off..
I've personally helped clear 9 hexes - had three-four buildings drop to me, with only so-so Arcane so I'd say my luck is still sitting above average.

../em puts on his tin foil hat ..

Tuffon sees you guys getting all the shiny stuff whenever he goes out hunting with you, and yet he always comes back with pocket lint..! Your university degrees must confer massive loot bonuses ( like a scholar bonus on steroids!)!

–If anyone reads the above and thinks im serious.. sarcasm has attempted to hit you but you dodged! –
You get credit for the weapon you are holding when the creature dies.

Easiest thing to do is group up with folks and grind them that way ( especially when you get to doing the divine ones..)
If bound and determined to do it on your own. Stay in the blue shield hexes follow them for a ways then turn around when your halfway to your goal.. ( would be the safest route because the things in those hexes are the easiest to kill.)
Don’t mind spawning events randomly , but please don’t broadcast where ahead of time.
Knowing something is out there and then scouting it out, trying to be first and get your players to it is fun..
Running to a location the day before to participate, is kind of meh.. its fun but there is no thrill in discovering it, you are basically just setting a time and place to have the big groups fight, meaning little guys will just shrug and say yet again nothing for us to do.

If its random, and near a little guy it makes having good relations with folks that more important. As they will need to call in trusted friends to not only help do it but also maybe protect the event from folks that eventually will track it down.